• ‘Votes shaved went to Roxas, Robredo’


    Calls on the Commission on Elections (Comelec) to investigate massive cheating during the elections grew after a municipal officer in Quezon province on Sunday bared that he helped set up a command center in Lucena City where votes from all the precincts in his province were diverted and changed in favor of candidates of the administration party.

    The witness, who identified himself as Ka Bert, was presented to members of the media by civil society leader Boy Saycon.

    Ka Bert, a member of the Iglesia Ni Cristo, said one month before the elections, he was asked by their mayor, who is a member of the Liberal Party, to look for a warehouse that they can use as a command center for the elections.

    “Noong una akala ko parang monitoring center lang o war room kaya wala akong inisip na kakaiba sa utos [At first I thought it was just for a command center or war room so I did not find the order strange],” he added.

    Ka Bert said the first warehouse he recommended was rejected by the mayor and people from technology provider Smartmatic because it was far from voting centers.

    “Kailangan daw nila yung malapit sa mga voting centers kaya doon ko sila hinanapan sa malapit sa City Hall [They said they need a place near voting centers so I looked for a place near City Hall].”

    At first, only computer sets and other office equipment were delivered.

    But one week before the elections, Ka Bert said, at least nine Vote Counting Machines (VCMs) were brought to the warehouse.

    “Doon ako nagtaka kasi bakit meron din kami noon [That was when I started to wonder),” he added. When he asked his superior about the VCMs, he was told that he should not ask questions because the order was from the top.

    "Galing daw sa taas ang utos na dalhin doon ang VCMs [The order to bring VCMs came from the top].”

    He said nine Information Technology (IT) experts manned and conducted tests on each of the VCMs.

    Five of them were from Smartmatic while four were from Quezon province.

    On Election Day, Ka Bert said, all the VCMs were turned on.

    After the close of voting precincts, he added that he was surprised when the VCMs started to get transmissions from the precincts.

    “Tinanong ko yung mga IT [e[experts]kit may transmission kami kasi alam ko naman na dapat from the voting precincts dapat sa Comelec or transparency server napupunta ang boto. Ang sagot sa akin ay sila daw ang magta-transmit ng boto [I[I asked the IT people why we had that transmission because what I know is that from the voting precincts, votes should be transmitted to the Comelec or the transparency server. They told me that they will be transmitting votes] the witness said.

    Ka Bert said he personally saw how votes transmitted from the voting precincts were changed before they were transmitted to the transparency server.

    “Pinapalitan nila ang mga boto, nililipat dun sa ibang kandidato [T[They changed the votes and transferred them to other candidates] he noted.

    Ka Bert said even the votes of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte were shaved and transferred to former Interior Secretary Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd.

    The votes of Vice President Jejomar Binay and Sen. Grace Poe were also reduced for Roxas.

    But the biggest reduction he said, affected Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos because some 500,000 of his votes were given to Camarines Sur Rep. Leni Robredo.

    “Kay Presidente Duterte mga 300,000 votes, kay VP Binay mga 200,000 at kay Grace Poe din. Pero kay Senator Marcos mga 500,000 ang binawas sa kanya at binigay kay Robredo,” Ka Bert added.

    In the Certificate of Canvass for Quezon province, Robredo won with 385,164 votes over Marcos’ 173,394 votes.

    He said a staff of Roxas gave money to the IT guys for the operation.

    “Kilala ko sya na tao ni Secretary Mar dahil everytime na pupunta sya sa probinsya namin, sya ang advance party na nag-aarrange ng mga lakad ni secretary. At palagi sya ang kasama,” Ka Bert added.

    He said he decided to come out because he could not stomach how the whole election system was “bastardized” in his area.

    The witness added that even the votes of 50,000 registered voters who earlier committed to vote for Marcos in Quezon were also shaved.

    “Alam ko po na ibinoto nila si Senator Marcos dahil mga loyalista sila kaya hindi pwedeng 25,000 lamang ang nakuha ni Senator Marcos sa kanila,” he pointed out.

