Volkswagen PH partners with MMDA for road safety campaign


D3---VW20151222Volkswagen Philippines has partnered with the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) to further enhance the German automaker’s Child Safety Initiative (CSI) program in the Philippines.

With the partnership, the MMDA, specifically its Institute of Traffic Management (ITM) headed by project partners General Manager Corazon Jimenez and her deputy Antonio Pagulayan, will provide traffic enforcers who will orient children and their parents at the CSI’s Junior Driving Course for children. The MMDA traffic enforcers will also act as “traffic aides” along with members of CSI partner Philippine Global Road Safety Partnership (PGRSP) at the driving course.

Both Volkswagen Philippines’ CSI and MMDA’s ITM were launched in April this year. The CSI is aimed at introducing early childhood safety awareness to children 4-8 years of age, while imparting important road safety habits to their parents. The Philippine campaign is part of the global CSI strategy of Volkswagen that already rolled out in various countries. The CSI is based on two pillars: prevention of accidents by teaching and educating parents and kids about possible dangers on the roads; and to emphasize the passive safety devices of modern-day passenger vehicles with special focus on the use of age-appropriate child safety seats. The ongoing CSI campaign as of November 8, 2015 had 3,878 children and 3,199 adults participate in different Volkswagen dealers, malls, industry shows and school tours.

The ITM is MMDA’s educational institution for training and continuing education of all traffic management personnel, law enforcers and accident investigators of both local and national government agencies. The institute is also given the authority to grant degrees and issue certificates of training competency to government and non-government personnel involved in traffic management, law enforcement and accident investigations who have successfully completed training programs and courses.


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