• VP to rivals: Sign bank waivers


    UNITED Nationalist Alliance (UNA) standard bearer Vice President Jejomar Binay dared his rivals anew to sign their respective general waivers and voluntarily submit themselves to lifestyle and performance checks to find out who among them is hiding anything.

    In particular, Binay challenged other candidates to sign a waiver for the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) to check their bank accounts and those of their closest of kin.

    “Hinihimok ko sila na kami ay magkaisa na pumirma sa isang general waiver na ganito (I am challenging them to sign a general waiver). Voluntarily submit ourselves to a lifestyle and government service performance check in accordance with law. Kasama dito ‘yong accounts ng asawa, kung may asawa, my children’s name, and my children’s children’s name (This should include the bank accounts of spouses, their children and children’s children),” Binay said in a press conference in Cebu City, where the second presidential debate was held.

    “Isa sa mga dokumento ko pong dala-dala dito ay pinirmahan ko na po ito (I have these documents and I have signed them),” he added.

    The waiver, Binay explained, would authorize AMLC or its representative to “open and check all bank accounts under my name, under my spouse’s name, my children’s name and my children’s children’s name to ensure full transparency in this election process.”

    The waiver also indicated that the candidates would “voluntarily submit ourselves to a lifestyle and government service performance check in accordance with law.”

    Binay brought to the 2nd PiliPinas debate the waiver; his Statement of Assets, Liabilities, and Net Worth from 1988 to 2014; the affidavit he submitted to the Senate Blue Ribbon Subcommittee; his Statement of Contributions and Expenditures (SOCE); and the AMLC ex parte motion to drop JCB Foundation, Agrifortuna and six other respondents.

    He said the documents, which he considered crucial to the Sunday debate, would have disproved the allegations against him.

    Binay also brought with him his medical certificate; the plaque for the 2011 Seal of Good House Keeping from the Department of the Interior and Local Government signed by the late DILG Sec. Jesse Robredo; the plaque for the 2014 Blue Certification for Business Permits from the Office of the Ombudsman signed by Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales; and the plaque from the National Competitive Council for being the 1st Place Most Competitive City in the overall competitiveness category.

    Meanwhile, UNA president Toby Tiangco said that BInay’s performance during the second presidential debate surpassed their expectations.

    “We are very satisfied with VP’s performance, actually, more than what the team expected out of the debate kaya kami ho ay tuwang-tuwa doon sa performance ni VP Binay doon sa debate,” UNA president Toby Tiangco told a radio interview on Monday morning.

    It was during the debate that Binay urged his fellow presidential bets to allow the AMLC to scrutinize their bank records.

    Also on Monday, Atty. Claro Certeza, counsel of the Vice President, slammed the AMLC for telling the Court of Appeals that all 242 bank accounts they earlier linked to Binay held ill-gotten wealth.

    He said that most of the accounts were owned by “other people, other individuals, other companies, some of which happen to be his friends’ or associates’ before. As a matter of fact, some of those individuals na-include din po ang nanay nila and so forth, who had nothing to do with the VP.”

    “They declared under oath, sa Court of Appeals, all these accounts contain ill-gotten wealth. Not content with that, after a brief period, they filed a petition to freeze those accounts, again they declared under oath, they said all of these accounts contain ill-gotten wealth, and then they waited for six months because it’s the period of freeze order,” Certeza added.

    AMLC’s earlier assertions are conflicting with its latest request for the Manila regional trial court to drop from its list of respondents to the civil forfeiture case the only firm being used by lawyer Renato Bondal to link the Vice President to supposed dirty money.

    In an ex parte motion to drop respondents dated January 6, 2016, the AMLC asked the Manila court to drop as respondents in its petition for civil forfeiture Abba Land, Inc.; Agrifortuna, Inc.; JC Binay Foundation, Inc.; Makati Historical and Restoration Foundation, Inc.; Metrowaste Solid Waste Management Corporation; Powerlink.com Corporation; Kenneth Sabino S. Tan; and Clara Mae U. Ong, indicating that the agency failed to link the said entities and individuals to alleged illegal activities. The motion was granted by the court on January 19.

    “This shows that AMLC has no evidence to link the Vice President to Mr. Bondal’s allegations,” Certeza said.


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    1. Desperate move after team Binay sense their boat is sinking and everyone is leaving.
      The just lost the support of the Garcias of Cebu and more will follow.

      • i think this is a right move by binay since these trio are keep on accusing binay so why not they themselves show what they got and how they got it para patas lang at malaman ng taong bayan sino ba talaga ang totoong magnanakaw??

    2. Hence, this will disprove the allegations by the Yellow cult about corruption charges against Binay. I need to hear the sides of Ms. Grace Poe, Duterte and Mar Roxas.

    3. Jojo is trying to wash his hands again, trying to convince the people that his legitimate and lawfully held bank account does not have that much money in it. It seems like Jojo is NOT going to win this election, and he is very much aware of it. His popularity has gone down and Grace Poe added another insult by putting a stamp across his forehead that says “kurakot” during the Presidential Debate in Cebu. Now, Jojo and his Boys are screaming and making lot of noise again, trying to theorize an accusation that do not have any legal basis. It is all trash and noise.

    4. Tiangco and the lawyers are satisfied with the performance of Binay during the second debate because what Binay did was just making the statements ah, ah,ah, eh, eh eh, etcetera, etetera. I thought Binay is a UP graduate. How come he can hardly express himself in English. I guess Binay just paid the prfessors of UP for a passing grade. Actually, it was Roxas and Duerte who won the debate and Roxas won the first debate according to the media. Binay is at the last because of his corruption, lies and his being arrogant due to his stolen wealth.
      During this LENTseason, let us keep praying to save the Philippines from the Binays, his corrupt lawyers, and the abusive corupt Chinese.