• Volvo earns Engine of the Year Award


    T6-Drive-E-powertrain20150714Designing cars with people in mind has always been Volvo’s driving force. This way of thinking has led to the development of numerous world-firsts. But more than the awards, what is more important to Volvo are the lives these inventions and innovations has saved and will continue to do so as they work toward Vision 2020 – a future where no one will die or be seriously injured in a modern Volvo. It is not just about ratings and numbers – it is more about how to make life less complicated for the Volvo driver, the occupants of the car and even other road users.

    The accolades for Volvo Cars’ Drive-E powertrains continue to arrive, with the T6 Drive-E earning the coveted Engine of the Year designation from Digital Trends, a leading consumer technology publisher based in the United States.

    “Achieving an effective level of balance across comfort, efficiency and power has been the ultimate goal for our creation of the Drive-E family across our global model range,” said Michael Fleiss, vice president for Powertrain at Volvo Car Group. “The T6 Drive-E’s use of both supercharging and turbocharging, which is also being utilized in the new XC90, delivers a lively, compelling result. We are honored to receive this latest recognition as we continue to pioneer new, effective technologies for our vehicles and customers.”

    The Car of the Year awards highlight those technologies and brands that the editorial team at Digital Trends feels best deliver significance and impact to their respective industries. Judging for the 2015 Engine of the Year award included dozens of in-car reviews, test analysis and debates, with the T6 Drive-E making the final round along with the Bentley W12 and the Dodge HEMI Hellcat.

    “After a battery of tests, lengthy discussions and an inspection of what values we hold dear, Volvo’s T6 Drive-E comes across as a gift to the future of motoring,” said Nick Jaynes, automotive editor of Digital Trends. “Volvo should be applauded for the design of its Drive-E engine family, and especially the T6 with its six-cylinder levels of horsepower and emissions and fuel economy of something smaller.”

    The T6 Drive-E is currently available in the S60 and XC60 producing 302 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque, and will also be available in the all-new XC90.


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