Vilma Santos appeals to fans to stop bickering



STAR FOR All Seasons Vilma Santos had to gently put her foot down as she enjoined her supporters—and Noranians alike—to end their bickering shortly after they tied in the Best Actress category at the recently concluded Star Awards for Movies.

Santos-Recto won for the film “Everything About Her,” while her five decades-long-arch rival won for “Kabisera.”

Santos’ reaction [via a text message sent to our radio show "Cristy Ferminute” the other Monday]came in the wake of a Noranian’s text comment (from a certain Jojo) which read: “Narinig ko ‘yung nag-text sa inyo na isang award lang ang nakuha ni Ate Guy sa taong ito. Correction! Lahat na natanggap na ni Vilma sa taong ito, natanggap na ni Ate Guy! Pakisabi mo d’yan sa nag-text sa iyo na magkita kami at magbilangan ng mga awards nina Ate Guy at Vilma, hindi ko siya uurungan!”

The same texter sent an addendum, “Sabihin mo sa nag-text sa ‘yo na magkita kami, sapakan na lang kaming dalawa, hindi ko siya uurungan!”

If that Jojo wasn’t picking up a fight, we didn’t know what else to call it. Anyway, little did we know that Ate Vi was listening to CFM’s Monday edition all along.

She, too, shared her piece on the subject via a text message which calmly read, “Hi ’Te Cristy, Ronnie and Wendell, maraming-maraming salamat po. Vilmanians, Noranians, huwag na kayong mag-away. Magkaibigan kami ni Ate Guy…God bless, Vilmanians/Noranians. Mabuhay kayo!”

Knowing La Aunor, she would also have made the same earnest appeal most specially to that belligerent, if not barbaric fan!

* * *

GUESS WHO? Woe is a top-earning male heartthrob (MH). It’s a known fact in showbiz that his parents got separated, and it was his mom who practically raised him amid, well, literal poverty.

Reveals our source, “There would be times when they couldn’t pay their electric bills, kaya ang gagawin naman nu’ng batang aktor (MH), he’d call his dad. “Pa, mapuputulan kami ng kuryente. Baka puwedeng humingi ng pambayad sa ‘yo’.”

But the dad—understandably with a newfound family—would often turn a deaf ear telling his son, “Eh, ‘di magpaypay kayo.”

Came the reversal of fortune. Because of sheer hard work—talent and looks to boot perfectly combined—in no time did the MH soar to fame.

Now the tables are turned. The MH’s regular phone caller is his dad who always has this standard (scripted?) opening line, “Anak, sahod mo nga pala ngayon, baka naman puwedeng makahirit sa ‘yo.”

Still grateful to his dad despite his shortcomings, the MH will uncomplainingly have money sent to his dad.

Poor rich kid.

* * *

ONCE A Vignettes friend shared the same Los Angeles-bound flight with a showbiz mom and her singer-daughter (SM/SD). The SD had a scheduled show in that part of the US with her SM chaperoning her all the way.

“Naloka ako sa mag-inang ‘yun!” our source began recounting his first-hand experience.“Mula pa lang kasi sa departure area sa NAIA, kuntodo naka-disguise sila. Naka-hoodie sila pareho, may suot na malalaking shades as if naman, eh, pagkakaguluhan sila! But they went unnoticed.”

While on board, the SM/SD wouldn’t take off their hoodies and sunglasses. “Naku, pati ba naman hanggang mag-touch down ang eroplano sa LA, nakaganun pa rin sila? May nakakakilala pa ba sa kanila hanggang dun?” our tipster annoyingly said.

Our source then realized it would probably be the first and the last time he’d chance upon the SM/SD in that eyebrow-raising caper. “Unless all’s well again between the two of them. One thing’s for sure, it’s not going to be soon enough.”


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