• Viral campaign to bring books to underprivileged children



    For most people nowadays, grade school was filled with reading activities such as reciting a line or two from their favorite books. Not all the kids in the country can do that, however, as there is a lack of literary books available in public schools, especially those that do not have a budget for a library.

    The #ReadOutLoudChallenge on social media hopes to bring literary works into children’s hands

    In an effort to get more little hands opening pages of a book, National Book Store takes reading aloud to the next level with Read Out Loud Challenge (ROLC) campaign.

    Those who wish to participate must post a video of themselves reading a line or two form their favorite literary works on Facebook or Instagram, with the hashtag #ReadOutLoudChallenge. Tagging the bookstore’s account @nbsalerts plus that of three more friends will make the post valid.

    For every 75 people who post their videos, the NBS Foundation will donate a library to a public school. The library comes complete with racks of Project Aklat—another initiative that the foundation started in 2006—that consist of DepEd-approved books.

    Since its launching, Project Aklat has set up 400 libraries. Now, with the ongoing ROLC campaign, NBS aims to set up 100 more libraries nationwide.

    Radio personality Chico Garcia lent his support to the book initiative

    Among those who lent their support for this initiative was radio personality Chico Garcia, whose book collaboration with The Morning Rush co-host Delamar Arias was a bestseller on NBS stands.

    He read a Pokemon guide book for his video and explained, “In this day and age, with the cell phone and other gadgets, it can be a challenge to get kids to read. Everything is on demand. I chose a Pokemon manual, because books like this might encourage kids to look into what goes on behind the game. Maybe they will get interested in reading about the Pokemon’s history and its special powers. Then, they could go on to reading something more text heavy. Before you know it, they will find a love for reading.”

    Actor Luis Alandy was also on hand at the campaign launch and he says that he too, read the Hardy Boys series. “I also liked those books where you get to choose your own adventures.”

    These days, he reads actors’ biographies, such as Denzel Washington’s A Hand to Guide Me. He noted of the campaign, “Children nowadays should not only spend their time on social media, the should also be able to spend time with books. It will help them to develop the skills that they need later on in life.”

    Sandra Ramos-Padilla, National Book Store managing director said that the Read Out Loud campaign is also in commemoration of National Book Store’s 75th year anniversary.

    “We have always been a strong advocate of education and learning for children. Project Aklat started as a mobile library in 1996, where we would bring books to public schools for two weeks. We found that the children were disappointed because the mobile library had to move on and they would no longer have access to their favorite books,” Ramos-Padilla told The Sunday Times Magazine.

    “Through this project, the public schools can keep the books for the children to enjoy the year round,” the executive finally noted.


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