‘VP votes may have been manipulated’

STATISTICS EXPLAINED Professor Antonio Contreras explains the intricacies of the polls during a roundtable at The Manila Times. PHOTO BY RACHEL REYES

STATISTICS EXPLAINED Professor Antonio Contreras explains the intricacies of the polls during a roundtable at The Manila Times. PHOTO BY RACHEL REYES

THE cascade of votes for Rep. Leni Robredo that allowed her to obliterate the almost one million lead of Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. on May 10 looked strange and the “movement of the votes” appeared to have been manipulated, a statistics and political science analyst said on Tuesday.

Antonio Contreras, Political Science professor at De La Salle University who also previously taught quantitative analysis at another university, said it was statistically impossible for Robredo to overtake Marcos in the race with 80 percent of the returns already counted.

Marcos was leading the count on the night of May 9 but his numbers and those for his closest rival Robredo were reversed in the early hours of May 10.

Since then, “the increase and decrease of votes between Robredo and Marcos was constant and the graph showed a straight line. This trend was true also with the other vice presidential bets against that of Robredo,” Contreras said during a roundtable interview with The Manila Times on Tuesday.

“Even if we factor in the bailiwicks… It should have been a zigzag line, a natural pattern in elections,” he added, quoting the data analysis posted on the social media by statistician David Yap of the Ateneo de Manila University.

Reports said that since his posts stirred controversy, Yap has deactivated his social media accounts after being bashed online for being “anti-Robredo.”

“At one time, Yap was supposed to hold a public presentation of his statistical findings at [the University of the Philippines-Diliman]but it was canceled for unknown reasons,” another source who asked not to be named told The Times.

“There is a need to exorcise the system. Transparency server is a misnomer. I am not saying that there was cheating, but the movement of the votes [was]indication that somebody caused their changes,” Contreras said.

Even if Robredo is declared winner in the end, she is likely to be hounded by this nightmare, he added.

Contreras said there is a possibility that Congress may only declare the new President because there is a chance that the result of the vice presidential contest may be questioned at the Supreme Court.

“The moment the issue is raised before the Supreme Court, Congress might have no option but to follow the High Court if it decides to grant a certiorari,” the analyst added.

Contreras echoed the proposal of University of the Philippines College of Law Professor and IT expert Rogelio Quevedo for the Comelec to allow the forensic investigation of the servers used in the 2016 polls.

‘’However, we are not allowed to open the files of the Comelec and [technology provider]Smartmatic. I think somebody must seek intervention from the Supreme Court,” he said.

“This will allow us to get into the electronic trail. There you will find if the new script or converting the character “?” to “ñ” had triggered the increase of Robredo’s votes and the decrease of Marcos’ votes within a few hours from 8 p.m. of May 9 to 3 a.m. of May 10,” Contreras added.

Not the first time
Former Comelec Commissioner Gus Lagman said it was not the first time that Smartmatic changed election-related codes.

Lagman recalled that Smartmatic project manager Marlon Garcia did the same thing in 2013 when mid-term polls were held.

Garcia claimed the editing of script was only meant to replace “?” that appeared on the name of a senatorial candidate, to “ñ” and has no effect on the votes received by candidates.

But, according to Lagman, no one will know if the changes done by Garcia were only limited to changing the “?” to “ñ.”

“We cannot say. I cannot make the judgment because I don’t know what he [Garcia] really did,” he said in a radio interview.

“What is clear is that Smartmatic was able to open and made some changes on the system without even asking permission from the poll body,” Lagman noted.

He said Garcia’s actions clearly showed that the automated election system is “very vulnerable” to internal tampering.

“Marlon Garcia proved several times that I’m right in saying that it is vulnerable to tampering by an insider and he should be held liable for his actions,” the former Comelec official added.

“How could we know that no changes were made? We will not know,” he said.
In 2013, Garcia reportedly changed the scripts of the unreviewed source code at the Command Center of the accredited poll watchdog Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting after about 12 million votes for the senatorial elections have already been received just two hours after the voting closed.

