• Vizcaya town goes back to traditional farming


    SOLANO, Nueva Vizcaya: The local leadership in this municipality is distributing Bulgarian Buffalo to promote the use of animals in tilling farmlands, because of the rising cost of petroleum products which run modern farm equipment.

    Mayor Philip Dacayo of Solano said the local government have always considered farmers going back to traditional farming with the use of carabaos, which is now being advocated by the Department of Agriculture for poor farmers in the country.

    “I have no question about the use of modern equipment which uses petroleum products as long as the farmer has huge capital who are also big time rice traders. It works for them of course,” Dacayo said.

    But he said the modern way doesn’t work for small players in the agriculture sector, who instead want to use animals like cows and carabaos in their farm operations.

    Local officials here said they have at least seven Bulgarian Buffalo ready for distribution to poor farmers in the villages of Bangar, Dadap, Curifang, Bagahabag, Tucal and Communal, all with the potential of producing rice crops.

    Dacayo said local officials here have recognized the need of the poor farmers for a “more practical and less expensive” way of transforming farmlands into productive agricultural enclaves.

    “We have also requested an initial number of 15 Bulgarian Murrah Buffalo from the Philippine Carabao Center [PCC] in Munoz, Nueva Ecija so we could help more farmers,” he said.

    Dacayo said the utilization of the buffalos will be managed and supervised under the  provisions of a memorandum of agreement with PCC.

    “Previously, we have numerous number of native carabaos purposely as draft animals and sometimes source of milk in the villages, but due to entry of mechanized form of farming, it was dramatically reduced,” he said.

    Dacayo, however, explained that rising prices of fuel have forced farmers to go back to their old system of farming.

    “Through the help of PCC, we believe that we will also improve and upgrade the municipality’s remaining carabao population,” he said.
    Municipal agriculturist Ramon Ramento said the Murrah Buffalos  will come from the PCC.

    “With this undertaking, the propagation of the Murrah Buffalos will surely encourage our farmers to maximize their farmlands at a low cost of farming operations,” Ramento said.


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    1. This is an outstanding idea. I have an uncle from Ilocos Sur who was a rice farmer all his life, he uses carabao to till his farm. He was doing this well into his 90’s. This guy was erect, no body fat, posses a sharp mind, but also a soft spoken fellow. Sadly he passed on at 95. I am sure that many Filipino’s have a relative like my uncle. The Filipino farmers are really true heroes and we should recognize them as such. Going back to traditional farming will save our environment from pollution and farm animals also bring other by product such as milk, and their waste are also a source of organic fertilizer. I believe that this idea will be sustainable and comforting that old traditional farming will bring about prosperity and peace to the little farmers. They should be subsidize by the government.