• VP backs higher salary for mentors


    Vice President Jejomar Binay underscored the importance of the government’s commitment to uplift the welfare of teachers during the celebration of World Teachers’ Day on Sunday, October 5, expressing support for a congressional measure seeking to raise teachers’ salary.

    In a statement, Binay said teachers must receive the “full moral and physical support due their noble vocation.”

    Toward that end, the Vice President expressed his backing for House Bill 245, which if passed into law, will increase the monthly salary of teachers and non-teaching personnel in public elementary and secondary schools.

    “I firmly support bills like this and it is only fitting that we show our appreciation to all those who have committed their lives to the teaching profession,” he said.

    Education, Binay added, is the key to progress and teachers have always been the ones to fulfill the cultivation of knowledge.

    And although the K-12 program is a significant step to strengthening the educational system, the Vice President said, this is not enough because teachers also need the support and commitment from the government.

    Once implemented, the K-12 program will add two more years to the country’s educational system to make graduates more globally competitive.

    Binay, whose mother was a teacher, said he witnessed how hard it was for her to earn a decent living.

    “It is imperative that as we carry out measures to improve the state of education in our country, we must also commit to uplift our teachers’ welfare,” he added.


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