    The witness said he is willing to come out and testify and can present four of the IT guys who manned the VCMs in the Lucena warehouse.

    “Willing sila na mag-testify dito kasi alam ko marami silang dokumento na makakapagpatunay na totoong nangyari ang pag-transmit namin ng boto,” he added.

    Saycon cited the need to investigate reported election anomalies.

    “[T[There was]olesale pre-shading, [t[there was]ssive vote-buying, SD card manipulation, [t[there was]shcode change and then [n[now]ansmission diversion. It’s s multi-level operation [t[that’s why]e all got surprised with the result with Roxas [s[suddenly became No. 2 and then [Senate President Franklin]ilon [s[suddenly became No. 1 senator. [It was good that Duterte’s votes were overwhelming [and they cannot cheat him]t his votes were also shaved and so he should step into this because stealing votes is much worse than stealing from the coffers,” he said.


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    1. Ano? Ipa iimbestiga sa COMELEC ang anomalya? Sila nga etong gumawa ng anomalya. Ngayon pa lang hwag ng palabasin ng bansa ang lahat ng sangkot sa dayaan na to. Dapat bigyan pansin ng bagong pangulo ang paglahad ng katotohan ng mga witnesses at himukin na lumantad at bigyan proteksyon ang iba pang me alam sa kalokohan ng Daang Matuwid. Kaya pala ayaw ng bagong presidente sumama sa proclamation, dahil ayaw nya makihalubilo sa mga taong nandaya. Kung makaasta si Drillon akala mo no. 1 sya. At si de Lima namamayagpag sa anino ng pandaraya.

      • Concerned Pinoy on

        Sabi ni Boy Saycon, 500,000 votes daw ang idinagdag sa boto ni Roxas sa Quezon. Pero Comelec Certificate of Canvas showed wala pang 500,000 ang nakuhang boto ni Roxas sa Quezon.

        Gagawa lang ng kasinungalingan hindi pa inayos ang pagsisinungaling.

    2. Something is wrong with this news. Be smart, analyze before you buy it.ridiculous.

      • Shiela Pauline on

        Yeah, so many fabricated LIES coming out, but no real evidence to back it up.

        This ‘story’ smells like a LIE, numbers do not match, mostly hearsay, rumor, etc.

    3. Amidst all these testimonials and evidence of electoral fraud, Comelec is suddenly on MUTE mode. Naipwesto na ang mga clients, este, manok nila so… Mission Accomplished na.

    4. Mar Roxas for sure will not come back on Philippine Politics. conclusion the end of him…….But BBM will come back next time. because the Filipino Nation Loved him much more…..BBM has solid OFW who care.. for him…..He is mouch much much more stronger now and then.

    5. Walang dayaan sa mismong bilangan dahil computerized na at mabilis ang resulta. Nasa vote buying ang dayaan at guilty lahat halos sila diyan sa local man o national candidates.

      BBM camp is all talk without clear evidence. The ‘witness’ is from INC that makes it suspicious. They can do better than that because anybody can accuse anybody. Just show a solid evidence and not just presenting ‘tsismis’ to media. Butthurt masyado kapag first time makatikim ng talo.

      • Sabi ni andres bautista ay bawal daw picturan ang resibo at yung outcome ng VCM..dahil baka daw mabulking..pero yung kay katheryn Bernardo na in full color na ipinakita na si Mar ang binoto. ay exempted

    6. Weeks ago nabasa ko na din ito..I wonder bakit until now, May 30 na, di pa rin lumalabas at nagpapa-interview sa media kung existing talaga itong “Ka Bert” na ito:-), puro lang dito sa net, sana hindi ito internet TROLLING na naman…sana lang..