Section 28 of the Republic Act 9369 provides that among the prohibited acts include “interfering with, impeding, absconding for purpose of gain, preventing the installation or use of computer counting devices and the processing, storage, generation and transmission of election results, data or information.”

“I hope after this the Comelec will not grant contracts to Smartmatic anymore,” Lagman said.

Below is the full text of Contreras’ post on the matter in his Facebook account:


To all VP candidates, especially to Rep. Robredo and Senator Marcos

The vote that separates the two front-runners is only around 200k. This, amidst the controversy brought about by the so-called minor but still illegal tweaking by SMARTMATIC of the server and the denials and attempts to trivialize the issue. This only aggravates the doubts now lingering in the minds of people about the credibility of the VP elections. The highly suspicious behavior of the data, the unusually perfect lines and the unexplainable dips in the vote of one candidate and the percentage of transmissions, when seen in the context of the tweaking, now jeopardize the trust of the people on the process of democratically electing our leaders.

Whoever wins in the race will be a minority Vice President, and if these doubts will not be addressed, such minority status will further be weakened as it stands on shaky grounds in terms of legitimacy.

Right now the country is divided and fractured. Professors are now fighting their colleagues. Friendships are now torn apart. Your supporters are at each other’s throats. And only a legitimate and credible winner can help heal these divisions.

We badly need unity and stability as we face the uncertain yet exciting changes which a Duterte presidency promises to bring.

I therefore urge the two frontrunners, and other VP candidates, to set aside your personal political ambitions. You said you want to serve the country. This is the best time to prove it.

Please sign a joint petition for Congress to suspend canvass for VP, and for the COMELEC to take every legal means to re-feed all ballots to secure VCMs. I know this is an extraordinary measure but this is the only way we can restore faith in our system.

There will be no losers here. Only winners.

The winning candidate will be assured of a legitimate victory.

The runner-up, while losing the vote, will nevertheless be a winner in the eyes of the people and will take a special place in our history.

And the people. The sovereign Filipino people will be the ultimate winners for having our votes correctly counted and for having a Vice President that most of us indeed truly voted for


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  1. Praying the Comelec should open their eyes to look into this. This is a serious matter.

  2. Juan T. Delacruz on

    Here is the bottom line:
    Marcos camp will never be able to show nor prove that cheating occurred and the only thing he can do is by hiring experts and make a lot of noise. His hired experts are a bunch of dickheads trying to impress people about their theories, such as the statistical analysis of this moron. Well, I am not impressed at all, because I can clearly see, that he is only blowing hot air. I do not want to insult this professor publicly by pointing out the bull crap he is trying to sell to the public.

    Contreras was calling all the vice presidential candidates to refeed all the ballots to be counted again. However, this MORON is working for Senator Marcos. Once again, unless you can show a concrete proof or evidence that vote manipulations occurred, you will not be successful with what you are trying to accomplish. You are only impeding the progress of the Filipino people.

    P.S. Vote buying is beyond the control of Smartmatic, COMELEC, and the people involved in counting the votes. The reason why people selling their votes is POVERTY. The P500 for their vote will help alleviate their hunger and it also improved the economy. The economic gain this quarter jumped to 6.9 percent higher than the experts forecast of 6.5 percent.

  3. Healing will only happened when theres justice! The Aquino govt had been brutally honest in lambasting our constitution. I admire Leni, but i am still in question why did she not seek justice for her husbands death? If she can easily be persuade by these mob of wolves, the so called plan B is credible…(God Sovereignty will prevail-He neglects dishonest scales) If she cannot resist them now how will she resist them in the future? My only hope is that if God allowed her to sit as the VP may she also do the help she gave to the Sumilao farmers to those victim and still fighting Hacienda Luisita Farmers…

  4. Teddy Sevilla on

    I would go with the explanation that the votes from the bailiwicks of Robredo came in much later. Mr. Contreras should not look into randomness to explain an event where randomness is not a natural phenomenon. This is an election where people purposively choose.

