VP to de Lima: Stop meddling with INC


Vice President Jejomar Binay has advised Justice Secretary Leila de Lima to refrain from giving “unwarranted statements” on the alleged kidnapping of ministers of the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC or Church of Christ).

In a letter to de Lima, Binay on Thursday said he felt compelled to “call your attention to the unwarranted statements you have been expressing in the mass media in your capacity as Secretary of the Department of Justice asserting that the alleged abduction of ministers of the [INC] is not yet a ‘closed’ case.”

He noted that de Lima’s statements contradicted findings of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) that had investigated the alleged kidnapping.

“It taxes credulity that you had to publicly contravene the findings of the NBI Anti-Organized Transnational Crimes Division, which itself conducted the investigation on the alleged abduction,” Binay said in a statement, addressing the Justice chief.

“According to your own people in the NBI, no such abduction took place, which finding is bolstered by the fact that there is no complainant who has come forward to attest to its commission. In short, there is apparently no crime committed or being committed,” he added.

Manuel Eduarte, a lawyer and chief of the NBI Anti-Organized Transnational Crime Division, declared as “case closed” the reported abduction after coordinating with the INC’s Legal Office and visiting the house of Felix Nathaniel “Angel” Manalo.

The estranged brother of executive minister Eduardo Manalo was expelled from the INC, together with their mother Cristina “Tenny” Villanueva Manalo, after they uploaded a YouTube video claiming that ministers were being abducted and their lives were in danger.

“By your actuations, you are promoting the image of disunity, discord and even corruption in the INC to its clear prejudice and detriment,” Binay said.

“As public officials, it is our duty to respect the internal affairs and concerns of the INC and allow them, without the unwarranted interference from government, to conduct their own business in accordance with their religious beliefs. No less than our Constitution guarantees this inviolable separation of church and state,” he added.

Binay also noted that de Lima’s attitude toward the INC issue appears similar to the “policy of demolition by perception that your office has been doing to my own person. “

“For the sake of upholding our Constitution, as well as protecting the integrity and good name of the INC as a religious community, I urge you to refrain from uttering baseless, if not reckless and irresponsible, statements that would tend to harm the religious institution of the INC,” he said.


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  1. Mga makikitid ang utak! Ang Diyos ang bahala sainyo! Di nyo matitinag ang INC! You do not understand what are you saying. You cannot pull as down. You just cannot accept the fact that’s why you kept spreading non sense rumors! We’ve always had a proof!

  2. raquel tejedo on

    kayong mga kampon ni satanas na nagcocomment ng masama sa INC…ginagamit kayo ng diablo para sirain ang inc.kasi konti na lang pahon nya sa mundo…Kung corrupt ang inc di wala na sanang naitatayong mga magagandang kapilya. Inggit lang kayo kasi wala kayong ganyan at nagtatagumpay ang inc kayo hindi.

  3. Hey, Anyone don’t meddle with us It`s Internal. You don’t know what is happening and we True INC will only understand.. actually there is a black group inside the INC trying to get some higher positions in the Church, trying to destroy the Church and now they were acting like they still belong in the Church obviously eyeing for our offerings. and wanted to be in the leadership.We, us True INC and God will protect the Church from this black group led by Angel and Kelly Ong/Joy Yuson who are the true corrupt inside the INC. by the way all these people are expelled now that`s why they were whinning and spreading all lies against the Church.. Abduction, Corruption? You heard it from Angel it was a joke, I just wanted my brother to give us the higher positions..

  4. Good job VP Binay, urdoing right! De lima maybe has another intention of turning the page into another topic! Its obviously closed case after probing that there was no abduction happening inside the flock! Expelled members has done wrong after uploading nonsense video! They can speak, they can go to media. Disunity is the real intentions of this expelled members who cannot follow INC rules. De lima better give attentions to the real problems facing of each Filipino people! Such abduction is an allegations,there is no valid proof ministers had spoken and denied the allegations, if it is corruption happening inside this church its their internal problems, u r not belonged to their “abuluyan” Lets face the real problems of the government!!!

  5. nelson alcantara on

    Mr.jeomar binay sinayang m ang tiwala nmin syo. Wla kng pnnindigan duwag k s mga grupong yn khit alam m n hindi k ibinoto ng mga yn.pero nnlo k prin.dkhi hndi tlga cla ang ngppnlo s mga cnddato..hindi k n mkktikim ng boto smin. Isa kmi s pnkamarami rligous org. D2 stin at ibang bansa.

  6. Phil montero on

    Mr VP saludo ako sa iyo nung una.. Pero wala ka pa man sa puesto sa malakanyang ay nag aasal ka ng above the Law.. Pls with due respect to you ,let the law be implemented and dont act as if you knew the people you are condoning with..