    7. Vicente Luz on

      This is not just about Marcos, but for the whole nation. This allegations of cheating is not done just this election. There have been too in 2010 and 2013. That is why Comelec do not want to give on Smartmatic after so many claims of its inefficiency, and inspite of other competent service provider that they can hire. Until now, Congressman Chong’s documented evidences are filed before Comelec and before the Supreme Court but to no avail. Now this group of Boy Saycon are calling on Comelec to investigate when Comelec are the culprit. This must be filed immediately to the Supreme Court or brought to the Senate for investigation. Asked all those senators involved in the yellow army not to participate if they are really for the truth.

    8. Every Filipinos must know who Boy Saycon is. He has a very colorful messy history. Check various news regarding this person. Biggest question, how come Ka Bert knows all the numbers that were shaved off ? It appears to me he is the supervisor of the whole operation. Read the story again and do not be mislead by these 2 guys. Ka Bert if true only was hired to look for a place where the VCM will be located. How come he knows the whole operation and even the numbers being shaved ?

      • Sana ay last na itong VCM,balik manual counting ulit para mahirap maka milyon daya ang mga mandaraya.. Dapat ke Andres Bautista ay kidnapin at pakantahin kung paano dinaya ang VCM

    9. kaya pala ung last week before election nag trend sa mga surveys kuno na pumantay na c robredo kay marcos at nanguna c roxas kay grace, un pala may gagawing hokus pocus na votes shaving ang smartmatic in favor of roxas and robredo, ang kaso mahirap mahabol ang lamang ni duterte kaya ung lamang na lang ni marcos ang kinalikot ng smartmatic votes shaving evil scheme. nakakahiya kau.

    10. i dont trust robredo, the incoming president should initiate an in-depth investigation on the alleged vote shaving of smartmatic personnel and roxas in particular. a vice presidential win for robredo will definitely give her party collaborators the chance to impeach duterte so she can replace him in the presidency instead. this is the most scary scenario in the making now to pave way to the coming back of roxas and eventually pnoy’s administration again. Let’s be wary and watchful.

    11. harold Rosales on

      If this is in Lucena City. We have a huge financier in this area with existing contracts in the Government, i just watched the exposed project of Sun West by a TV Station, regarding road project paid but not completed.
      . I just simply connect some dots.

    12. Rafael teston on

      500000 votes were given to Robredo daw. But she only got 387000 votes. May mali sa math. We also have to review what this Pastor Boy Saycon has presented us in the past.

    13. In the first place, why are these whistle blowers coming out in the open NOW?
      why didn’t you all come out before all these shit became all out of control. Now the culprits, the comelecs will not do anything about it because they are all in bed with the yellowtards. Now what are you all going to do about all these shit?

    14. Dapat may proteksiyon ang witness na si ka bert pati ang apat na IT nanganganib ang buhay nila…ngaun kung tutuong Vice President winner si Leni dapat ma prove na walang daya ang kanyang panalo…hope wala nga, maaring inosente siya ang mga grupo lang nasa malakanyan ang nakaka alam, at alam din natin kung gaano ang galit ni pnoy sa mga marcos….hope wala ngang dayaan…pag mayroon pupulutin sila sa pansitan….

    15. Once the new administration assumes office, these anomalies shall be investigated.And people, who are involved shall be punish accordingly and put to jail!

      go DUTERTE go!

      You (DUTERTE) are the hope of this Country!

    16. Abner Fernando on

      Pero kay Senator Marcos mga 500,000 ang binawas sa kanya at binigay kay Robredo,” Ka Bert added.

      In the Certificate of Canvass for Quezon province, Robredo won with 385,164 votes over Marcos’ 173,394 votes.

      Look very carefully s discrepancy ng statement ni Ka Bert” sabe nya 500,000 ang binawas kay BBM pero ang COC ng Quezon Province Robredo won with 385,164 votes.