    IF Contreras could point out the cluster of areas where Robredo won where she is not expected to, instead of attempting to confuse the public with so-called statistical improbabilities, then I would give him some benefit of the doubt.

  5. You know what puzzles me? Various groups pledged to marcos and this was done publicly, big and small. Now tell me, how many groups are there that pledged to leni? If there were groups that pledged to leni where are they? Silent majority? Come on. We all know silent means imaginary. Inc, el shaddai, various religious and even transportation groups publicly announced there support for marcos. And lets not forget the OFWs. Even the facebook-verse supported marcos, that’s what you call majority. We all know where the votes came from, but leni’s votes are waaaaaaaaaay out of this world.


    This is exactly what’s wrong with this country; people like you manipulating public sentiment with biased reporting. You say “Whoever wins in the race will be a minority Vice President, and if these doubts will not be addressed, such minority status will further be weakened as it stands on shaky grounds in terms of legitimacy.” Do you really understand what “minority” means? Duterte’s 38% is a “minority”. So are you also questioning Duterte’s win? Of course not, your verbal manipulation is just to support your highly questionable point of view. As to stopping the canvassing of VP votes, are you echoing the late President Marcos when he tried to stop the canvassing of votes in his own snap elections? I question your motives here; are you real journalists or PR men for hire?

  7. No candidate was complaining about changing ‘?’ to ‘ñ’.
    Not even Serge Osmeña. Señeres passed away. How come Smartmatic
    suddenly made the change. Was it not Duterte said Change is coming and
    not Smartmatic? It looks they got ahead of the President elect.

  8. Mary Elaine Friend on

    Please also include the votes for Senators! I cannot believe that Sen. Drilon got more votes than Duterte. I mean, he should have run for president then. After voting last May 9, I asked if a parallel manual count will be made, but they told me no, that will take too long and only in random areas. So you see, the manual counts are not really at the precinct level. They are still relying on the VCM which is really suspect. I am not for any of those two VP candidates, but am for clean and honest elections, no cheating. It’s so obvious.

  9. eltee mulawin on

    >>> to All Filipino Voters and Readers and to staff of Smartmatic (or SmartMagic) and BBM and LR and Comelec and PPCRV.

    What i understand, the issue is …in the middle of time in counting, they change the device (whatever they called it) to correct or modify or to change the “?” to “ñ” or the simple “n” in a name of Osmeña, etc.
    … The Smartmatic staff said there is no change in the number of votes.


  10. Edwin Capidos on

    Contreras might be pro bbm but that doesn’t change the fact that smartmatic broke the rules. Whether there’s an intention to cheat or not.

  11. Juan dela Cruz on

    The beef is that our election laws are violated. This is undisputed. It does not matter who is leading or who is trailing behind. What matters most is the integrity of the elections. If Leni Robredo is indeed the “pious widow” she avidly portrays herself to be, then, she will be willing to let the proper authorities investigate the matter – and NOT prematurely trumpeting over town that she is the vice president elect. Clearly, she is NOT. It’s all soap opera. She is insecure about her alleged ‘victory.’ If she can stomach the fact that she ‘won’ through fraudulent means, she is no better than all her two-faced cohorts in the Yellow Cult. And Duterte does not deserve, much more need, a vice president like her.

  12. It not all about the writer being a pro bbm or anti lr. the question is really on the authenticity of the counting of ballots after smarmatic personnel made “simple change” to the system. whether such changes has or has not changed anything to the counting of votes the question would be why only now made the changes after the votes have been cast. If smartmatic said such changes is just little then why the need to change? and why change something without any authority from the pool body? these actions by the smartmatic raises the eyebrow of every filipino whomever they have voted for. If if is leny that will win and so be it as long as it is the true sentiments of the people, and if bbm wins so be it, in the end it is the question of integrity of the counting machines. and tis is what the the Filipino people are asking for.

