Vote buying and black propaganda . . . the name of the game



The 2013 election is over and done with, yet the problems it has caused, or shall I say the evils it has brought will linger on until the next election in 2016.

Vote buying at the local political level was so open that even Elections Chairman Sixto
Brillantes couldn’t do anything to stop it but could only remind voters to accept the money but vote instead for the candidates they really like.

While in the contests for national positions, black propaganda was the order of the day and most of the victims were the opposition candidates who lost due to this kind of operation, better known as “black ops.”

The Commission on Elections (Comelec) assured the public that with the computerized election, cheating has become a thing of the past since the precinct optical scan (PCOS) machines are 100 percent full proof against election rigging and vote manipulation.

To some extent, the Comelec may be right but surely it will never be able to eradicate vote buying and the black propaganda, which has replaced the ballot snatching, the “dagdag-bawas,” etc.

While these types of illegal activities persist, we can never say we have an honest and fair elections.

* * *

We haven’t matured
The Filipino voters have not matured yet.

As I looked at the results in the just concluded election, I saw several names of winning candidates that do not really deserve to win because either they are corrupt or inutile and have not done anything for their constituents.

Unfortunatey, most of our voters who voted for these useless or crooked politicians were bought. Some, especially in the barrios believe in the black propaganda or negative reports right away against a candidate and do not bother to research or learn more about the candidate who is the target of this “black ops.”

Of course, the end result of these unwise votes is more corruption and no action by the winners to improve their town, city, or province because the officials that were elected have their sights trained on advancing their personal interests and accumulating more ill gotten wealth.

And for this reason, we will surely hear about the worsening of the same old problems . . . poverty, unemployment, etc.

Thus, asking them questions like “Congressman, (or governor, mayor) ano ang aksyon nyo?” will be useless.

When will we ever learn?


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