More volunteers join Baguio’s anti-graffiti drive


BAGUIO CITY: A total of 61 volunteers from 31 barangay (villages) have undergone training-seminars conducted by the Anti-Graffiti Task Force (AGTF) who will assist in an ongoing campaign against graffiti vandalism. Task force operations volunteer head Ross Goze appealed to other village chiefs to send their volunteers for training or they can visit or call their office at telephone numbers 442-4114 for scheduling. The Anti-Graffiti Code of the City of Baguio defines graffiti or vandalism as “any unauthorized inscription, word, figure, painting or defacement that is written, marked, etched, scratched, sprayed, drawn, painted or engraved on or otherwise affixed,..” The code also mentions other prohibited acts, as well as penalties for violators.

Gaby B. Keith


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