• VP race is Marcos vs Aquino


    THE vice-presidential race ostensibly looks like a tight contest between Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr. and Rep. Leni Robredo, but in reality it is a contest between Bongbong and President Benigno BS Aquino III.

    Robredo is only a surrogate for Aquino and his administration. Marcos represented only himself, although some insisted during the campaign on portraying him as the bid of the Marcoses to return to power.

    President Aquino himself turned the political battle into a contest of surrogates by declaring his absolute opposition to Bongbong’s winning of the vice-presidency, when pre-election polls increasingly and persistently showed BBM winning by a comfortable margin. PNoy pledged during the campaign to do all to prevent a Marcos victory. He said he would even lead a people power protest to stop a Marcos proclamation.

    Aquino used the traditional EDSA day rites in February as the opening shot for his stop Bongbong campaign, when he delivered a bizarre speech protesting a New York Times article that signaled to the world the prospective return of a Marcos heir to high office, and offered reasons why BBM enjoyed such high popularity and support in the campaign. I commented at the time on his speech that Aquino was like King Canute commanding the waves to stop from flowing ashore.

    Robredo’s rise as a candidate    

    I thought the natural course of events would take care of the rest, but in point of fact Aquino would try to reverse the movement of the waves and the tides. He would use all the powers and resources of the presidency to prevent Bongbong from winning. He would use public money (the budget) for electioneering in a way that no president before him ever dared. He would deploy the entire government bureaucracy to campaign for his candidates.

    It was in these circumstances that Robredo surreptitiously rose in importance as a candidate. Although other vice-presidential candidates were performing better than her in the surveys, administration strategists commissioned rigged surveys to prop up Robredo in the polls, portraying her as the strongest alternative to Bongbong.

    Meanwhile, Budget Secretary Florencio Abad was laying the final touches on his strategy for catapulting Mar Roxas to the presidency. Just as he invented the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) to give the President free rein in the use of the national budget, he invented Bottom-up Budgeting (BUB) as the vehicle to make Roxas electable all over the archipelago. By using Roxas as the agent for the delivery of millions of public money to local governments, this would erase Jejomar Binay’s vaunted strength at the grassroots.

    They did not count on two factors that would militate against them: (1) the sudden and rapid emergence of Rodrigo Duterte as a major and, eventually, irresistible presidential candidate, and (2) Roxas’s total lack of charisma and unsalability to the masses.

    When the writing on the wall said that Roxas couldn’t win, no matter how many billions were diverted from public coffers, the administration shifted its sights to making Leni Robredo win instead. This was the genesis of Plan B, which my colleague Kit Tatad was first to expose in the media. By this, they would fulfill the President’s vow to prevent a Marcos victory. And they would have the option of impeaching Duterte—if he won—and installing their own (Robredo) in the presidency.

    Robredo’s rise is remarkable in every way because there is virtually nothing in her background and credentials to suggest that she has what it takes to be vice president and potential successor to the presidency. Her stint in the House of Representatives was uneventful. And she had no standing in the liberal Party that would suggest that she could lead this band of traditional politicians.

    Conspiracy for electronic fraud

    As a final leg for the administration’s scheme to hold on to power, they set in motion a scheme to cheat at the polls. If the administration could not buy those who will vote, they will control and buy those who will count the votes.

    Their ace in the hole was Smartmatic, the systems provider for the automated election. As in elections past, Smartmatic would provide the technical means to manipulate the election results in favor of the administration’s favored candidates.

    Their second card was the Commission on Elections (Comelec), which manages the balloting by law, and whose chairman is a relative of Aquino’s and a former campaign strategist of Roxas. Comelec would facilitate the conspiracy to cheat.

    The third card was the deployment of the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) as election watchdog, who would conduct an unofficial count of the election results, and would preempt the official canvass. PPCRV would produce and certify rigged results from Smartmatic and Comelec.

