• Visitors from Taiwan expected at 200,000


    The Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) sees the increase in tourist arrivals from Taiwan to the Philippines to 200,000 from the current 133,000 with the improvement in promotions.

    The Taiwan Tourism Bureau in the Philippines hosted the Taiwan Tourism Promotion Meeting on Wednesday (night) in Manila.

    “Tourism is very important economic sector which generates thousands of jobs opportunities for our two countries,” Dr. Gary Song-Huann Lin, TECO Ambassador and Representative of the Republic of China (Taiwan) to the Philippines said.

    “We are very close neighbors and also the travel distance is very short but our two countries, unfortunately, we don’t visit each other, we don’t know each other so my role is to build a bridge and try to promote tourism We encourage more Taiwanese to visit the Philippines, likewise, we also encourage our Filipino friends to visit Taiwan so we can understand each other,” Lin told reporters.

    In 2014, there were 133, 583 Taiwanese visitors visiting the Philippines with an increasing rate of 3.26 percent, whereas there were 136, 978 Filipino visitors visiting Taiwan.

    Taiwan is the 7th largest tourist source for the Philippines, whereas the Philippines is the 5th largest visitors source for Taiwan in the Southeast Asia region.

    “We are hoping this year we can restore to at least 200,000. That’s only the Taiwanese side coming here because this is also a unique opportunity for Filipinos because this year the Philippines will host APEC so this is very important,” Lin said

    “By hosting APCEC, it also reflects that the Philippines is very much recognized as a growing country. Your economy is doing very well and when people see we have signed a fishery agreement, from now on, any kind of thing can be resolved by joined working group then that will certainly send a very positive symbol back to Taiwan. This is what we would like to do,” he said.


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