• VP Binay’s high ratings is due to his less controversial role in government – Escudero


    The less controversial role of President Jejomar Binay, is one of the reason why he was able to maintain high approval and trust ratings than  President Benigno Aquino 3rd who has to deal with more sensitive issues, an administration lawmaker said Tuesday.

    According to Senator Francis Escudero, it is understandable for the president to have lower ratings than Binay because, as head of the country he has to make big decision that often considered unpopular.

    “He [Aquino] is the one who is handling the problems of the country and makes controversial decisions, unlike the less controversial role of the vice president,” Escudero said.

    The senator was reacting to the recent Pulse Asia survey showing Binay getting higher approval and trust ratings compared to Aquino.

    Based on the survey which was conducted December, the vice president got an approval rating of 80 percent while Aquino got 73 percent. Binay also enjoyed bigger trust grade of 77 percent against 74 percent of the president.

    Escudero said that the survey result is not that surprising because it is already, although it is  important to note that even with the decline, the president still enjoys high ratings even during this late part of his term.

    Aside from Aquino, the approval and the trust ratings of Senate President Franklin Drilon, also suffered a decline and it is attributed to the priority development assistance fund (PDAF) controversy that hounded congress last year.

    Drilon said that the multi-million peso pork barrel scam has cost the senate the trust of the people but he expressed confidence that the chamber can regain the people’s trust with the reforms and actions introduced by chamber for this year.

    Escudero on the other hand maintained that surveys are juts snap shots of the public perception on that time the survey was taken, and it should only be serve as a guide for public officials on what they should be doing. Jefferson Antiporda


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    1. noelravalsalaysay on

      VP Binay has shown he is ready to take up the mantle of the Presidency anytime PNoy is unable to continue;then all the present defenders including Chiz will be replaced immediately starting with Sec. de Lima,Comelec Chairman and Sandigan Bayan head, Not even former President Marcos dare disturb the time-honored Separate of Powers; PNoy is the only president who openly criticized the Supreme Court rulings and used his pork barrel to bribe his allies in Congress to destroy the Separate of Powers attacking the independence of the Judiciary.Even now they are conniving to undermine the Supreme Court (with the help of his appointed Chief Justice).

    2. Now that Chiz is downplaying Binay’s higher survey rating, does this mean Chiz will be running against Binay in 2016?

    3. His popular rating is due to his position in government. He can go around the country anytime and be seen on almost any occasion using people’s money in the guise of performing his duties as a VP and Housing Head. Right now he is the most EPAL official in the land.

    4. what binay do anyway? come on, let’s not be joking here. he is just good in spending people’s money to free convicted felon in the middle east!

    5. C’mon, Chiz. We Pinoys & Pinays rated Binay in how he would react given the same circumstances and scenarios. Had he been president and dealt with what Pnoy handled, Binay’s rating would have been higher. Give us some credit, Chiz. We are not stupid. And I am not an APO