• Vilma Santos reacts over fake Twitter account



    When a Twitter user claimed that Lipa Representative Vilma Santos-Recto voted in favor of the P1000 budget for Commission on Human Rights, her son Luis Manzano immediately came to her defense saying the actress was against the decision.

    “Unfortunately, she was not able to attend/vote. She was almost confined and was/is under meds,” said Luis.

    “Am against cutting the budget of the CHR. They have a duty to perform as mandated by the constitution. With so much crimes/EJK, they need more resources for these investigations. Ito ang isang Ahensya na tumutulong sa karapatang pang tao,” Manzano quoted his mom on her post on Instagram.

    Taking to social media to express her sentiments regarding the issue, Rep. Vi was praised for her stand and many commented that the actress who played “Sister Stella L” in the landmark film directed by Mike de Leon in 1984, has the heart in the right place.

    Incidentally, with the proliferation of fake news and fake accounts, Ate Vi would like to inform the public that she doesn’t have a Twitter account.

    “I don’t have a Twitter account, kindly help us report the handle @vilmaSRecto in Twitter. Let us not tolerate fake news,” she said.

    Even prominent personalities get victimized nowadays. No one seems to be safe anymore—from fake news and fake accounts.

    * * *

    “It is a different kind of horror movie,” was how indie director Prime Cruz described his new film under Regal Entertainment titled “The Debutantes.”

    The movie stars newcomers Sue Ramirez, Michelle Vito, Miles Ocampo, Jane de Leon, and Chanel Morales, dubbed as the “It Girls” of horror who are being launched as lead stars in the horror flick.

    If we associate horror films to black and dreary cinematography, Direk Prime and his cinematographer agreed to make the film colorful instead.

    “We used varied colors to give the film a different feel,” he said. “And if we are used to horror movies that are dark, we made use of colors as an experiment, as contrast to what we usually think of a horror movie.”

    “Ang Manananggal sa Unit 23-B” was a love story with a horror element.

    * * *

    In its continued journey to promote Filipino-Chinese culture and to keep the public informed on current events in the Philippines and abroad, Chinatown TV launched CNTV, the first trilingual Filipino-Chinese News Program.

    The official launched was held on Friday at the Choi Garden, Winford Hotel and Casino.

    Special keynote speaker was Chinese Ambassador Zhao Jianhua.


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