• VP Robredo sidesteps #Nagaleaks revelations


    Blog seeks to shatter Leni and Jesse ‘popular myths’

    VICE PRESIDENT Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo is skirting the sensational claims of an anonymous blog that claims to possess damaging information on her and her late husband Jesse Robredo, saying only that the revelations were meant to silence her.

    Jesse and Leni Robredo PHOTO FROM FACEBOOK

    In Cebu City on Friday, Robredo did not address the “We Are Collective” blog’s claims her husband had ties to
    illegal gambling and illegal drugs, and that the former Interior secretary who won the Ramon Magsaysay Award secretly owned a condominium building.

    “Access to social media is being used to abuse those who muster the courage to express dissent, who muster courage to express disagreement with the programs or beliefs of the administration. The release of any leaks, that is an attempt to silence us,” Robredo said in a radio interview.

    “This is not the first time it was done, it was done several times before, and it was unsuccessful. No matter what is done, it will not silence us. On our part, we are ready, we are not hiding anything. We did not sin against the country,” she added.

    Robredo, who was interviewed after the launch of her anti-poverty program Angat Buhay in Cebu City, vowed to keep on expressing her beliefs.

    “We will continue to express our beliefs wholeheartedly and bravely no matter what they do to prevent this,” said Robredo, who left the Cabinet in December after speaking out against the burial of former strongman Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng ma Bayani.

    The Vice President has since ramped up her criticism of the Duterte administration, particularly the war on illegal drugs.

    On Friday afternoon, We Are Collective released Part 1 of its series titled “Deception: The Shocking Truth Behind Leni and Jesse Robredo,” whose hashtag #Nagaleaks made the rounds of social media.

    The anonymous blog, citing interviews, anecdotes and website links, made the following claims:

    • the illegal numbers game jueteng flourished under the watch of Jesse Robredo as Naga City mayor and even after his untimely death in a 2012 plane crash;

    • Jesse used public relations men to prop up his image and eventually win the Magsaysay Award, but gave only a token reward to his aide who made it possible;

    • Jesse had a falling out with a political ally, Emilio Aguinaldo, who later went missing after unearthing various anomalies in Naga as well as the former’s connection to jueteng operations;

    • Jesse had ties to a drug pusher and the alleged top drug lord of Camarines Sur, Victor Lorenzo “Chinglo” Rosales; and

    • Aguinaldo found out that Jesse owned the P1-billion Lansbergh Place in Quezon City, which on paper was allegedly under the names of Jesse’s sister and mother.

    “So now that we’re down with part one, wait till you see the succeeding chapters in this crime story involving a cast that could rival the Game of Thrones. In the next chapters, you will be enlightened about the anomalies of [former Interior secretary Mar Roxas]and Jesse and the [Liberal Party] during the time of [President Benigno Aquino 3rd]. And what really happened in Masbate when Jesse’s plane crashed,” We Are Collective said on its Facebook page, which had more than 114,000 likes as of press time.



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    1. The links to the news on Bicolmail were initially accessible but suddenly down. Why are they hiding it if they are not guilty? Anyway, it should still be accessible using archives or cache so either they don’t know this or they are banking that most people won’t know how to do it. The Emil Aguinaldo news should still be on Philstar. So the allegations are not really invented.

    2. Makulog man aminon pero nauto kamo ni pnoy sa pagpagwapo ki mayor jesse r.i.p. Truth is corruption prolifirated during his time. Political dynasty of the robredos kept naga poor and blind.Also please search about his brother, baka magadan kamo sa kilag.His wife acted as if she’s the queen of naga.She won’t even look twice at you if your not her status.Just ask the employees in the city hall. I’m from naga and i know what i’m talking about. Please, don’t buy into her fake smiles. Don’t even buy that she rides bus to Bicol s!&%!She rides a private van to Bicol and that’s a fact. When she’s in town, she would have a convoy na parang sya ang presidente. What a hypocrite!

    3. Who’s responsible in clearing the sky with these clouds of DOUBT?? Leni, Mar or the Mr expose’

      SILENCE only suspend the real TRUTH.. Nation and maybe the world shall know nothing but the whole TRUTH.. God bless our Nation..

    4. Leni’s problem is, any one of below:

      1. She doesn’t want to investigate and doesn’t want to know the painful truth or.

      2. She’s afraid for her own surviving family,

      Emil Aguinaldo’s unexplained lost when the truth was abt to be unveiled was a huge mystery..

      Jesse’s death and eventual Rico Puno’s inclusion is somehow providing link with the past and present..

      Idol ko si Jesse before this revelation but now think otherwise..