    17. Menchie Chua on

      Dapat umpisa pa lang sinabi na nila alam nila. Obvious naman talaga na may dayaan . Di lang nila nadaya si Duterte kc sobra laki lamang. Si Grace [nabawasan for sure in favor of Mar. Si Bongbong ang talaga kinawawa ng makakapal ang mukha. Paano kaya nasikmura ni Robredo magmalaki sya ang panalo gayun alam ng tao kung sino talaga ang dapat nanalo. Kaya nya tumingin ng diretso? Di bale ng talo basta kaya mo tuminging at walang pag aalinlangan ang mga tao sa pagka panalo. Kay Robredo BIG QUESTION MARk ang pagka panalo. Naniniwala lang na panalo sya yun mga nag initiate ng pandaraya.

    18. This president became worst kasi niloloko at dinadaya niya ang tinuring niyang mga boss: KAYO ANG BOSS KO, KAYA HUMANDA KAYO SA DAYA KO!” Yan ang klaseng presidente nagkaroon ang Pilipinas, ang presidenteng di mapapantayan! Sa kalokohan man o sa katangahan!

    19. Mr. President Digong paimbistigahan po ninyo agad ito pagupo nyo sa June 30. Dapat maparusahan ang lahat ng kakutsaba sa dayaan na ito. Hindi natutulog ang Diyos, lalabas at lalabas ang katotohanang nanalo at binoto ng majority si BBM. Walang karapatang umupo ang isang peke at dayang VP…

      • Kaya nga matamplay ke Lani ang posisyon sa gabinete,palagay ko after june 30 ay paiimbistigahan ulit ni DU30 ang tungkol sa VP, kung nanalo si BBM ay may puwesto pa rin si Leni kahit assistant president. Pag wala na sa power si pnoy at wala na si Bautista sa Comelec ay malaya nang makapag iimbistiga si DU30. Si bautista ang sumasanga sa katiwalian.
        Si bautista din ang may sabi na kaya tinagal ang security features ng VCM ,para daw walang mandaya..WTF is that

    20. kagulat! 500thou nabawas kay marcos na napunta kay leni pero total votes ni Leni 300thou lang? parang may mali…

      • Di ka naka iintindi..Bawas boto ke BBMs,walang dagdag ke Leni para disimulado. Di ba may nagrereklamo na pag BBM ang VP ay blank sa resibo ng botante, kaya nga binawal ni Bautista na picturan ang nasa VCM at resibo,para walang ebidensya..This is a daytime comelec robbery..Ang idea dito ay di dapat lumamang si BBM….

    21. well as usual after every election what’s left is the shouting, however if there is truth to this, let the wheel of justice start to grind or turn. Sa DOJ ba or sa PET.

    22. Ismael A. Ybanez on

      This is worst than commiting treason. They managed to spit on Pilpino People Sovereign Right where we can express our will whom to vote only during Election time.

    23. How come this witness refuses to reveal his identity and is only calling himself as “Ka Bert”? LMAO. How come he only came out and revealed this so-called anomalies three weeks after the elections? Is this the resurrection of the infamous incredible Koala Bear “whistleblower” of 2010?

      Furthermore, he only talked about the manipulation of transmitted results. So if there is a manipulation then how come there were no discrepancies between the transmitted results and the PRINTED ELECTION RETURNS?

      Bwahaha. Pathetic Marcos’ camp. This is taking desperation at whole new levels. Leni won because the Filipino people said NEVER AGAIN to another Marcos. Get over and deal with it.

    24. yong may alam sa dayaan sa quezon province lumantad na kayo, may malaking karma ang mangyayari sa pamilya nyo pg inilihim nyo ito

    25. Alfredo Zarate on

      Actually, Ka Bert is not needed anymore. We all know that there were widespread cheating especially in the VP race. Just common sense will tell us, no more no less.

    26. Why was this alleged anomaly or tampering not presented before the congress canvassing panel? Why only now? The canvassing is concluded, closed. Congress, unless stopped by SC, may not now be stopped from proclaiming the winners based on its canvass! What kind and where is the bothered-conscience now being floated to be the reason for this revelation? This appears to be a huge gimmick, joke! People with fair conscience are not capable of doing this. People who falsely and maliciously create shock-waves of this proportion that will not only disturb the regular functioning of government but will unfairly spark action entailing huge and unnecessary spending of the peoples’ money, should be, after proof, shot at Luneta park at noon time.