    Finally, the conspiracy would rely on yellow media to announce the rigged results to the populace.

    Duterte tsunami of votes

    What gummed up the works was the Duterte tsunami of votes on Election Day, which no amount of vote buying and cheating could stop.

    When Duterte proved unstoppable, the administration turned its attention to denying Bongbong his electoral victory. They would produce Robredo as the winner in the vice-presidential contest through the manipulation of data and the bending of the rules by Comelec.

    As this is written, the National Board of Canvassers (NBOC) has entered its third day of canvassing of the election results.

    The official tally of votes for president indicates no deviation from the unofficial results produced by PPCRV. Duterte is leading the field by a very large margin. He is just hours away from securing certain victory.

    In the vice-presidential contest, the count shows a reverse of what the PPCRV reported in its count. Marcos is leading Robredo by over 83,000 votes after two days of counting.
    Time will tell whether this lead will vanish just as his 1-million-vote lead vanished from the Comelec transparency server on election night.

    At the close of canvassing yesterday, I expect that there will be an indicator of who has really won in the vice-presidential contest.

    Marcos looks all set to win it all, but you can never be sure that some late-arriving certificates of canvass (COC) will not produce a flood of Robredo votes, courtesy of the administration, and enough to overtake Bongbong.

    Protests from both the Marcos and Robredo camps will prolong the proceedings, as they will tend to delay the canvass of specific COCs.

    Nonetheless, it is reasonable to expect that Congress, through the NBOC, can proclaim the winners for president and vice-president by Monday (May 30) or Tuesday (May 31).

    Getting PH democracy back on track

    The proclamation of winning candidates will end the suspense for the public and the candidates; but it will not end the questions and problems that the nation must address and resolve in this most disturbing election in the nation’s history and to get Philippine democracy back on track.

    The personality of President Aquino perverted the election in ways that only he could. An examination of the records, and a systems audit of the automated election system will show just how perverted the 2016 election was.



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    1. RE: the para: Robredos rise is remarkable….there is nothing in her background.
      A journalistic view should not be biased … this article is nothing but a pro-ad / to the Marcoses
      …so let’s put their achievements side by side …what is Bongbong’s background, who is he and what’s his education and achievement? This article is laughable.

      • Alej Tercero on

        Maria Paulo can’t you see beyond your YellowTard spectacle that the writer based his piece from facts?

    2. Maria Paulo on

      Re: Robredo’s rise is remarkable … virtually nothing in her background.
      A journalist point of view so biased – it’s like an AD
      for the Marcoses. Who is Bongbong Marcos and what is his
      background … ?

    3. Leni Robredo – The Lady Magdalene of the Philippine Politics

      Machinated VP winner Leni Robredo will hound in history as a woman who allowed herself to be the surrogate of the YELLOW ARMY to prevent the dawning of historical truth with the re-emergence of a Marcos scion to the height of political arena in the Philippines. In this reason, Leni just allowed herself to be the subject of basher from Netizens who labeed her as a “Political Prostitute.” This is so because she subjected herself to be used to service a particular political interest not for the Filipino People but for the Aquino Family whose political colour is yellow. The pain that she herself help to inflict to the Filipino People will go down in history as THE MOST TRAGIC and TREACHEROUS ACT AGAINST THE FILIPINO CONSTITUENTS WHO VOTED SENATOR BONGBONG MARCOS. The RIGGING OF THE 2016 ELECTION that benefits Robredo to grab the vice presidency thru the conspiracy between COMELEC and Smartmatic officials engineered by the outgoing commander in chief of the Philippines from the REAL WINNER Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” R. Marcos WILL BE REMEMBERED IN HISTORY AS THE ELECTIONS REAL CHEATERS REVEALED because Senator Bongbong Marcos with the help of the surprise heroes of the 2016 Election with the support of the Netizens will exhaust all legal and moral means to BRING THE CULPRITS TO JUSTICE. Miracles happens at a time we don’t expect to come not during the time that the Filipino sleep when Marlon Garcia sent the command to shave Marcos votes to favor Robredo.

