FILIPINO-AMERICAN Brian “The Hawaiian Punch” Viloria posted a 10-round unanimous decision win over Puerto Rican Juan Herrera on Saturday (Sunday in Manila) at the Texas Station Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Viloria of Waipahu, Hawaii gained a favorable 98-92 in two score cards and 97-93 in the other to improve to 33-4 win-loss slate with 19 knockouts while Herrera dropped to 9-8 slate with four knockouts.

Viloria, 33, a former two-time division champion, lost his World Boxing Organization and World Boxing Association flyweight belt to Mexican Juan Francisco Estrada via split decision in March last year and decided to take a yearlong break.

He is expected to fight a worthy opponent, who hasn’t named yet, in May in Macau, China on May 31.


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  1. Look at the records of eachfighter & without examining how good the opposition was for each of the records this looked on paper a mismatch of the highest order. Villoria’s record was 32-4 with 19ko’s & was a former 2 division champion whilst juan herrera had a record of 8-8. So his opponent hadnt even had as many fights as villoria had scored ko’s. He had also lost half of his fights against low or mediocre opponents. How this fight was made i have no idea but fights this one sided shouldnt be allowed. Its funny how you never see a filipina fighting a guy who is so much better than they are.