VP Jojo Binay: Can he ever be president?


It matters not how straight the gate
How charged with punishment the scroll I am the master of my faith
I am the captain of my soul.”
– from Invictus by William Ernest Henley

For the moment, I don’t believe in elections and there is no way I will change my mind. But like revolutionary warfare, it is an interesting exercise for analysis, even if it does not happen, because it is a preventive measure against Alzheimer’s possible invasion.
As a starting point for electoral analysis, it is probably best to start with Vice-President Jejomar “Jojo” Binay, the leading presidential candidate for the 2016 elections, if you are to believe the mumbo-jumbo of Mahal Mangahas and his Social Weather Station (SWS) in attempting to read the thinking of the Filipino voters.

As Vice-President

As the Vice-President to President Noy, Binay, among the presidential candidates, has the best chances to become President between now and anytime before the new President takes his oath on June 40. 2016. Why, because he succeeds to the position, if something happens to Noynoy between now and June 30, 2016, when the new president takes his oath. If PNoy ceases to breathe, Jojo becomes president. If PNoy meets with a fatal accident, Jojo becomes president. If Pnoy gets killed, God forbid, Jojo becomes president.
The chances are many and the possibilities get brighter with every passing day for Binay.

But the possibilities end there. If Jojo goes to jail between now and the election, his dreams to become president go kaput. The possibility of Jojo going to jail before Election Day looms large with every passing day. The more Mahal Mangahas predicts that Jojo will win, the more the chances of Jojo of going to jail becoming a reality.
So Jojo’s chances of becoming president because he is the incumbent vice-president are as dark as the color of his skin, PNoy looks healthy despite Asperger syndrome and receding hairline It simply means that the possibility is as uncertain as the weather.

As political and financial manipulator

If you examine Jojo Binay’s career, there was nothing spectacular about him. He was an ordinary UP student with no jewel, as they say. If he were a watch, he was one that is made in China, not even in Japan. But ambition is a fuel that propels unknown individuals to reach heights of spectacular fame and fortune. EDSA I was the initial propelling mechanism in Jojo’s search for fame and fortune. Of course, he had no strategic role in creating EDSA I. Probably, except for the late Senator Joker Arroyo, the wild one, and Senator Rene Saguisag, the ones billed to have organized MABINI, a lawyer’s organization whose outstanding achievement was representing the late Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino, Jr. in the trial before a military commission and, of course, losing the case. And losing a case before the military commission or tribunals was badge achievement for squint-eyed lawyers and their band of blind supporters.

I did not know Jojo Binay then. He was miles away from the centers of Opposition power. But by the magic of Executive Secretary Joker Arroyo and Secretary of Local Government Aquilino “Nene” Pimentel, Jr., the creatures considered by many as the sainted ones of Cory Aquino, he vaulted into prominence as the new OIC (pronounced like the fabled voices of pigs and meaning Officer-in-Charge) of Makati City, one of two richest cities in the Philippines.

It was in Makati where the legendary story of Jojo Binay unfolded – to his followers, a man dressed in many apparel. It is a story webbed by many of his idolaters as that of a pauper becoming a prince, even better than the story of Cinderella. For his critics, however, when they hear the word prince, they associate it with a lot of derision to the Prince of Thieves. To many of his admirers, they call him the Robin Hood of Makati. The problem with that is the growing band of his opponents commenting that Jojo is more hood than Robin. Considering his millions of unexplained wealth, he has mastered the art of denial. Some serious students of the Arabian Nights, after hearing former bosom friend of Jojo, Vice-Mayor Mercado of Makati City and another lawyer, bosom friend, Atty. Bondal, unbarring the millions that Jojo pocketed in government transactions when he was mayor of Makati Ctiy, called him as Ali Baba, reminiscent of that character who headed the group known as Ali Baba and the Forty-Thieves. They said that Jojo is Ali Baba. The members of his thieving band enjoy confessing before television audiences that they are, indeed, his thieves but Jojo, who they consider as Ali Baba, refuse to admit that he is the leader of the band resulting to his dubbed as the Master of Denial.

But Binay (sounds like deny) wants to be president

If you want to find a man who is obsessed with becoming president of the Philippines, you will find him in Jojo Binay. The first manifestation of that obsession was on the first day of office. He was so obsessed that he tried hard to upstage PNoy – and he did. But it is not enough to be obsessed, he must put on his manipulative muscle. Ambition is not enough, Jojo. Execution of that ambition is what will propel you to the presidency.

As of now, it appears that the group of PNoy is determined to remove everybody along the way just so the right successor will become president and the right successor is that man who will not send PNoy and his boys and girls to jail. And PNoy has the power to do that with the machinery of government and most of all, the magic machine of SMARTMATIC – the PCOS.

What then will be the answer of Binay to the PNoy threat? Any of the following will do.
He must buy the Comelec just so he will be sure of victory. Some people say he has the experience of buying. They claimed – and they have to prove their claim yet – that Binay bought the vice-presidency in the 2010 for the nifty sum of 1.5 BILLION PESOS. If this is true, he experience will come in handy. If not true, he has the money to do it. Considering the history of some people in the Comelec and Binay’s character as shown in legislative investigations and his behavioral patterns, this does not appear to be a remote possibility.

He can pull a coup. He had dalliance with putchists in the Danny Lim and Senator Sonny Trillanes caper in the Peninsula Hotel sometime ago. Having dealt with military rebels in the past, it would not be averse for him to deal with them again. Worse come to worst, he and his group might do it. Add to that is the rumor that Binay, who is a reserved colonel of the Marines, controls a significant portion of that organization enough to pull a successful coup and hold all military groups at bay. So this is another looming possibility for Binay.

