VP raps foes for abusing law, ganging up on him


Vice President Jejomar Binay on Monday said the law is being abused by his political detractors in their continued attacks against him.

Worse, according to the Vice President, other agencies of the government are being used by his opponents to smear him.

“For the last five months, my political detractors have used Senate hearings to put me at the receiving end of their slander and lies. Even if the people have discovered the truth that the sole purpose of these individuals is to influence the public’s perception of me, they have not stopped nor do they plan to stop. We anticipate that they will intensify their efforts using other agencies of the government,” Binay said in a statement.

“It is a pity that even the law is now being perverted in pursuit of their selfish desire to remain in power,” he added.

The Vice President issued the statement after reports said the Senate blue ribbon sub-committee will resume hearings on alleged anomalies involving him and his family on April 13, the same date that the Senate resumes hearings on the Bangsamoro Basic Law.

The reports also quoted Sen. Antonio Trillanes 4th as saying that aside from the April 13 schedule, hearings will again be held on April 16 and in May.

Binay said that instead of paying attention to more urgent concerns, including the rising prices of commodities, lack of jobs and the worsening peace and order situation in the country, his detractors have instead chosen to continue their attacks against him.

“[M]y detractors have chosen to continue with their non-stop efforts to discredit me in the Senate and through agencies like the Commission on Audit (COA), Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG), Office of the Ombudsman and the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC). Their narrow-minded objective is simply to vilify and embarrass me without even any factual basis to support their claims,” the Vice President noted.

“This is why I am reminding our people [that]the lies against me will continue, using the Senate and the different agencies of the government. They will continue to try and destroy your strong support for me,” he said.

Despite this, Binay added, he will not be hindered from the “goal of establishing a government serving the people with sincerity, proven competence and compassion,”
He said he is “ready to fight their [detractors]continued attacks if it means being able to serve the Filipino people.”

“[W]hatever they may do, I will continue to promote the welfare of the public, especially those yearning for the government’s protection. We need to elevate the poor from abject poverty. We need to give jobs to the jobless and address the bigger problems. There must be food on the table of every suffering Filipino. The sick should have access to quality healthcare services,” Binay added.


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  1. That’s why Binay’s detractors are bombarding him with senate hearings because they know that’s the only avenue that they have the slightest, if any, chance to win. Why can’t they attack him with what they have achieved or done for the people? Because they know they wouldn’t win, they know that they did NOTHING for our nation aside from grand standing at those senate hearings. They’ve use those occasions as platforms to promote themselves and not to attack or address “corruption”. They are just doing it for personal gains. Are those the types of “leader” you want to us to have? NO WAY. That’s why I’m choosing Binay, kasi nakita ko na may nagawa na talaga siya despite of all the paratangs sa kanya…

  2. VP Binay huwag po kayo mag-alala narito lang po kami, pamilya ko, mga kamag-anak, mga kapit-bahay at mga barkada ko to support you. Alam po namin kung sino sinungaling at kung sino nagsasabi ng totoo. Hanggang batikos at husga lang sila dahil alam nila wala silang palag sa inyong kakayahan. Hinding hindi nla kayo matatapatan! Puro lang sila dada para lang maitawid yang mga privilege speech na yan para sa exposure sa TV at Radyo. Kailangan nila yun kasi mangangampya sila sa 2016. IKAW PO TUNAY NA TUMUTULONG BUONG PAMILYA BINAY AY MATULUNGIN. KAYA GO VICE PRESIDENT BINAY. BINAY PA RIN AKO