    27. Kadami namang naniwala agad dun sa ka bert na iglesia.
      Hindi nga nakaka bigla at mga loyalist ang sunggab agad.
      Ang alam ko balwarte daw ni binay ang lucena bakit napalusutan yan ng liberal party kuno.
      At itong iglesia na ka bert daw, sino ba ang sinuportahan daw ng iglesia na nga? Baka parehas lang yan nung kay mellorca.

    28. Arnaldo Pastero on

      Ang KAHALAGAHAN nito ay hindi na nakatuon sa kung sino ang nanalo.

      Sobrang panloloko na ang ginagawa ng mga taong WALANG INISIP kundi ang kanilang mga sarili lamang.

      Isipin niyo na lang kung yung BOTO niyo ay inilipat sa iba. Ginagawa na talagang TANGA ang mga pilipino! Kaya dapat na ring pag-aralan ang electronic voting na yan at lagyan ng mga security checks at printed outputs kada stage ng pagboto.

      Lagi na lang ganyan ang mangyayari tuwing magkakaroon ng eleksyon.

    29. kalukuhan iyan. kung ang niretoke lang ay ang sa COMELEC, e di dapat iba ang naging resulta sa Transparency Server at sa PPCRV.

      pangalawa, kung totoo iyan, bakit pang-4 lang dito sa Quezon si Roxas at si Robredo lang ang lumamang ng malaki sa kanilang mga kalaban.

      pangatlo, bakit ngayon lang magsasalita kung kelan tapos na ang cavassing!

      pang-apat, itong si Ka Bert na ito ay dapat arestuhin at nakikipagsabwatan siya na salaulain ang halalan.

      Tanggapan na lamang ninyo, TALO talaga si BBM!

    30. Death Penalty should be imposed to the mastermind…. at least hindi na pamarisan…

    31. Parehas sila dinagdagan ang boto. It just that it did not work for Roxas due to very large lead of Duterte.

      Marami ring kabulokan na tinatago itong papalabas na gobyerno. Kaya gusto magiwan ng bantay.

    32. Kailangan bitayen lahat nang involved sa ganitong pamamaraan na lukohen tayong lahat. Masahol pa eto sa Druga. Eto ang pagkakataon na patunayan ne President Duterte, na bagohen o sampulan na hendi na dapat etong mangyare ole. Bitanyen lahat, wag ikulong dahil baka makalabas pa.

    33. Dapat makulong ang mga culprit dyan, lalo yung mastermind na akala niya dahil hero daw ang pamilya niya, pwede niya gawin kahit ano! Biruin niyong pinagstos tayo ng bilyones para gamitin laban sa atin ang mga voting machines na yan. Higit pa ito sa plunder. Salbahe daw si Marcos? Pwes, nagmumukha siyang anghel pag katapat niya itong karumaldumal na dilaw na halimaw. Pres. Duterte, huwag niyo po pabayaang makalusot ito.

      • Magisip muna on

        so naniwala ka naman agad na totoo at pakulo ng LP yan? nagbasa ka lang… hindi ka na nag isip? e paano kung gawa ni Marcos yan? pero siyempre di ka maniniwala. kasi sarado na utak mo. i pity you,

    34. These culprits should be brought to justice….ibunyag at ipakilala sa buong mundo ang mga kagagawan nila…

    35. “The order to bring the VCMs came from the top”, declared Ka Bert of Lucena City, Quezon Province.

      This kind of revelation of election anomalies and vote shaving must be immediately investigated by DOJ. Certainly, such acts could not have been done without the go-signal of Malacanang.