  13. BBM already announced before election day that the only way he could lose would be ‘through cheating’, so the current stories from the BBM camp were predictable.
    Was there cheating? The clearest way to verify this is to look at all the raw precinct voting data. See here:
    If you care to look at the figures, the figures show that, even for a full hour after the alleged ‘script change’ at 7.30pm (which everyone, even Brilliantes, admits was merely a font rendering correction from ‘?’ to ‘Ñ’ in candidates’ names), Marcos’ lead was still increasing for a full hour, until 8.30pm, which proves that the ‘script change’ had no adverse, eroding effect on BBM’s votes, as he claims.
    The data also show that what did in fact cause him to eventually lose the lead, has to do with bailiwicks and transmission rates (votes from Luzon, BBM’s stronghold, generally came in relatively early, while those of provinces, particularly Bicol but also Viasayas and many other provincial areas, where Robredo had strong support, came in later).
    Don’t take my word for it. Just look at the data yourself.
    And that should really be the end of the story.

  14. opinionated na pinoy on

    This is an excellent proposal and both of the vice-presidential candidates should sign a joint petition to Congress to have all the ballots re-feed to VCM for re-counting purposes. Of course, there will be a lot of observers from both paties to ensure the transparency of the recount. There is a possibility that recounting of votes will be done prior to 30 June when Congress certifies the election winners.

  15. It is also highly improbable for Frank Drilon to garner more than 18 million votes. His popularity is with DAP and PDAF, and not for anything good at all.

  16. You must remember na ang mga technology thru computer system ay gawa lang ng TAO iyan at tao rin ang makakagawa ng kalokohan dyan. In this world of technology, nothing is IMPOSSIBLE. Everything now is possible…You can pay now thru on line. No need to go the place of company to pay. Just login if you have account. its done. So who made all this thing, computer expert..not IT expert. Computer expert are those who makes program or software using the COMPUTER LANGUAGE. The symbols, signs, letters, command, figures, that you can see in your KEYBOARD , what they called it computer language which is the brain of programming..Once you gave a sign, or symbols in a certain program, it will automatically change the whole system if not all.
    This is the main issue and bottom line.. Hindi na iyong kung ano ano pang mga sinasabi ng mga expert. Alam nila ito lalo na ang mga computer programmer.. yes or no lang nmn ang dapat isagot dito ng mga IT or computer expert.. Kung sa isang signs or symbols ay mapapalitan ang buong system kapag nagpalit ka ng code..??
    iam only computer user, pero may widow ako, dahil ito ang turo na british na amo kung araw… Computer start only on 1985 using DOS. (disk operating system)

  17. In 1986, ordinary poor Filipinos were shouting, “Cory, the country needs you!” Today,
    2016, it is “Leni, the country needs you now!” The spirit of Cory Aquino is not dead, but alive and well!

  18. Dr. Jose Rizal on

    Where is the evidence of vote manipulation? Where is the evidence of election cheating? Where is the evidence of election fraud? Show me some evidence of vote tabulation cheating! Show me some evidence of vote manipulation! Show me the smoking gun!!! All this nonsense talk of voter election fraud by Marcos the VP candidate
    loser, die hard Marcos parin supporters and now a De La Salle Professor Contreras is adding to the empty and desperate cry of election fraud without showing any evidence or proof of election fraud! It just shows how desperate Marcos and his supporters are. They will say anything to the press and media to get their own way by trying to change the election results! How ironic, back in 1986 snap election, Marcos the dictator cheated in the election by forcing the computer operators to manipulate the vote tally count! The irony of this election is now there is open, free and fair election, unlike in the 1986 snap election, but still Marcos is crying election fraud, cheating and vote manipulation!!! Why can’t he just shut his mouth up and wait for final results by Comelec? Desperate, corrupt politicians like Marcos will do anything and everything just to win the Vice Presidency at any cost with his army of lawyers and deep pocket. Marcos can even resort to hired assassin to assassinate Robredo and then blame it on the gunman, just like what his father did to Ninoy by hiring Galman to shoot Ninoy at MIA!