      I totally agree with one comment ” There is always a Clear skies after the storm”

    5. Hoax and this manila times is a Duterte dog since so this news is a one sided in favor of the admin… remember there is we all call LORDS OF KARMA everything you do masama o maganda babalik syo yan…

      • Juliet of yellows on

        PYI..duterte dont bother this issue. He is more focus on BBM election protest that will led to VP lugaw disqualification and revoke her license as a lawyer…A good game over to the entire yellow forces

    6. Dino Manrique on

      #NgangaLeaks. noun. When paid trolls pretend to be investigative journalists, and fail miserably. Origin: Tagalog “Nganga” meaning “that’s really stupid.” Related to “fake news,” “desperate,” “grabe na ‘to, beh!” and “binasa ko yun?”

      • Juliet of yellows on

        Kaya nga dapat na bilisan na ang BBM electoral protest para matapos na ang storyang yan…hanggat VP si Lugaw ay hindi matatapos tong demoltion attack kay Dutae

    7. Leland Sacro on

      VP Robredo should respond to the allegations in the quite lengthy and very detailed article. As it stands, many people will tend to believe everything in the article.

    8. VP Leni, Karma karma lang yan. Yellow LP is so good at throwing all kinds of allegations about Pres. Duterte. Who you think will believe that Pres. Duterte is Corrupt and a Mass Murderer? Tanga na lang talaga ang maniniwala. You are getting a full doze of your own medicine, hehehehe. Enjoy it, Leni. You are the one who bring it on by attacking a good President, now karma is running fast behind you. Wether the story about you and your husband is true or not, it really doesn´t matter. Karma wants you to feel what Pres. Duterte feels everytime you concort lies about a good President.

    9. There is a saying that goes, IF YOU SCRATCH AT MY BACK, THEN I WILL SCRATCH YOUR’S. So the lesson is it is better to be silent if we have also some rotten bones hidden in the catacombs.

    10. “All lies and jest, still a man hears what he wants to hear and disregard the rest” – The Boxer

      Very timely.. indeed, what is happening to our country? :(

      • leni’s comment make people worried. like a TRAPO. instead of clearing herself, she just simply duterte is trying to silent her. same as leni leak.. So duterte can also told the people that trillanes accusation want him to stop hunting the druglords.. She was born a TRAPO long time ago

    11. Grabe na. Pati patay hinuhukay. Nothing sacred anymore. Let the dead Rest In Peace. Demolition job . Dirty dirty dirty. Walang Bicolanong maniniwala sa paninirang puring iyan. Jesse Robredo is a good man. Sa susunod si Cory naman ang sisiraan. Siguro maglalabas ng fake sex video at mga criminals na witnesses. Are poor people in the Philippines that gullible? First they are being killed for being criminals then they are insulted for being gullible.

      • If ur telling let the dead rest.. how come n pti si marcos ayaw ptahimikin.. khit nga si late president marcos.. naiibing gusto p hukayin

      • When the Aquino’s came into power it divided the nation and that’s the reason why the bickering are very evident in our country. ROBredo cannot deny that she also guilty of this and she should answer it point by point, since our so called “VP” is addicted to media publicity.

      • Ha? Di ba gustong hukayin ang patay sa libungan ng mga bayani? Ano dapat paniwalaan at ano ang hindi?

      • Karma karma lang yan. Literally, gusto ngang hukayin ng mga Dilawan sa Libingan ng mga Bayani si Ferdinand Marcos, hehehehe. Buti nga yon at life story lang ni Jesse Robredo ang hinukay ng mga alipores ni Pres. Duterte. I´m an observer from the outside, and in my observation, it is the LP who is trying everyting possible, even spreading lies, just to oust and discredit a good democratically elected President, and here I am, siding with the side who I believed is telling more truths than lie.

      • sabi mo good man, but everyone else thinks otherwise. kung dead pala let rest in peace, bat si marcos ginugulo pa???

      • only bongbong and the marcos family, arroyo, the duterte admin, the nbp witnesses, kerwin, senators, congressmen….are the remaining good people in this country…wahhh ….nkkasuka na

      • Bicolano kame. Dugo at puro. At alam namin ang nangyare. Hindi kame mangmang tulad mo Leni. Wag siraan ang pangulo. Ayan mag backfire sayo.

      • mag comment utak gamitin ..hindi ang pwet ,,ayan toloy ang comment mo kailangan mo na sagutin…bakit hindi ba patay si marcos na hindi nyo pa rin patahimikin….

      • I totally agree with you here! Yung mga Dutertards na tanga magisip, hindi nagaanalyze mabuti, bastat iniisip nila fan sila ni Duterte! Idolism and fanaticism. Basta’t kung ano sabihin, isipin at gawin ni Duterte, ok sa kanila kase nga fan sila. Kahit tumae si Duterte, kakainin nila yung tae nya. Kase nga Dutae! Kung ganyan sila kame hinde. Marunong parin kame magisip. Ok ako sa tokhang pero hindi ako OK sa vigilante na hina-hire ng mga pulis para pumatay. Yung ibang user biktima lang din ng droga. Dapat hulihin hindi patayin.

