Viviana Riccelli explores ‘dream mode’


“Between the Sky and Earth in Siquijor,” Viviana Riccelli’s latest exhibit, explores unconscious depths that form figures and eventually transforms into a spatial picture. Different divisions of lines and shapes, coupled with tonal colors, imbibe the mood of her works.

“I explore unconscious figures, which arise from the ‘depths,’ and these figures are expressed on the picture plane like in a dream mode or like in preda ad un’allucinazione. One could say that my work is a search into deep emotional experiences, which I try to reassemble together,” the artist noted.

‘Le Bagnanti,’ watercolor gouache on paperboard, 22.85 cm x 60.92 cm (2016)

Moreover, it invites the viewer to glimpse through an angle, a window of a perhaps temporal scene of a place and of longing for it. This describes perfectly the current ordeal of some people in the world nowadays, a desire to settle yet always moving, a desire to move yet always settling.

‘The Space Beyond,’ gouache and acrylic on paperboard, 52.04 cm x 39.34 cm (2016 )

Born in Rome, Riccelli has extensively studied art in Rome, Berlin, Venice and Cairo. Her art career evolved under the apprenticeship of the New York artists Nicolas Carone and Beverly Pepper members of to the American Abstract Expressionst movement in New York.

Since 1978 she has been traveling and residing in many countries in the Middle East, Africa and Asia where she has been in contact with the local art avant-gardes thereby her work and cultural, intellectual and emotional experiences have enriched her artistic formation and perception.

Riccelli has lived for extended periods of time in Germany, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, the Sudan, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India and Thailand. In 2012 she has found solace living in the Philippines and has since stayed.

More works from Viviana Riccelli’s ‘Between the Sky and Earth in Siquijor’

Her affinity with the vortex is a majestic portrayal of mystery and whirlwind adventure, foregrounding her present locality of Siquijor, a mystical island center of the Philippines. The vortex entangles anyone to its deepest center, fanning over different colors and expressions and completely envelopes the viewers into its imagery and illusion.

“The latest set of works are about the intensity of everyday life, hopes fears, expectations, desires and sorrows of life of people in the island of Siquijor, in the Visayan region of the Philippines. I have blended landscapes and emotions interpreting what I see ‘beyond’ in the life of the people, animals and nature,” Riccelli explained.

As of late, Riccelli’s works are mainly in mixed media and gouache, which she often prepares herself according to the traditional methods and recopies. At present her main mood is automatic painting or abstract landscapes.

‘The Crowd,’ gouache and acrylic on paperboard, 38.07 cm x 50.76 cm (2016 )


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