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    1. Truth Seeker on

      Habang binabayaran ng people’s tax money itong gunggong na presidenteng ito walang ginawa o ginagawa kundi pasyal ng pasyal photo ops ng photo ops…habang pinuputulan ng ulo ang Canadian, kumikita ang haliparot na pangulong si Noynoy…buti na lang two weeks ka na lang mamamalagi sa Malacanang. Salamat naman!

    2. “Visiting the Past”….. That’s an Omen! Pnoy must be giving everybody a hint on where he would like to be placed in case all these allegations hurled against him and his yellow administration would take hold.

      Well, Pnoy was able to place a former President in detention for such shady charges. The general public is fully aware of the unconstitutionality of DAP releases. All fingers points at Pnoy and his Budget Secretary as primarily responsible for its illegal disbursements. Let us see and watch what happens after Pnoy steps down from office.