  19. There could really be the plan to have robredo be the vp thru cheating. This pnoy has that penchant of getting what he wants even if it means manipulating the will of the people. Shame shame pnoy. He is the real dictator.

  20. Why is the comelec hiding the exact time frame when the 1million lead of Marcos started to dwindle and eventually overtaken by a Robredo lead of about 200thousand votes? ….. simple logic points out that systems intervention on the vote count occurred within said time frame…….

  21. michael richardson on

    For those readers who know how to program, as an academic exercise, try devising ONE line of code in some high-level programming language that can change all the ‘?’s in a character string to ‘n’s.

    It is easy to write a sub-routine that can do it, but all sub-routines require more than one line of code!

  22. AES/Comelec VP count tabulation is under a Cloud of Doubt. An independent audit, thorough investigation of what was actually done to compromise the servers output for the VP’s race is the right thing to do. Together with the NBOC-Congress canvassed results will be the true results in sync with the audited/inspected systems glitch. IF THIS AUDITED SYSTEMS RESULTS to a big difference of numbers compared with the canvassed CoC’s – tampering indeed played a key role in tainting the VP counts to favor a candidate and install an illegal occupant @ the Coconut Palace.

  23. All yellow paid hacks commenting and accusing Contreras of being pro-BBM and concluded that if its BBM is the one leading that he will not involved himself in this issue has forgotten that your God Pnoy declared prior to election that he will use all his influence, etc. to prevent BBM from winning. This is where Contreras and most of us humans are coming from.

  24. Chico Ibarra on

    Follow the money. This whole mess can only be traced to the person who conceived the conspiracy. Vengeance could be the only motive. And, look who’s quiet and celebrating now. Manual recount is the only answer.

  25. I used to admire Leni Robredo in fact in one of my earlier comments I even said “she takes my breath away” and I truly meant it. My admiration for her collapsed after she agreed to run as VP under the daang matuwid hoping and praying all the while that she will stand by her initial refusal saying that her daughters were against it. Now I wish to advise and caution Leni about the danger that the alleged plan B of this despicable noynoy somehow succeeds. Should you become VP under whatever circumstances and Duterte is ousted by whatever means (heaven forbid) and you takeover as president you run the very real risk of facing an irate populace that will oust you much like what happened to Marcos. Have pity on your children they are so young and pure it’s so unfair to them to be dragged into a political melee that will destroy their lives forever. So if you are aware of this plan B I advise that you come clean now and renounce any complicity in this dastardly plan so that should you become VP you will be spared the dirty after effect should such plan come to pass. Just an unsolicited advise from a former admirer.

    • Agree! As a Bicolano I really admired Cong. Leni before… sana hindi sya magpagamit sa mga yellow LPs, elitista at oligarko. My admiration to Sec. Jesse remains!

    • When Big Money talks, principles are easily sold to the highest bidder. A principled individual with firm convictions with those principles will NOT and NEVER sell those principles. The bus-riding woman crumbled under the weight of the highest bidder -and there goes the principles -under the ruble and pile of hipocrisy…

    • Where on earth did you hear about Plan B and is there a Plan C ? What did Leni did was to accept the offer, an offer higher than her position. Is that a sin? Every body likes to be promoted and honestly, do not connect her with any anomaly in the voting procedure if you do not have proof. Okay alright.

    • charlie castro on

      Too late.. Leni Robredo already succumbed and collapsed to Noynoy’s evil plan B, they alleged. She’s no longer the amiable Leni, erstwhile partner of the late Jessie. She now partnered with the devil, Noynoy Aquino. Aquino, the incompetent must be turning in joy… but watch 2022 when you no longer have the capacity to play dirty politics. A Marcos presidency in 2022 seems to be a cinch and this will hound you to death, We promise you!