      I pity the woman, she is a victim of greed and power.

      God help for those who seek the truth

    4. Hector David on

      They have denounced debased slandered President Marcos and his family and filled history with lies…… and the yellow ribbons are afraid that the truth will be revealed … hundreds of billions of our money went to stop Marcos at all costs … mayor watch out .. the yellow army is inches away… and waiting

    5. Noel Retabas on

      What happened is they sacrifice Mar to ensure that Leni will win to prevent a Vice President Marcos. In short hinudas ni Pnoy si Mar

    6. The sovereign people of the Philippines must take action of this anomalies done by ABNOY Administration. There are lot of people really testifies that election was rig. We must take action on the street so that these people rig our election shall be punish. This COMELEC shall held liable for this mess and charge them electoral sabotage including the SMARTMATIC, PPCRV. Marlon Garcia shall be interrogated so that he will tell who is the mastermind for this mess. We must take action this the 3rd time that our election was rig. I urge the sovereign people of the Philippines to take street protest. If we will let this mess again they will repeat again. Wake up and make and necessary action so that we real winner will prevail.

    7. Maribel A. Calanda on

      BBM has already lost in this highly questionable election. Many hearts are crying for such injustice.

      • And more people hearts are rejoicing ,since LENI Won. They were crying because Bongbong did not pay them yet..

      • Alej Tercero on

        Sam, BBM was, is, and will not pay for his supporters. To say that our hearts are crying because BBM is not paying us yet is uncalled for.

    8. The biggest enemy of BBM is himself. If you are saying Leni won because of Pnoy, you are really lost. Anybody connected with Pnoy is cursed. Look at Mar. He s lays praising Pnoy, he lost miserably. Filipinos hate Pnoy. Pnoy is the biggest JERK so do not give him the glory. Leni won because Leni deserves to win period.

    9. Obviously, Aquino vs Marcos race. The much anticipated nationwide race between the two sons of the two feuding families. Every fiipino who knows life in the 80s, knows that half of the nation accussed late Pres. Marcos, if not the mastermind, allowed the assassination of Sen.B.Aquino Jr. to happen, the father of the outgoing President. Pnoy as he is called, swore to his fathers tomb that there will never be Marcos in power again, that is why he venture everything for his candidate. On the other hand, Ferdinand Marcos Jr. or Bongbong as he is called, campaign to win the VP position representing only himself and his political agenda for the benefit of the country. The remaining half of the country stll believe that Bongbong is not living in the past, although it cant be denied he want the VP position as his stepping stone to Presidency. For Bongbong, it is not an ambition, but to prove to the whole nation that he can be a great leader in his very own way, and he is not living in the shadow of his late father, unlike Pnoy whom from the beginning, it is all about his family more than nation. He silently kept to his heart, and dedicate to his family the ZERO Marcos to be in power again as long as he lives… Pnoy won his battle…congratulations. Congratulations also to Ms. Leni Robredo, elected as Vice President of hopefully soon will be UNITED Islands of the Philippines. Until the next chapter.

      • The Aquino family is the only one sowing intrigues and hates to this country of more than 100 million people against the Marcos family successfully hiding the truth (about the Marcoses) for more than 30 years.

        We need a Nationalistic and Patriotic leader to uncover the truth, unite the whole nation and establish genuine governance for the people, of the people and by the people, will it be President Duterte? We will wait and see.

      • sacel suirahtol on

        Hell NO!!! No words of congratulation deserves a fradulent win. It’s just like saying job well done on your cheating scam! A deserving words of condemnation maybe, figures or pictures or of their likeness hanged in effigy! That is what they deserve for manipulating the election 2016 and cheating and bringing factions and chaos and going against the will of the Filipino people.. The culprits need to brought to justice!! And should declare Bongbong Marcos as the rightful winner as the VP of the Philippines!!

