• VP camp hit Chiz’s ‘double standard’


    The camp of Vice President Jejomar Binay on Wednesday scored the double standard of Sen. Francis “Chiz” Escudero, a former ally, in his comments on cases filed against the Vice President and Sen. Grace Poe.

    Escudero campaigned for Binay in the 2010 vice presidential race against Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas 2nd, and is widely regarded as the key to the now Vice President’s victory.

    But Rico Quicho, Binay’s spokesman on political affairs, has now lashed at Escudero for his political partisanship and ambitions.

    “Senator Escudero’s view of harassment and evidence is tainted by his political partisanship and ambitions,” he said after Escudero questioned the filing of a case against Poe before the Senate Electoral Tribunal.

    He even called the filing of the case as “harassment,” and noted that nobody questioned her residency and citizenship when she was a senator for the past three years.

    Poe is dealing with issues like her father, the late Fernando Poe Jr., who run against former President and now Pampanga Rep. Gloria Arroyo in the controversial 2004 polls.

    Roxas has been publicly wooing Poe to run as his vice president in next year’s elections.
    Escudero’s name is also being floated as a possibility.

    But Quicho noted that Escudero’ concerns that Poe was only being harassed because of political agenda speaks against his own views on the Senate’s inquiry into the alleged anomalies in Makati City (Metro Manila) when the Vice President was still mayor there.

    “For the past year, the Vice President was not only harassed but also prejudged by Senator Escudero together with his colleagues in the Senate,” he said.

    “This demolition by perception began only after the Vice President declared his intention to seek the presidency in 2016 and continued to lead in presidential, performance and trust surveys,” Quicho added.

    The lawyer alleged that such double standards also exist in other senators conducting “the long-running, record-breaking inquisition of the Vice President at taxpayers’ expense.”

    “It is time to respect our laws and court processes. Rather than preempt and influence the SET with loose statements, it is better for Senator Escudero and everyone else to reserve individual comments, respect the parties and let the wheels of justice take [their]course.”


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    1. Chiz and Poe are compatible in every sense as trapos. Poe together with Sen. Drilon rejected in July 27, 2015 the re-opening of the Mamasapano SAF44 massacre for senate hearing only to admit later, after her unsuccessful meeting with Aquino and Roxas on their offer for her to run only as vice president of Roxas, did she declared her support for the re-opening of the incident for further investigation.

      Erice on Poe: She lacks the experience unlike Roxas who have a long track record of public service. Huwag sanang magmadali si Grace. Poe is only perfect as vice president of Roxas.

    2. Issues or accusations are different from evidences when it comes to court matters.
      Yes VP Binay has been pilloried by the Senate subcommittee but never have they presented a solid evidence or proof that he is guilty that is why the hearings have lasted for nearly a year now.The VP is still innocent as far as the law is concerned! But the
      way who is a politician in Philippines who is not corrupt if you based on issues raised
      in the press or venues other than the court of law?

    3. You can not expect Escudero to say things against Grace Poe because of the fact that he is using the former and Heart Evangelista for his elusive political ambition.

      • Funny how some people say Chiz is using Grace when even the son of Senator Poe believes otherwise, “When my mom was at her lowest in the senatorial surveys at No. 28, no one was coming to support her, when only our grandma Susan Roces was her biggest financial supporter and I was her first campaign staff, Chiz already supported our mom. That’s why Chiz is so important. He lent his machinery. He was the one who brought her to the provinces when no one else did; that says something about the character of Chiz.” (PhilStar: 8-9-2015)

    4. Rene L. Canlas on

      Sir..Senator Poe’s problem is is her citizenship and residence issues and is very much different from VP Binay’s corruptions charges with the Ombudsman and later on with the Sandigan Bayan.
      If Sen Escudero is questioning the timing of the issues against Sen Poe, I fully agree with him why only now? Is it because she turned down VP Binay’s invitation to be his running mate? There were no such issues before on this matter but now it became so big..People will not be affected much about Sen. Poe’s problems but VP Binay has a lot of things to explain regarding his un-explained huge wealth. Lets wait who the people will believe and vote. Basta ako..anybody but Binay..period