      Palace officials were long aware that there was really no chance for Sec. Roxas to become President. If Duterte decided not to heed an overwhelming clamor for him to vie for the Presidency, VP Binay would have made it. As for Sen. Llamanzares, her chances to the Presidency was purely a fabrication of propaganda minds.

      The incoming National Leadership is confronted with other more vital matters to focus on. Nonetheless, those responsible for acts tantamount to subverting the will of some local electorates must not go unpunished!

    36. mga hayup talaga.. yung 2 baklang si Panot at Marimar ang me pakana ng lahat ng iyan..

    37. If this is proven then we are in to a serious trouble.
      By this alone, BBM could have easily won and Duterte
      beats Roxas even more then Drilon won’t be on number 1.
      Thorough investigation shall be done. Culprits must be identified
      and penalized what the law provides.

    38. Those two should be guarded 24/7 for their safety, it shows the whole election has been rigged all the way from President and Senate purported by LP Aquino and Comelec..Duterte and Marcos must have 24/7 security protection, cuz nobody , even the Senate could be trusted anymore.

    39. Glory to God in the Highest.
      The loss of Marcos is a Blessing from God.
      Senator Marcos dahil sa nangyari sa iyo, you
      are the instrument of Our Lord Jesus Christ
      to bring out the TRUTH.



      • Instrument kayo ng Evil dahil bulag kayo at fanatiko,,sabi ng Ka bert ay ganito?”But the biggest reduction he said, affected Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos because some 500,000 of his votes were given to Camarines Sur Rep. Leni Robredo.”,,eh nakuha lang na boto ni LENI ROBREDO sa Quezon ay 380,000 lang,,don palang mali na siya at hindi 500,000..Si marcos pa,,sanay sa dayaan yan,,noon pa,nagmana sa tatay na magnanakaw.

    40. Harold Palejo on

      Hindi kaya totoo po ang Plan B ng kinginang LP na kulto ni NoyNoy aquino??!!! ipapa impeach tlaga Nila si President Duterte, sisilipin nila lahat ng pwede nilang maibato Laban sa kanya, and when the time comes… iyon na!!! bakit Nila pinanalong number 1 Senator si Drilon na numero unong trapo sa senado ng Pilipinas? di kaya, sya ang itatalaga na Vice President kapag naging presidente na ang huwad na bise presidente na si Leni?? Ang tanong!!!!!! Kaya mga Pilipinong gusto ng pagbabago… bantayan si President Duterte at magmatyag!

    41. May nangyari din po sa pampanga, Alam natin na ang pampanga lugar ng LP.. truth shall prevail..Hindi hahayaan ng Dyos na manatili sa pwesto lahat ng madaraya at salot sa lipunan. .. God bless Philippines. ..

    42. Now they Marcoses people are making up stories that will tend the election on their favor. if the stores are true as reveald by Ka Bert of INA, come they did not report the incident before the election?? why now after the election??? This gimmick play does not work and will not stand on it’s own. Fake, fabricated and shallow gimmick play only will pass on a fools day.

      • Ka Bert cant pre-empt what will happen that time…But finally hindi kinaya ng sikmura niya ang pangyayari kaya nakonsensya.

      • All the more it should be investigated. This case of “fake, fabricated, and shallow gimmick play” should not pass unpunished because it undermines the integrity of the electoral system.

      • ask yourself… san ba pwede magreklamo…Comelec.. sino ang gumagawa ng pandaraya… Comelec, LP and Smartmatic….pag sa Comelec ka magreklamo… delikado pa buhay mo…,, all i can i say is Wag kang magbulag bulagan..dahil hindi ka naman bulag, wag kang magbingibingihan dahil hindi ka naman bingi…at lease ngaun nandyan na si Mayor para baguhin ang maling sistema.. if this is true then, Death Penalty for the Brains ng pandarya para wag na pamarisan…

      • Arlene De Guia on

        You can’t say it’s fabricated. DO YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THE TRUTH IS? Do you have access to the evidences and proof that these people are keeping?

        Allegations like this needs to be looked into and investigated.

