VP afraid of the truth – Trillanes


SEN. Antonio Trillanes 4th on Tuesday said Vice President Jejomar Binay is afraid of the truth, thus Binay decided to back out of their scheduled debate.

He noted that Binay’s action showed the Vice President’s lack of character.

The senator said Binay’s failure to deliver on his word proves that he cannot be trusted.

“It is very important for an elected government official to always keep his word no matter what and it is clear that the Vice President can’t do it,” he told a news conference.

“It shows lack of character and untrustworthiness of the Vice President and lack of any intention to face the people.”

Trillanes said the Vice President’s reason for canceling the debate was lame. He added that should the Vice President change his mind, he would still be up and ready for a debate.

Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr. said Binay put himself in a dangerous situation by backing out.

“I don’t know what advantage he got from backing out,” Belmonte, a lawyer like Binay, said in a text message.

Caloocan City (Metro Manila) Rep. Edgar Erice, as well as Magdalo party-list Rep. Ashley Acedillo and Rep. Gary Alejano, agreed with Belmonte.

“This [backing out]shows his character: Someone who says something that he doesn’t mean. How can the Filipino people believe his promises of redemption from poverty, when his brand of corruption is the root cause of poverty?” Erice, a staunch Binay critic, said.

He, however, noted that Binay’s aboutface is not surprising because the Vice President also retreated from his promise to appear before the Senate blue ribbon sub-committee that is investigating allegations of graft against the Binay family.

“The Vice President’s refusal to engage in a debate raises questions on his trustworthiness and decisiveness as a leader. ‘Yan ba ang gusto natin sa naghahangad maging Pangulo natin? [‘Yung] hindi natin mapanghawakan at mapagkakatiwalaan ang binitawang salita [Do we want such kind to be our President? Someone who cannot hold on to his word]?” Acedillo, who had joined Trillanes in failed coups, said in a text message.

“We can’t trust him. He cannot comply with his word even if he was the one who asked for it [debate]. He is not decisive. Do we want this kind of President? That would really be a problem,” Alejano said.

An official of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) said Binay should drop his presidential ambition if he refuses to face the public.

Fr. Edwin Gariguez, executive chairman of the CBCP-National Secretariat for Social Action, Justice and Peace, urged Binay to explain himself to the public.

“Kung ngayon pa lang hindi na niya kayang magsalita at maging accountable sa mga tao, paano pa kung maging Presidente na siya?

Gusto niya maging Presidente, ipakita niya sa mga tao dapat na kaya niyang panindigan ang totoo [If at present he cannot make himself accountable to the people, what more if he becomes President later]?” Gariguez asked.

But Malacañang said it sees nothing wrong with Binay’s decision to cancel the debate.

Palace deputy spokesperson Abigail Valte said the Vice President can avail of other opportunities or venues where he could air “his side of the story.”

“We respect the Vice President’s decision not to push through with the debate with Senator Trillanes,” Valte told reporters in a news conference also on Tuesday.

“We’re pretty certain that the Vice President weighed all of his options when he made the decision to not push with the scheduled debate.

Perhaps there will be other opportunities for him to air his side,” she said.



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  1. The soft treatment of Malacanang means a lot:
    If Biany wins as president he must also go slow in treating ex-President Aquino with all the cases to be filed against him….
    Binay’s presidency is really “SCARY!!!”

  2. Well well well, so binay is the one calling trillanes for a debate then when trillanes said yes binay was now in a quandry, why ? simply because he didnt expect trillanes to say yes to a debate. He wanted to look like he was innocent when trillanes said no. Now he has backed out. & also look at malacanang, they are defending binay. They should also say the same thing as trillanes & others are saying. The man is a liar & should no be in government at all & when all the evidence comes out you will see how corrupt the binay family have been ever since he got in government.
    But i also think the philippines could look at the justice system in korea, as when they had the ferry dissaster just over a year ago, its already gone to court & the captain has been found guilty & is now in jail. Here in the philippines it takes years & years, why, keep asking this question why. Its your government who can change it, maybe they are doing it so if ever they get caught it will take years before they go to prison.

  3. Binays’ posing eating with his bare hands seem to be his answer to court the vote and sympathies of our kababayans’. Obviously a form of election campaigning. Let us not give AID & CONFORT to this gimmick. Let us wake up our country men.

  4. Dyan naman ako nawalan na ng respeto kay VP, mahalaga ang salita kung minsan yan lang ang meron ang isang tao.

  5. Ang yabang ng Binay at mga alipores niyang mang-hamon tapos uurong lang pala. (Baka sabihin niya “joke lang”). Anong klaseng tao itong si Binay na gusting maging president. Walang word of honor. Nakakahiya!!! Ang daming alibis (as expected ng taong bayan) ni Binay. Tama, takot siyang malaman ng taong bayan ang kanyang pangungurakot sa kaban ng bayan. Kayong mga LEFTISTS, Bayan at mga Binays ay wala ng paniniwalaan ng taong bayan sa inyo. Mga magnanakaw kayong lahat!!!!!!!!

  6. Understanding Person on

    Ang Malacananag Tenants magaling ding lumaro sa mga issues. The truth of the matter, ay gusto din nilang mapahamak ang pobreng si Kawatang si Binay para magkaroon sila (Administration of Noy) ng pabor sa manok nila sa election. Haaaay buhay politiko nga naman…akala nila maloloko nila lahat ng people. Hindi ako!

  7. Binay weighed all his options, and he knew that he will make an ass out of himself. What a jack ass…….

  8. P. Akialamiro@yahoo.com on

    The debate will only confuse the Filipino people; they won’t know who is corrupt, one of the other, or both?!

  9. VP Binay vs Sen Trilllanes. Show up or no show. It’s a game people always play. The final score depends on the voters. That’s democracy in the process. Always remember we are still in a transition period. Someday we will get it right.

  10. umiiwassakatotohanan on

    Panay na lang ang iwas ni Binay na humarap sa taong bayan; panay lang ang tanggi na hindi siya nagnakaw at nag buong pamilya. Buksan ang iyong mga tunay na accounts at pag-aari at nang makita ng taong bayan kung ikaw nga ay hindi yumaman sa nakaw. Huwag kang umasa sa iyong mga asong kaparis ni Remulla at kauri niya. Aywan ko lang kung and mga ito ay nagtatrabaho para sa kanilang pinangakuang taong bayan. Akala ko pagtakot ang tao ay namumutla; pero itong si Binay ay iba kasi nangingitim lalo. Tigilan mo na Binay ang kasasabing ikaw ay pro-poor.