    10. Thank you for speaking the truth. It was a highway robbery in broad daylight, and the culprit’s intentions are clear as day, while the desired outcome was already predetermined. Somehow, we all knew this would happen!

      • wHAT TRUTH YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT? Did you not see the actual counting and this paid writer are totally wrong,,yes 2nd day of canvassing bobong lwading and he predicted that it will continue,since LENi or the aquino cannot Cheat now..Your mind makabenta is full of imagination and hatred ,be a respectful and truthful writer..

    11. Josefino Bajado Velasco on

      The challenge for Aquino and his puppets is how to cover their tracks if and when the Comelec finally relents to the persistent demands of a thorough investigation of the election results.

    12. renato irlanda on

      “the people who casts the votes decide nothing. the people who count the votes decide everything”- the dictum that smartmatic, comelec and the ppcrv live by and by which the abnormal bs aquino 3 swears allegiance to!

    13. Smartmatic was used by Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. That election was rigged and it was used by some Latin American countries which culture is the same as the Philippines. Predominantly Catholic, developing countries. If the Filipinos really want decent outcome, they should demand manual count. Germany is back to manual voting. If that country more advanced than Philippines is doing it, we should be. The Philippine government spend so much money when everybody knows that machine can be manipulated. No one in his right mind will believe the outcome of Smartmatic. Na hack na nga even before the election, ginamit pa.

      • Rey Dela cerna on

        Marcos the second corrupt president of the world,and his son inherit this,ok?

    14. There was a glaring act of cheating as can be seen on the TV screen. Yes na program ang vote counting – maybe down to the precinct level. Sana BBM will be an instrument to unearth the TRUTH of this 2016 election. Ayaw namin ang dayaan. Sana recount votes manually especially with lots of undervotes.

      • Ehdi umpisahan mo na mag manual counting..Kitang kita naman sa TV ang mga abogados ni bobong marcos..at nakita nila ay tama naman,,ano pa reklamo ninyo,,Move on! Ganon talaga,,pakainin ka na lang ni Leni ng LUGAW..ng maibsan ang pagiiyak ninyo ni bobong marcos at imleda

      • Rey Dela cerna on

        Pare,kahit ano PA ang sabihin nyo SA mga animal Na yan ay hahanap yan nang butas para lang Na mapansin sila,hindi aaminin Na talo si makoy,palibhasa mga Sanay SA dayaan kaya ayaw matalo pati mga loyalist ay nagsikap Na makabalik si Marcos SA palasyo upang mayron din silang magandang trabaho doon

    15. Mr. Makabenta where is your quantum Physics professor? Call him pronto! Show the graphs,the laws of probability in the Congress counting is even more bizzare than the the PPRCV count , more than two million votes of Bongbong were erased in just two hours. The BBM fans will wake up in the morning of Tuesday morning in crashing defeat with Leni Robredo proclaimed as VP,shattering their dreams of a grand march back to malacanang palace. Leni Robredo, a political unknown smashing the formidable Marcos political machinery. This is a victory of the people fearing the return of the Marcos dynasty not Aquino!

    16. I totally agree with your analysis. Marcos should insist for a system audit. If smartmatic still around will Federalism of Duterte win in the referendum?

    17. Praxidio Buenagua on

      Mr. Makabenta, if you are P-Noy what will yopu do? As to Ms. Leni credentials, she is better prepared than almost other candidates except for Sen. Santiago.

    18. maximo p fabella on

      Bongbongs sins of his parents, caught up with him,$7 billiiona looted monies
      proven in the US the killing of students who were killed, signs the salvage victims, when tied wire, arrting of lbor adtivist ,
      Imelda was engage in mi ning industryu, that is mine, this i mine.
      investments in new york marman alvarez is an example/ student Jopson,

    19. Mark Torres on

      Laglag Bala
      And more….