  26. use simple fact and analysis will strngthen your doubts on this vp race. in early counting marcos was leading because of the fact that those votes were from marcos regional strength. then when the votes from leni’s regional strength it went the other way around. is that hard to undestand?

    • That would mean that in the very early hours they were done tallying those coming from the Marcos’ bailiwick and all the rest were all coming from Leni’s.

    • Wrong…the votes were randomly transmitted from all over the country regardless of regional bailiwicks…that is why he is saying it is IMPOSSIBLE…

    • emmanuel mallari jr on

      yes, it is hard to understand kasi straight line yung increase ng boto niya at consistent sa 40k plus every update. maniniwala pa ako kung biglang taas paiba-iba ang numbers (not straight line) ang increase.

  27. The writer is obviously a BBM sympathizer. The writer are making allegations that are not well founded and not balance. There is a manual counting bing conducted by Comelec as we speak. To this minute, Leni is still leading. It really does not matter if the lead is large or slim as long as the lead is consistently for Leni. To the writer, you must be ashamed of yourself for showing bias and quoting people that are pro BBM. I will not read your olumn starting right now. I want to read a more balance column.

    • This is not a column but a news item by two news writers about a political science/statistician analyst’s analysis.

    • Please don’t speak what is not true..the official canvassing starts on May 25…

    • Juan dela Cruz on

      Then don’t read any columns at all. Haven’t you noticed that Inquirer, Star, ABS-CBN, Rappler, among others are pro-Leni/pro-LP since time immemorial?

    • It does not matter to me whether Mr. Contreras is pro BBM. The issue here is why was there a need for the cosmetic change at the height of the counting? According to Professor Quevedo in his previous comment, the VCM reads only the the shaded circle opposite the candidates name, so is there a need to make the cosmetic change? And why was the matching password from the comelec given to this guy? This questions must be satisfactorily cleared. Do a manual recount or re-feed all the ballots to a certified VCM without the cosmetic change.

  28. In a gathering of Information Technology professionals at the Philippine International Convention Center on May 17th agreement was arrived that the script change made by the Smartmatic on the transparency server indeed only affected the cosmetic aspect and did not tamper with the election results (Manila Bulletin Online, May 17).
    Of course, the IT Professionals also said the breaching of protocol by Smartmatic could not be disregarded – which I interpret that some sort of penalty will be meted out to Smartmatic.

    The results of the elections, once the vote counts are officially canvassed by the NBOC and questions of transparency answered by Comelec satisfactorily to the NBOC, the results will be accepted by the government, and probably Duterte foremost, and the country will move on. Perhaps a significant number of anti-Aquino-ists /hardline Marcos supporters – including most of the Manila Times opinion writers – will never accept the results but they/you will be in the minority and in the rear view mirror being left behind in the distance.

  29. I want vice president that the people ‘s choice not the PCOS machine choice.i petition to recount As soon as possible, who ever win the Vp I will accept.

    Thank you.


    • David Michael Meyer on

      someone said “we have Lies; Damn lies :Then there is statistics ! ”
      If the machines are lying…Then who and how and when were they tampered with ?

      If it is done with such obviousness …..then who is to be trusted ..will we be able ever to get an election that is fair and honest in the Philippines ? Are we to expect corruption at all levels in our society ?

      David M Meyer

  30. If you don’t know anything about programming then you are only speculating. You based your theory only on graphs that are questionable to you. How about accepting the challenge on counting the real votes? Real votes were counted by at least different entities. Excluding all poll watchers posted by different parties. If these vote counters are in sync (slight difference = negligible) then it defeats your theory or speculations.

    • Edwin Capidos on

      If you are a programmer, you can easily see that Garcia is just making an excuse about the enye. It is impossible for a system worth billions not to test that particular character.

  31. Mr. Contreras, I wish I could meet you face to face. I would like to see you look at me straight in the eye and say that if the personalities were reversed; meaning, if it were Marcos that overtook Robredo, you would still come out with this article? I believe not. If you could, it would mean that you are bereft of conscience; or to put it in more brutally frank terms, a pathological liar.