      • Mga bicolano nga nagbunyag nitong # NAGALEAKS…
        with so much detailed story with complete names involve and incidence, things,places and time….it only show these are genuine confessions…and most peole of naga and bicol in particular supported its the facts and truth. So stay tune, you might swallow your nasty comments against. Peace

    12. digging dirt and couldn’t find any they fabricate and invent and lie about it. pretty nice work of an overheated prolific fiction writer on steroids

    13. The problem is BOTH camps have been busy politicizing and using social media to destabilize each other rather than collaborate and work together in helping the country.

      This is why I really believe the President and theVP should always be voted in tandem because if not this is what we get – a divided government.

      Also, maybe it’s about time that Filipinos also become more discerning and really use their heads rather than their hearts in assessing whether or not news or blogs or posts from “alternative” and non-mainstream sources are really worth reading and sharing.

      • 100% pro digong will ignored leni’s reason to this scandal.Or maybe she is not very good as a politician.like Mar roxas ,

    14. No one is silencing you leni. In fact, media is accommodating every word you say!

      The bloggers are actually encouraging you to make noise and answer the claims in the blog.

      Why are you sidestepping the issue? Your simple denial and claim that the issue is meant to silence you only show how shallow your excuse is.

    15. This administration is so desperate resorting to character assassinations to divert the issue of extra judicial killings and Davao Death Squad.

      • \if you are on the other side of the fence, you can see that LP and its allies are doing everything to unseat the president..kasi alanganin na mga negosyo nila…can’t you see that glaring fact?

    16. These are very serious allegations. They should be investigated in public. The Lansbergh place is a very expensive piece of property. Were Jesse and Leni Robredo scions of very old and wealthy dynasties.

      • AMLC will find that out..That is why leni’s reaction is to silent her instead of clearing herself.
        Could be digong don’t matter VP Robredo because she will lost the VPo n PET investigation anyway

      • Silvestre M. Caoili on

        It’s very easy for the government to see who is the owner of Lansbergh, why not get it and show to the whole world who owns it!!!! Don’t just bark in the blog…file a case of corruption and prove it in court!!!

      • I’m from Naga City. I don’t know the Geronas but my family knows the Robredos. In fact, my dad used to buy seafood products from Jessie’s mother who we call Tia Celing. Jessie’s parents own several fishing boats, and I would consider them middle class, certainly not millionaires, or billionaires for that matter. Jessie’s dad is genetically blind, thus one of his son is as well.

    17. If everything’s wrong, one thing is right, she conduct no investigations on her husband’s alleged death by plane crash.

    18. Believe on your God Duterte, businessmen are not trusting this administration and the main reason why exchange rate is 50.3 for a dollar. Good job Mr. President because i’m earning on dollar currency here in out country.

      • You act as though this is the first time the forex rate was at P50:$1. Then based on your premise, the world of business must have really trusted the Marcos presidency. Because during that time, the forex rate was less than P30:$1.

        Please do some research on what affects forex worldwide before spouting your nonsense.

      • anabella parumog on

        mr. jaime..the exchange rate of 50.3 for a dollar is not the fault of prrrd..research …your ignorance is not tolerable..mr. guinuguindo of the central bank had ALREADY EXPLAINED.it..

    19. Another political persecution. I don’t buy it. I believe Leni is clean, she does good critiicism agains the president, and the president for another revenge.

    20. Go ahead fake VP. Keep on talking. Nobody wants to silence you. But you should at least address the issues raised by the writer. There were many personalities mentioned in the blog. I don’t think all of them are already dead. In other words, the truthfulness of the information brought forward by the write up can be verified many times over.

    21. Juan D. CRUZADO on

      The country is going down..the people are in warped zone…total disarray

      • i beg to disagree…because in the nature of rebuilding…disarray and chaos comes first
        in the nature of weather..storm comes first and after that sunshine…
        in the nature of human development a kid had to crawl before learning to walk.
        the political culture of Filipinos needs re building..and if this scandal is one of the many ways towards that goal then so be it!!.

    22. Leni Robredo, when you agreed running for the second highest position of the country and was wrongfully declared as the winner has now proved to be fatal for you as a politician and as a person.

      You are now the bearer of the very very very bad karma of your party’s sins to the country. You and your party’s lying, deception, incompetence, negligence and vengeful leadership is fast consuming you.

      You are so detached because you cannot handle the truth. More sleepless nights ahead for you.

    23. Let there be Light and there was Light . . . . and God said is good
      Don’t cover the light under the basket . . . .
      O Come on VP Leni . . .

      • Yeah,right,if she is not hiding anything in the dark,let it come out and let the people know the truth.