        There will be another election in 6 yrs. time and we would like to ensure a secure and clean elections and that;s not just YOU talking.

      • kung mapapanindigan ni ka bert ang sinabi niya sa korte, lalabas ang katotohanan para sa kapakanan ng lahat

      • Kung binasa mong mabuti ang sinabi ni Ka Bert ng (INC) na inutusan sya ng LP Mayor ng Lucena City of Quezon Province at binalaan sya na hwag ng magtanong kung sino ang nagutos at ito ay utos galing sa itaas(malakanyang). Hindi mo ba naisip na ang kanyang buhay at karangalan ay nakataya dito at kung kaya nga isinumbong nya ang mga pinagawa sa kanya at ang mga namasid nyang katiwalaan ( VCM na ilaqay sa malapit sa City Hall) di nya natiis ng kanyang konsensya na ito ay karapatdapat malaman ni Marcos para sa imbestigasyon dahil sa pandaraya ng LP.

      • Your reading comprehension is so low that you were not able to understand the the article. Read again so that you yourself can answer your question.

      • What is hard to understand? Those people were made to believe that they are only undergoing a training. The true intention why of those machines that were set-up in a private warehouse surfaced only on the day of the election. If the intention of the current administration is well and good, how come they need to hide their operation in a private warehouse hidden from the prying eyes? Think about that.

    43. Wake ng naniniwala sayo bong2 dhil very obvious kung gaano ka kadesperado na maging VP at ang Plan B mo ay gagawa ka ng khit anong paraan para Hindi matapos ni Mayor digong ang kanyang term at ikaw ang papalit sa Malakanyang.Gunggong isoli mo muna ang yaman na ninakaw nyo sa amin mga pilipino

      • Mel Angeles on

        Desperado? Massive vote buying by LP only means very desperate move to win! They know they will not win!Why resort to vote buying, harassment if LP had a huge support base? #BBM Won,he was CHEATED, that is a FACT!

      • Johnny Ioannis on

        Magkano ba ang ninakaw sayi ni bongbong babayaran ko para lang magamot na yang naninilaw mong utak at ang hioa mo.

      • At gusto mong maniwala sayo na katulad ka ng Abnoy mo na walang ginawa sa anim na taon kundi magnakaw ng pundo ng kaban ng bayan, at mang api ng mga mahihirap ( Hacienda Luisita poor farmers) at kamkamin ang hindi kanyang lupa. at ipinatago kay Dinky Soliman ang donation na galing sa International community at tiniis ang mga taga Tacloban, Leyte na magutom at maghirap.Mabuti nga at ang gunggong mong Presidente na di masikmura ng maraming Pilipino ay pinapanalo si Duterte, kaya yong mga tamad, tapos na ang inyong ligaya .

    44. The truth can not stay hidden, it is only a matter of when! Now, we have witnesses coming out to confirm the Nation’s vote! Investigation should be initiated immediately and the people behind this massive cheating operation should be tried and punished accordingly! People’s will must prevail!

    45. Kinikilabutan na ako dito sa mga naglalabasan na dayaan ..even myself i cant take it lalo na kaya dito sa mga taong nakakita mismo?

      • Bob,bsahi mo muli..,,sabi ng Ka bert ay ganito?”But the biggest reduction he said, affected Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos because some 500,000 of his votes were given to Camarines Sur Rep. Leni Robredo.”,,eh nakuha lang na boto ni LENI ROBREDO sa Quezon ay 380,000 lang,,don palang mali na siya at hindi 500,000..Si marcos pa,,sanay sa dayaan yan,,noon pa,nagmana sa tatay na magnanakaw.

    46. Ignacio Balbutin on

      The President should look into this, this is worse than killings; It should be investigated and punished all those that are involved in the cheating even if they are former governments officials. No stones should be left unturned to get to the crux of the matter.