    • If the personalities were reversed? Somebody else, most probably one from Leni’s camp would be coming out with the same analysis. And you would not be writing this comment.

    • Raffy Yulo, bro I wish I could meet you face to face and see me straight in the eye, sino ba si Leni Robledo? kung sa Bicol nga hindi siya ganong kilala, kilala lang siya dun sa nasasakupan nya, pero hindi ng buong Bicol eh sa buong Pilipinas pa kaya, samantalang si Bongbong Marcos kahit saan kilala. Taga Sorsogon ako at totohanan sinasabi ko sayo hindi mananalo si Leni kung hindi dadayain ang boto nya, kay Escudero lang malamang talo na siya kay BBM pa kaya?

  32. LP and the Yellow Mob already lost the presidency so they made sure the VP went to their candidate.

    • Eng'r.George B.Ledesma on

      Marcos Loyalist,Mr.Contreras and their mobs:As per the lesson of our history,every election race and run for a government post and lost, you will not accept your defeat and concede to your opponent.History have proven that and only the Filipino people toppled the Marcos regime thru bloodless revolution.When will Marcos learn and humble to accept their defeat? Ang kasakiman sa pagnanasa ng kapangyarihan sa ating Gobyerno ay walang magandang kahihinatnan para sa sambayanang Filipino bagkus para lamang sa kapakanan ng Pamilyang Marcos.Be humble and accept your defeat for the interest of the Filipino people at nagsalita na ang sambayanang Filipino at dapat nyo namang irespeto at igalang.Kung ikaw (Marcos) ang lumabas na nanalo sa VP Election for 2016,Si Leny Robredo ay malugod na tatanggapin ang kanyang pagkatalo.Now,this” wounded cultural diversity”among Filipinos were deepening due to this Marcos greediness for power and history have been proven that.”GOD BLESS THE FILIPINO PEOPLE AND OUR BELOVED COUNTRY,THE PHILIPPINES.”

  33. Aimee Raquel on

    Hope everyone will agree to this very beautiful insight.. We filipinos can claim that there is really change coming to our dear COUNTRY. And that everyone have peace of mine knowing that the election was CLEAN & CLEAR and that the mandate of people prevails. God bless us all!!!

  34. Obviously-Contreras is PRO BBM. If BBM is leading-it is Certain he will not raise a hoot. BBM can protest like All candidates-but VP proclamation should continue-as in the past. TO BE FAIR-There should not be an Exception. Too many precedents

  35. william cartledge on

    So exactly what is being doer to get this rectified .Obviously it cant go on forever, either a complete independent recount, or call a snap election for the role of Vice Presidency only.

  36. Rodan Guerrero on

    The error in the question mark and ene were intended as a reason to manipulate the outcome once Robredo will be found to be on the the losing end as counting will be at its final stage. They have planned this sometime when Aquino learned his candidates both official and secret candidate will not make it. His fear of being jailed as surely he will has to do the last remedy to save them. How can a candidate who at the very start of campaign is already known a loser emerge to win the vice presidency?

    • Daniel B. Laurente on

      Being in jail is different aspect. But being repudiated by the masses is much more hurting because it was already in their belief that what the yellows advocacy will remain and live forever. But ecerything has its own end.

  37. With all due respect to all these speculations why only the Vice President’s votes were affected? It takes a highly super IT computer expert to be able to do such a feat. The odds sometimes are meant to be broken there’s no such thing as a perfect model of statistical data. Ideal model can be the basis of probability but scan still call for a lot of arguments and uncertainties. Why don’t we just leave this to the COMELEC to do the right thing but not necessarily abrogate the result of the Election otherwise nullifying it can also affect the other electable positions including the Presidency. Let’s all unite to the winners including the Vice Presidency more than 200,000 votes is a lot considering the closeness of the final result.