• VP Binay: Pinoy unity made EDSA1986 happen


    Vice President Jejomar Binay on Monday reminded Filipinos that the people power revolution that toppled President Ferdinand Marcos 29 years ago this month resulted from the “unity” of the people.

    That revolution, EDSA 1986, according to Binay, “was about the strength of our unity to win back freedom and dignity, and the truth that we are all Filipinos, living in a free nation and together aspiring for justice, peace and prosperity.”

    “We once again commemorate those three historic days [February 22-25] at EDSA when ordinary Filipinos stood side by side with our soldiers in standing up against the dictatorship,” he said in a statement.

    Binay added that “[our]one aim when we gathered at EDSA in 1986 [was]to reclaim our freedom from the dictatorship. Men and women, poor and rich, Muslims and Christians– we told the ruling regime that we were fed up with the lies and violence. The strength of the people prevailed and we ushered in a new kind of revolution, one not tainted with blood.”

    With the return of the people’s freedom, the Vice President said, “we also restored freedom of expression that served as our shield against all forms of deceit and oppression. We restored the people’s trust in government, in its courts, in the military and police. Our economy grew and with it the living conditions of the majority.”

    He noted that ‘[the]whole world admired us for our courage and solidarity. And above all, we regained our dignity and self-respect. We proudly bannered our own identity, our being Filipino.”

    While pointing out that the “tragedy at Mamasapano has unfortunately shrouded this year’s EDSA commemoration in grief,” the Vice President said, Filipinos all the more should strive to find “peace and truth.”

    He was referring to the January 25 firefight between Muslim separatist rebels and the government’s Special Action Force that left 44 police commandos dead in Mamasapano, Maguindanao.

    “Let us remember the lessons of EDSA People Power. [It] was not about the power of money, religion or arms. While we pursue our search for truth and justice, may we never forget the spirit” of the bloodless uprising that brought down tyranny, Binay said.


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    1. EDSA is for the people and by the people, let’s not forget that!

      I’m happy that someone like VP Binay is able to remind us that. That we should not fear the popular, that we are stronger than the tides if we put our hearts in it. That we still have the support of someone like Binay. That’s why I will still support Binay as the next president no matter what! He is the best candidate that we have. GO VP BINAY! :)

    2. Maria San Jose on

      what VP Binay had just said is so true. thank God that we still have this kind of public servant, one who still wants the truth, one who sides with the public and not with just his few selected friends, one who sympathise with people, one who still hears the people…

      thank you VP Binay and for that, you have my vote in 2016. cheers!!!

    3. Steve Martines on

      Thank you for this wonderful speech VP Binay, thank you for uplifting our morale despite having that kind of president, one is who beyond incompetent and insensitive…

      Let’s rally, not just for making PNoy resign, but for truth and justice as well. We deserve to get them even if the president is blocking our way.

      We are still here to support you VP Binay, good luck and never give up!

    4. Mr VP it is deplorable to hear from you, that Phil is better today because of 1986 Edsa . Isn’t its true that whatever remarkable economic growth and status Philippines is today were attributable to those hardworking Filipinos (who are now called Balikbayans and OFW ) which because of the love they have for their country and the family they left behind, they have been and still is a major contributing factor to the Phl progress .Phil recognition was earned way before Edsa which were accomplished by several Past Presidents like Marcos, Macapagal, Magsaysay and Vice -Presidents (Arturo M. Tolentino) author of ITLOS and many others. Where are we now. a country run by corrupt politicians who used the poor as their pawn, please don’t use them anymore….

    5. Sa ating mahal na bise presidente. Ang mahal mong magnakaw putang ina ka. Ipapadala na kita sa panginoon mong si satanas puta ka kapag nanalo ka sa 2016. Ang itim ng budhi mo putang ina ka. Isa rin itong tabloid na ito, dapat sa inyo pinapasabog mga putang ina nyo, mga bayaran ni binay na puta. Pumapapapel ka pa sa EDSA revolution 1986 putang ina mo eh puro pera lang nasa utak mung gulugo puta ka.