      • wag c pnoy ang mag pa investigate ma white wash lang yan, c incoming president duterte ang mag initiate ng thorough investigation, para lumabas ang katotohanan ng syndicated conspiracy na ito involving smartmatic personnel and of course roxas and company including pnoy himself. sori walang personalan, katotohanan lang, the truth of this votes shaving of smartmatic should prevail in the end.

    47. naku yan na madam leni patunay na fake vp ka. salamt po sa kay bert nag mamalasakit na sa paglabas ng katutuhanan. patnubayan po kayo ni lord . god is good.

    48. Lorenzo, Jr. on

      If the system of COMELEC regarding on the election on this previous election knowing that the Vice presidential race has been favored to BBM not on Leni has the big factor of fraud. Now, who is Leni compared to Marcos? Just to be fair, Ian recommending to investigate the move of COMELEC regarding the fraud that have done in the Vice Presidential race. I know Marcos won in a large points.

    49. Thank you kabayan for coming out in the open. This is a big help for our BBM. Be strong & firm to your principles. God will be with you & bless you more

    50. we know from the start of voting leakage of dayaan was happen from some precent and abroad…complaining many OFW…but anyway maybe this is the instruction from the…..????

    51. i hope Robredo will sleep well….even his winning is questionable to all people that voted for BongBong marcos to be a Vice president of the Philippines…..

      • Filipinos in different parts of the world all denounce the massive cheating in the VP elections. The entire resources of the government was used to stop BBM from a sure victory. And this teachery and political sabotage by Aquino & co. will be remembered as the dirtiest elections in our history. He is the worst thing that ever happened in our country…pure evil.

      • Wilhelmina D. Alicante on

        Huwag si Robredo ang sabihan mo nang cheap. Ang amo mo na anak nang Diktador ang atat na atat na maging VP ang cheap. Si BBM ang masyadong ambisyosong mana sa ama na gustong maging hari ng buong Pilinas noon kaso mo napatalsik nang EDSA people power pero gusto pa rin nilang bumalik ng Malakanyang kaya VP muna ngayon after that Presidente na. Ay naku you people are just taken for a ride by these ambitious people pagnanalo yan hindi na yan baba sa kanyang kinalalagyan. Manhid na ba kayo sa nangyari sa atin noon? O baka naman iba na pag money talks. Opinion ko lang yan.

    52. WOW! In this modern day era–the Philippines can do is to be a “cheat”. If this true, my question are for the cheater–what do you get out of all these? Please take into considerations the many Filipinos out of 100 millions (local and international) that are “playing by the rule” the standard of humanity.

      • Mahirap talaga maging tanga,,walang gamot,,sabi ng Ka bert ay ganito?”But the biggest reduction he said, affected Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos because some 500,000 of his votes were given to Camarines Sur Rep. Leni Robredo.”,,eh nakuha lang na boto ni LENI ROBREDO sa Quezon ay 380,000 lang,,don palang mali na siya at hindi 500,000..Si marcos pa,,sanay sa dayaan yan,,noon pa,nagmana sa tatay na magnanakaw.

    53. Girlie Bebbeb on

      Sana, magbayad si ngoyngoy aquino sa ginawa niyang kawalanghiyan sa kapwa niya. Napaka-itim ang puso niya sa kapwa, but it’s not really surprising kasi descendant siya nang masasamang grandparents, from incest to makapili, hacienda luisita and massacres. What a shame.
      Mabuti pa ang mga Marcos at wala silang ganyang mga kaso sa pamilia.

      • ganyan din ang hinala ko..kahit ulit -ulitin pang bilangin ang boto sa COMELEC..ganon pa rin ang resulta..kasi ang dayaan ang nagmula sa mga precincts at ang transmittal ng results..nagagawa nila palitan ang mga results sa paraan ng ibang Nakatagong machine tulad nito at ung 7 na nakita sa NOVOTEL..hindi ako IT expert pero ang tanong..hanggang ngayon ay wala silang maisagot tungkol sa mga naglabasan na balitang nagkalat na PICOS machine..