• VP: Competence a key issue in polls next year


    Vice President Jejomar Binay believes Filipinos will vote for him in the 2016 presidential elections because of his competence, experience and track record as a public servant.

    “Competence and experience” will be the key issues in the 2016 elections, the Vice President said in a statement after two separate surveys from the  Social Weather Stations and Novo Trends showed him as top choice for President.

    His track records as Makati City mayor and as Vice President will speak for themselves, he added.

    Since he assumed the country’s second-highest post in 2010, the Vice President said he has always been vocal about his intentions to run for the highest office in the land.

    His path to the presidential polls, however, was not without controversies, he admitted.
    Binay said he and his family were being deeply linked to controversies regarding government projects.

    According to the statement, when Binay was appointed as Makati mayor after the 1986 EDSA Revolution, he took over a municipality that had P190-million annual revenue and about P200-million debt.

    “[I] then instituted reforms, implementing fiscal discipline and sound management practices that helped transform a bankrupt Makati to the country’s premier city,” the Vice President said.

    Under his leadership, Makati provided free public education from elementary to high school and highly subsidized college education for residents at the University of Makati.
    Graduates were also assured of employment through the university’s dualized education system, he said.

    During his term, the city also offered primary to tertiary health care under the Yellow Card health program—with free medicines and hospitalisation—as well as a senior citizens care program that allowed Makati’s  elderly to enjoy free movies, a birthday cake, medicine, and even cash allowance.

    His accomplishments in Makati were said to have propelled him to be named as one of the top mayors of the world.

    A few months after he assumed office as Vice President, Binay was appointed Presidential Adviser on Overseas Filipino Workers’ (OFW) Concerns and chairman of the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council.

    He gave priority to protecting the rights and welfare of OFWs, especially those on death row, among them  Rodelio “Dondon” Lanuza, who had been in prison in Saudi Arabia for 13 years and had been sentenced to die.

    As housing czar, Binay led the key shelter agencies into providing quality and affordable
    homes to low income and informal settler families (ISFs).

    From July 2010 to June 2014, the housing sector was able to provide direct housing assistance to nearly 582,000 low-income and ISFs.

    Binay said that because the President’s term is only six years, he plans to work with past Cabinet members who performed well during their tenures.


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    1. magnanakaw di ako kasama s mga sinsabi m boboto sayo binay di ako bobo katulad ng mga supproter mo stip^^d

    2. Correction Mr.13%VP Binay you will be in jail before 2016 guaranteeeeeeee.Your track record as a public servant is MAGNANAKAW KA.

    3. IBinay is having a bad dream if he thinks Filipinos will vote for him. What does he think of Filipno voters stupid or ileterate.

      • Victor Abriam on

        Meloy what planet you are from?Are you not watching TV or reading newspaper.According to the survey of Pulse Asia he is still leading. But I know you dont agree kasi tuta ka ni trillanes na ambisyoso. gagawin lahat para sirain ang mga Binay. maski walang evidensya yakyak nang yakyak parang itik. ang masama pati mga justice idinamay. sabi may evidensya hindi naman ipakita, dapat kasuhan ito nang Libel at makulong .Gusto lang magpasikat pero sa survey kulilat siya.

    4. what we need is a “Servant-Leader,” whose objective is to uplift the needs of the poor and unemployed. what we need is job, health and a peaceful country. And who is sincere to serve the people especially those of the least of our kababayan.

    5. Satan also appears as an angel of Light according to the Christian Bible. Binay has all along molded his image as an angel but the well-meaning and educated Filipinos know that he is the Devil.

    6. Nancy Bulok Cake on

      Integrity should be foremost of all. You might have the experience but if corruption is included then forget about Binay. Binay in his experience has abundant explaining as where did his family get the hundreds and billions of pesos they accumulated. The Binays should and must stop buying surveys, votes during elections and most of all the Binay family should and must stop harassing accusers and witnesses to file suits against them. The Binays have the courage to file suits because a lot of judges are in their payroll. God, please save the Philippines and the Filipino people from the devilish family of the Binays. God knows how to end the LIES of the Binays.