  7. Glicerio Satanas on

    Mr. Binay kau ang wag mkialam! d mo trabho yan! kau lng ni Jun Santos ang may usapan hindi ksma dun ang INC tulad ng ipinangako nia sau n dadalhin/iboboto k ng INC bilang president nitong drating n election at kapalit nun ay ung kontrata n ang lhat ng t-shirts n gagamitin mo s election ay s knila mo kukunin s asawa nia! pti mga video, tarpolin, printing ng sample ballots, etc. pra kumita cla sau…kung ako sau, umatras kn s pgtakbo bilang president kc wla ng bloc voting now s INC kc wla ng susunod ky JS at sanggunia. cla nlng ang boboto sau!

    • danilo de guzman on

      Hay , nakoow epal epal at epal. Hindi ako boboto sa kandidatong nakikisawsaw sa sektang corrupt.

  8. We will not in favor of corruption thats why we want President that is not in favor also of corrupt..we Want President to do Good in our Country in not to Corrupt…

  9. Charlie Calangan on

    To VP binay let Sec. Delima do her Job and be carefull to deal with evil people eventhough the Mother,and Brother of INC leader will knew that their “LIVES in Danger” they are of Satan

  10. Binay did this to show support for the INC because INC can help him in his ambitions. If he sees that he wiil not gain from this he will just shut his mouth. He perfected two of the natural relationships in an ecosystem namely Mutualism and you know the other.

  11. VP Binay is not on his right sense of mind. Sec Delima is apparently just doing her job. This issue is not just a church issue. There is a probable case for crime and violation of human rights happening here. How can you say that there is no crime happening and no complainants has come forward? First of all it is still under investigation and the one who said that case is already closed is not even involved in investigation team. And what would you call these people who are seeking help from DOJ? Are they not complainants? If these people needs help from the DOJ then as Sec Delima sworn to serve the people must do something and act on this matter. You cant say that she is meddling on an internal church issue because in the first place these people who are members of the INC are the ones who seek for help from the Dept. So Delima is just doing the right thing to help them and insure that Justice be given to them who may have been unjustly treated. Its you Binay who should stop meddling into others job! Dapat sayo kasuhan ng obstruction of justice!

  12. Binay is a devil incarnated into human form. Fear him not. Let’s pray to deliver our country from such evil leader.

  13. I wouldn’t be surprised if INC chooses to vote for Binay in the upcoming elections.

  14. magandang dilag on

    Mr. Binay kung anuman usapan meron kau ni Jun Satanas Santos e’ kalimutan mo n
    dn mngyayari un kc pinagloloko k lng non. wla ng bloc voting now s INC hbng ajan p cla …kya umatras kn s pgtakbo bilang president kc cla Jun Santos lng at Sanggu ang boboto sau!

  15. magandang dilag on

    HOY! Binay ikaw ang dpat tumahimik! hayaan mong mgimbistiga c Sec. De Lima. trabaho nia un at hindi p closed case ung kidnapping or abduction case. alam ng INC n may usapan kau ni Jun “Satanas” Santos tungkol s kasunduan nu n iboboto k o dadalhin k ng INC kapalit ng kontrata s mga gagamitin n T-shirts s election, video coverage, pictorial, printings lhat ipuprovide ni Jun Satanas Santos at ng pamilya nia sau pra Malaki ang kitain nia w/ the expense of INC? NO WAY!!!…. nku! Binay kung ako sau? aatras nko s pgtakbo nitong election kc wla ng bloc voting! s INC now hbng anjan p clang mga mgnanakaw! dhil hindi kmi susunod ky JUN Satanas SANTOS o s SANGGU. mga corrupt din cla tulad mo! kya malamng cla lng boboto sau!

  16. truble grimm on

    Shame on you! We are sick and tired of corruption. If you think we don’t know what’s really happening-think again! We are not fools. You misconstrued our loyalty and obedience to the church as ignorance. Our bloc voting is a thing of the past. And we still have a few months to educate our brethren towards voting according to their conscience. So if i were you, I will withdraw whatever concession or partial payment you have made with our corrupt ministers.

  17. VP Binay is using every single issue he can get hold of against the administration’s allies, instead of answering the corruption cases involving him and his whole family.

  18. Samson Jay Timetoshine on

    Hoy De Lima, tama talaga ang hinala ng marami. Kaya pala nakikisawsaw sa affairs ng Iglesia kasi tatakbo ka ng senador. Gusto rin ninyong IPALUNOK sa Iglesia na IBOBOTO ANG ABNORMAL NA SI ROXAS. Akala naman ninyo iboboto nila ang ABNORMAL NA ROXAS. MATALO SANA SI ABNORMAL NA ROXAS. PARA MAKULONG KAYONG LAHAT… SANA MAKULONG DIN KAYO.

