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Text blasting is today’s inexpensive marketing campaign tool for small business owners. The problem is many businesses do not even know if their prospects received their mobile text messages or worst, if the prospect’s mobile phone number is already disconnected.

How about text blasting to landline or fixed-line numbers? The small business owner is just wasting his time, effort and money blasting “blind” text messages.

Text blasting can be compared to salesmen standing at the street corner handing out brochures that people, who then throw those brochures in the nearest trash can the moment the sales rep turns around; businesses are lucky to have at least one percent of these text blast prospects tell them they’re interested.

What about the 99 percent?
VoiceBlast is a unique customer contact, browser-based, cloud or web app that allows small and medium enterprises (SMEs), large enterprises, entrepreneurs, independent professionals, non-profit organizations, academic institutions, contact centers, and practically any type of for-profit and non-profit group to send short sales spiels, marketing messages, survey questions, relevant advises or notices, important announcements, and even emergency broadcasts to customers using the best possible medium—the human voice.

In return, organizations using VoiceBlast can get immediate customer responses to close the sale, and statistical data to measure their sales, marketing, service or support campaigns.

What is VoiceBlast?
VoiceBlast is a free online service by GoAutoDial Inc., a three-and-a-half year old Filipino I.T. company owned and managed by veterans of the BPO, IT, retail and direct selling, telecom and media industries. VoiceBlast was developed and is priced with the small business owner in mind.

There are no long term contract requirements, no monetary deposits, no monthly subscription charges and no set up fees. Simply sign up for free and start configuring your VoiceBlast campaign profiles like you were fixing your Facebook profile.

“Gone are the days when you run marketing campaigns through SMS which are usually deleted by the recipient” says Rafael “Raffy” Pekson II, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of GoAutoDial Inc. “VoiceBlast is the next generation marketing tool that’s free to use and each answered call costs as little as 65 centavos,” adds Pekson.

VoiceBlast is like text blasting but more effective. Instead of written messages, GoAutoDial’s cloud-based automated dialer, aptly called JustGoCloud, calls a list of telephone numbers uploaded into the web app. When someone answers the call, your pre-recorded voice message starts playing.

With VoiceBlast, organizations can add a selection advice, like “Press 1 for . . . ,” leaving them with a valid list or category. For example, adding “Press 1 if you’re interested” in the VoiceBlast pre-recorded voice message means the small business owner now has a list of phone numbers (those who pressed “1”) that can be passed on to his telemarketers or field sales people so they can close the sale faster.

With VoiceBlast, all mobile or landline numbers are each a statistic. Every number called is automatically designated as “answered,” “ring, no answer,” “busy, no answer,” “fax tone,” “answering machine,” “disconnected number,” and so on.

These are for corporate analytics. The next time the small business owner runs a similar sales or marketing campaign again, he can weed out those numbers that are just wasting dialing time.

Incidentally, the Philippines, like many developing countries, does not have a telemarketing law, unlike the USA. That means there are no limits to how and when you use the VoiceBlast tool in the country.

VoiceBlast is cloud based, meaning it’s a web app. Organizations can run their announcements, advices, surveys and invites, to name a few, from the comforts of one’s home. One can literally work anywhere, anytime.

What kind of internet bandwidth do you need? Dial-up internet access works. This is because you are not the one talking —there is no “Voice over the Internet Protocol” (or VoIP) requirement at the business owner’s end. It is GoAutoDial’s web app in the cloud that’s calling people and playing the pre-recorded voice message to the recipients. All the small business owner needs is to set up a new campaign profile, upload the pre-recorded voice message, upload the leads or telephone numbers to call, and click to begin the VoiceBlast.

VoiceBlast is free to use—no contracts, no deposits, no monthly subscriptions, and no set up fees. Especially for small business owners, it’s a “start and stop” type of operation. VoiceBlast is SME-friendly, positioned the way a small business owner runs his organization.

GoAutoDial does not ask for deposits, the mode of payment for all calls to be made is prepaid, as small as about P2,300 plus VAT. And for one’s convenience, payment can be achieved using one’s credit card or money credits via PayPal, or deposit to GoAutoDial’s corporate BDO account.

Every “answered call” is charged every six seconds, not the full minute. Unanswered calls are never charged. Depending on the type of number of the small business owner is calling (landline rates are fixed but mobile rates vary by telecom company), a typical VoiceBlast message should be around 12 to 24 seconds. So, an 18-second VoiceBlast call to a landline number will only cost an organization approximately P2.00. A 12-second VoiceBlast call is about P1.35.

Here’s a sample 12 second VoiceBlast message: “Hello, this Great Adventures Travel. We have a Buy 1, Get 1 Free promo for Boracay. Press 1 if you’re interested and we’ll call you right away.”

How to do the math for small business owners
For example, let us say you uploaded 5,000 landline numbers in the JustGoCloud/VoiceBlast web app to call. If 80 percent answered the call, that’s 4,000 answered calls. If you have a 12 second spiel time, you will spend about P5,400 plus VAT. If 80 percent of the 4,000 stay on the line to listen to your 12 second voice message, and half of them “Press 1” indicating they are interested to buy your product, you now have 1,600 interested buyers or hot prospects. So, it will cost you P5,400 to get 1,600 hot prospects, or P3.37 per hot prospect.

Now, give these 1,600 hot prospects to your sales reps to close the sale. Assume 20 percent of these hot prospects decide otherwise (some people are really fickle minded), you are left with 1,280 sure buyers. Assume again that productive time of your sales reps on the phone for a single day is only six hours (even if they spend nine hours a day at work) and the amount of time you need to close the sale for each of the hot prospects is five minutes, then you’ll need 22 sales rep to close the sale in a day, 11 in two days, 7.3 in three, 5.5 in four and 4.4 in a week.

Lastly, let us say your product costs P1,000 and you only have a 10 percent profit margin on each product, or P100. With this given variables, you should have made P128,000 in gross income. And if you intend to pay your five sales reps to close everything within the week, costing about P150 per hour (or P90/hour for labor and P50/hour for all other costs), per sales rep, including all office-related costs incurred totalling P33,750 in that week, less the P5,400 you paid for the VoiceBlast service, your real income before taxes is P88,850 in one week.

Who can use VoiceBlast?    
SMEs needing real prospects.

School announcements during calamities (when the SMS network is congested).

Ad agencies and PR departments doing surveys.

Politicians keeping in touch with their voters.

Government agencies like LGUs sending out announcements.

Event planners who need immediate RSVP responses.

Recruitment companies or departments keeping their active file really active.

Hospitals, clinics and doctors’ appointment notices.

Non-profit organizations needing more donors.

How to start using VoiceBlast
Go to www.justgocloud.com and sign up for free. After signing up, you will receive an automated message asking you to confirm your new account. With this, GoAutoDial also provides you 120 minutes of free calls to the US and Canada to test-demo calls and have a feel of the web app.

Once you have configured your VoiceBlast campaign in JustGoCloud.com, prepay no less than $50 (or about P2,200) via PayPal or BDO deposit. Credits are automated via PayPal while for BDO deposits, you’ll need to scan or photograph the deposit slip and e-mail that back to GoAutoDial (it sometimes takes 24 to 48 hours before the online account is updat


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