• Viva’s JaDine returns to big screen

    Nadine Lustre and James Reid

    Nadine Lustre and James Reid

    Real-life couple star in summer flick ‘This Time’
    Shortly after the conclusion of their top-rating prime time drama On the Wings of Love on ABS-CBN; a sold-out concert, JaDine Love at The Big Dome; and the TV special JaDine Flying High on Love, the day’s hottest young stars James Reid and Nadine Lustre are returning to the big screen via the summer movie This Time.

    On the last shooting day of the Viva Films production, Reid shared how excited he and Nadine were to work on their fifth movie together. Now that they have announced they are officially an item, they especially enjoy being together more often, and in a project that is very light-hearted compared to their previous films.

    Directed by Neul Naval from a screenplay by Mel del Rosario, This Time sees Reid as Coby, a “lolo’s boy,” whose closest childhood friend is Ava, portrayed by Lustre. Coby and Ava spend ever summer together, and spend the rest of the year in a long distance relationship.

    “I guess this movie is more focused on the love, the relationship [compared to our past films]. It goes deeper into relationships, [but]I can’t say it’s more mature because it’s very light and so easy to watch.”

    Asked if they have kissing scenes to thrill the fans more, Reid smiled and said, “Let’s see. We can’t beat On the Wings of Love.”

    Adding on to her boyfriend’s thoughts on the movie, Lustre agreed, “Yes, super light po siya. Ang na-experience ko po rito, lahat ng eksena. Coming from OTWOL din kasi, so, parang from Diary… to Talk Back… and Hopeless… ang intensity–pataas po siya nang pataas. Dito, kasi nga po summer movie siya, so, parang gusto po natin na sobrang light lang siya and GP lang.”

    The couple also travelled to Saga, Japan where they shot many important scenes for five whole days. Again, they enjoyed the side trip for the movie since it was Lustre’s first time to the Land of the Rising Sun, and has always dreamt of seeing Cherry Blossoms.

    “I was very happy for Nadine to see that. It’s my second time to Japan, but this has been her dream since she was a kid, so, I was very happy for her,” Reid enthused. “We also had the bonus of being featured in a popular news channel over there. We really couldn’t believe it.”

    Both excited for the opening of their latest movie on May 4, the couple is also looking forward to continue the JaDine Love world tour in the US and Canada on May 12. They will be gone for around a month, but not before they celebrate Reid’s birthday here at home on May 11.

    “Wala pa po kaming plans how to celebrate James’ birthday and pati po gift, wala din naman siyang gusto,” Lustre laughed sweetly.

    Thinking again, she said, for sure he would want their fans to enjoy This Time, and the movie’s success will be the best gift for Reid to receive.

    Also part of the cast of This Time are Al Tantay, Freddie Webb, Nova Villa, Ronnie Lazaro, Candy Pangilinan, and Viva artists Yam Concepcion, Donnalyn Bartolome, Issa Pressman at Bret Jackson.



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