The other possibility is to pray for any group to terminate by whatever means PNoy – from sabotage to you know what.

In political warfare, as in any kind of warfare, there is no limit to what any participant will do. The stakes are high. And in the ensuing fight, he who defines limits decreases his chances for victory. In the unerring words of Vince Lombardi, the legendary coach of the Green Bay Packers, “Winning is not everything, it is the only thing.”

Well, Jojo, the ball is in your court

There is a saying among the Batangueños, as popularized by the warrior Laurel clan, “Ang taong nagigipit, sa patalim ay kumakapit. I am not a Batangueno or Tagalog and I committed the mistake of not asking Speaker Pepito Laurel and Vice-President Doy Laurel for an accurate English translation of that saying. In my book though, any person whose back is to the wall will entertain any option, even holding the sharpened edge of an instrument, to escape the problem.

If Jojo gambles with the election without buying the Comelec, he runs the risk of going to jail with some members of his family the moment he loses, and he loses all his wealth – well gotten or ill-gotten – loses his remaining reputation and damned forever as an example of a high government official painted with graft and corruption – gambled and lost. If he pulls a coup after losing the election, he will create a major upheaval in the country which will plunge the country to fratricidal strife because it will be resisted.

Well, what do you think Jojo will do? Your guess is as good as mine. To quote a line from Sohrab and Rustum, “Only the events will teach us in its hour!” I pray he does not do any of the possible options, because if he does, I will exclaim, “Jesus Josef y Maria!” as, I understand, that is what JEJOMAR in Binay presumptuously stands for.

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  1. If binay feels that he is not assured of winning, he will do everything to reverse his fate including selling his soul to the devil, or even to China.

  2. fruitspunchsamurai on

    some people really make a living writing lies. he is just repeating or summarizing the baseless accusations of the senate blue ribbon with no added analysis. didn’t he even consider that a lawyer has good salary? and binay got married to a doctor and also did piggery business. is that right homobono? or should i just say “homo”?

  3. If the Philippine Government releases the frozen bank accounts (over 200) of Limlingan and Baloloy before the election, Binay will win the election. P11 Billion is a very powerful force that will guarantee Binay to occupy the palace.

  4. There are two options that were left out. Binay will use his money to DQ Poe. Then he has a greater chance because Mar and Duterte are going downhill. Binay is right when he said that he beat Mar last presidential election. What is the difference 6 years ago and now. Now he has billions of dollars stacked away somewhere. Look at AMLAC report. That is true. Second option is plan B. the whole family will move to another country that has no extradition treaty with Phil. Did you not notice that JunJun is always out of the country. I will bet all my marbles that he is preparing for Plan B. He learned from the mistakes of Arroyo waiting for the last minute to leave the country
    Binay knows he is losing. Everybody knows Bonay is losing.

  5. I believe, not unless the pcos magic interferes, that Binay –
    Batangueno na,
    Ilokano pa,
    Nangungunang taglay,
    Ang dugong Pilipino,
    Yakap ka ng Bay an – is the next Philippine President

  6. Please advise what your criteria for a President is? Very corrupt, corrupt, a little corrupt? Seems there’s not much choice or difference in the candidates in this respect nor indeed in the previous incumbents.

  7. About 40 years ago or so, when I worked with one of then Makati mayor Yabuts attorneys in Makati, Jejomar Binay was that little dark guy walking around the Makati city hall wearing his favorite short sleeves barong shirt. He took the jeepney to work then, he rides a Benz or a GMC SUV now. Oh…what a great difference those years have been for Mr.Binay and his family. A true rags to riches story right before our very eyes.

    Atty. Adaza, you posed a very intriguing question here: can he ever be president? I suggest the question should have been: should he ever be president? This man is hungry for money, his family hunger for more money, so how would that change the country’s situation given that this families ultimate goal is more “Benjamins” to their bank accounts. Why don’t we just open the Philippine Central Bank and other money institutions to this family and not complain about corruption and poverty.

  8. You are so full of illusory perceptions, which you hallucinate are RIGHT(when these are nothing but whatever are politically correct)… you have no idea WHAT IS (the greater) GOOD,for the GREATER NUMBER.

    Jojo Binay will be the next POP.


  9. Timbuktu Graduate on

    With millions of Filipinos praying, God will forbid Binay to become the President of the Philippines. You are right, corrupt Binay will do everything to become president to avoid going to jail and also lost all his stolen wealth. Binay will pay SWS, Pulse Asia, writers, columnists and reporters just to win the presidency. With Binay’s stolen billions of pesos, he might be able to get through but let us keep praying to save our beloved country from this corrupt Binay family. Yes you are correct, Arroyo and Saguisag were well off than Binay before and after martial law but Binay has the questionable wealth coming from a status of “never-heard” lawyer with no car and just request fellow part time teachers to carpool.
    Add to this the promises of Binay which are so impossible just to win voters he will even appease the Chinese businessmen and in the end sell the islands of Spratly and Palawan to China.
    I do admire you for writing a well written objective articles unlike some columnists and writers who are too obvious to make a daily write-ups about corrupt Binay in the hope of getting a good paying ambassadorial or cabinet position under Binay. Worst of all, the columnist will delete any negative comments against Binay. This columnist is one among the columnists under the payroll of Binay (which is called “payola”). I just hope and pray that this columnists and Binay’s lawyers will get the WRATH of God for protecting an obvious evil – corrupt Binay.

    ** I hope you will not delete these comments.