    • mga kampon ng kadiliman,na nasa Diliman,kung wala sana kau sa pilipinas, malamang maunlad na ang bansa,kayo lang grupo na baliktad ang isip, ang nagpapahirap sa pilipinas.Puro kawalang hiyaan ang pinaggagawa ninyo. Kayo ang nagcocontrol sa mga pulitiko.Nagpapapanggap pa kayo na mga mababait, pinagtatanggol pa ang pinono ninyo na c Eduardo.dahil ang nakapaligid daw niya ang may sala, ibig bang sabihin kahit na maimpiyerno ang nanay niya papayag siya dahil ang sabi ang nagtitiwalag kay Letty at angel ay ang mga sanggunian,(ayon sa inyong paniniwala na walang kaligtasan sa labas ng inyong iglesia),hindi na lang iimik c Eduardo jan,,impossibleng hindi siya ang may utak.

  19. De Lima, kinukuha na lahat ng mga kasamahan ko. Mauubos na kami dito sa 36 Tandang sora! May ambisyon din kasi to si De Lima na kumandidato kaya gusto magkaroon ng utang na loob sa kaniya ang INC!!!

    • De Lima is just doing her job as justice secretary ensuring that these complainants Tenny Manalo and Angel Manalo are not being threatened and coerced by higher INC authorities not to tell the corruption in the INC, that is why she stated that the case is not yet closed.

      It is not fair to accused her of politicking for she has future plans to run for senator. In fact she is brave to investigate the INC which is a very powerful sect. So brave that she dares to look into probable cause.

      in fact if she has really future plans of running for elective office, she would not dare investigate INC because she will lost INC block voting system.

    • It is hardly surprising that Binay has become involved. He needs INC support to become President. De Lima is doing her job. She has set up a committee without INC members as she needed to do. She needs to be certain that the issue is resolved. Calling it off because the INC leadership want it over is not appropriate.

  20. Hoy Binay, puwede wag kang makialam sa issue na ito, di ka naman kasali dito sa issue na to ah bakit ka nkikialam. Hindi ikaw ng DOJ delima. Pakialaman mo un mga Kaso mo na sandamakmak din. Di mo makukuha ng boto ng INC kahit magkaganyan ka.

  21. Dennis Martinez on

    Sana po VP Binay, kung paano mo pong gustong pahalagahan ang mga namumuno sa INC, mas higit mo pong pahalagahan kaming mahihirap at maliliit na kaanib ng INC. Paalala na din po VP, kami ang malaking ” voting population” ng INC.

  22. VP Binay is very right in castigating bonehead DOJ sec. Leila de Lima for her unwarranted intervention in the internal affair of the INC. WTF are these yellow boneheads trying to prove? when they themselves are invoking the inviolable separation of church and state everytime they were condemned by the Catholic bishops and priest, nuns and laymen for their graft and corrupt practices, manhid at palpak na gobyerno.

  23. Kelly Ong
    7 mins ·
    Hindi po ito dapat ipagtaka sapagkat bago pa ang 2015 ay ipinangako na ni Jun Santos kay Binay ang boto ng mga TIWALING MINISTRO AT NG MGA SUNOD-SUNURAN SA KANILA kapalit ng isang kontrata na lahat ng campaign materials magmula sa ADS Productions, AD Agencies, video coverages, t-shirts, banners, at mga helicopters at eroplano na gagamitin ni Binay ay ipo-provide ni Jun Satanas Santos at ng gangster niya.

  24. sir nipsalaut on

    tama nga ang sabi ni edwil zabala.. “may ibang nais… dahil may iba pong agenda”.. hay Binay sa tingin mu makukuha mo boto ng lahat ng INC..?

    • Aquino and Mar Roxas LP regime are trying to blackmail the INC leadership by meddling with its internal affairs through their usual hatchetman DOJ sec. Leila de Lima. They will not succeed in their harrassment of the INC with VP Binay and UNA protecting it from outside political intervention. Sorry na lang ang LP nina Aquino at Mar Roxas. Sa kangkungan pupulutin sa 2016. Hehe!

  25. Antonio Elias on

    Why Binay, so you are aiming to ge the favor of the higher ups in the INC?… smells so fishy. Vested interest is what I can smell in your statements. We are INC as a whole not just few officials and we will loud the atrocities, kidnappings, thieveries in the church ang let justice prevails!! It is you BINAY, who should stop meddling with the implementation of justice. INC group are demanding justice and you have the guts to let the small members be stepped on by INC officials? SHUT UP!

    • You cannot fool INC members by pretending to be one. We the loyal solid followers and supporters of VP Binay are the true protector of all religious groups in the country. Yellowtards, Noytards and Roxastards cannot politically harrass nor blackmail the INC in supporting any Aquino yellowtard candidates this includes Mar Roxas, Grace Poe, Escudero, Cayetano, Pimentel, Duterte, Trillanes. Haha!

    • Shadera Nicole on

      Mr. Binay, you are so obvious, another corrupt candidate who want to rule Philippines. You are using the INC and embracing our religion as if it is so close to your heart. Shame on you, a dozen INC Ministers and their innocent family members lives will suffer because of your self interest. Leila de Lima has all the right intentions, her intelligence, her guts and to her pure heart! We cannot see these talents in you BINAY! INC will not vote for you! God bless Philippines, we do not need another corrupt leader.