• VP vows salaries for barangay men


    SAN RAFAEL, Bulacan:Vice President Jejomar Binay promised that barangay (village) officials will be salaried if he is elected President.

    Binay, the opposition United Nationalist Alliance’s (UNA) standard-bearer in the May 2016 elections, made the vow during a sortie before supporters in San Rafael town in Bulacan province.

    He said in the town hall’s gymnasium, “Kayo ay dapat naging swelduhan na, matagal na, pero ang Liberal [Party] hinarang po talaga ‘yan, kahit na saliksikan ho ninyo ang nangyari kung bakit ‘di kayo nabigyan niyan [You should have been salaried a long time ago but the Liberal Party blocked it, even if you research on what happened why it was not given to you],” he said.

    The LP, led by President Benigno Aquino 3rd, is fielding former Interior secretary Manuel Roxas 2nd as its presidential candidate in the coming polls.

    Officials of the barangay—the country’s basic political unit—receive a monthly honorarium instead of a fixed income.

    Binay promised that his priority was for them to receive salaries.

    “Kayong mga kawani alam niyo ba, tinanong ko sa NEDA [National Economic and Development Authority]: NEDA, bakit ayaw niyong itaas ang sweldo ng mga kawani sa pamahalaan? E taon taon nag-aaway ho kami. Bakit? E ayaw po talagang gumasta. Savings, savings, savings. My God. Ako, itataas ko ang sweldo niyo [You know, I asked NEDA: NEDA, why don’t you raise the salaries of government workers? We argue every year. Why? They do not want to spend. Savings, savings, savings. My God. But I, I will raise your salaries],” he said.

    NEDA is the the government’s central economic development and planning agency.

    According to Binay, funding for the village officials’ salaries will be sourced from the government’s savings.

    “Kung gusto niyo ho maniwala, magtanong-tanong ho kayo. Department of Health, under-spending. DILG, under-spending. Lahat ho underspending. E hindi ho tayo aangat ang buhay natin dahil sa underspending [If you want to believe, ask around. Department of Health, under-spending. DILG, under-spending. Everything’s under-spending. Our lives won’t progress because of unders-pending],” he said.

    DILG is the Department of the Interior and Local Government.

    He then also vowed to lead with experience, citing the two decades he spent as mayor of Makati City (Metro Manila), which is the country’s central business district.

    “Pero ang importante po sa lahat… ako ho ay mamumuno dito sa ating bansa batay ho sa aking malawak na karanasan [But most important of all… I will lead this country based on my extensive experience],” Binay said.

    He added, “21 taon po akong naging mayor ng Makati. At nung ako ho ay naging mayor ng Makati, ipinakita ko po ang aking kakayahan. Nung naging mayor ho ako 1986 pa. Ung problemang haharapin ko bilang Pangulo, naharap ko na [I was Makati mayor for 21 years. And when I became mayor of Makati, I showed my capability. I became mayor in 1986. The problem that I will face as President, I already faced].”

    “Kaya nga ba ho sinasabi namin, itong mga kalaban ko nangangako pa lang, ako ho nagawa ko na ho ‘yan [That is why we say, I have already done what my opponents are still promising],” Binay said, adding that he was able to reduce the number of poor families and to provide jobs in Makati.


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    1. “A bird at hand is better than ten in the forest.” Nasa kamay ng mga Barangay Chairmen at mga Mayors ang ipinangangako ni VP Binay. DILG Sec. Roxas ang may malaking fundo para siguraduhing hawak niya sa ilong ang LGU officers na naglalaway lagi sa kwarta at kapangyarihan katumbas ng mga buwayang walang kabubusugan!

    2. dont worry about the barangay leaders they get first and biggest piece of any funds that come their way.binay wants them on the payroll because uneducated people will follow their lead who to vote for.

    3. More promises to woo votes! Marami na naman mauuto dito. when can Juan de la Cruz ever learn?

    4. Binay has the heart to understand the needs to the barangay officials. He is talking with a sense as experienced public officials. Kudos to you Mr. Vice President

    5. Pinoy na pinoy on

      I agree to what the VP said, its long time overdue that the Baranggay Chairman who is elected by the people and maintain peace and order in his area only received honorarium. They deserve to have a decent monthly salary so they can focus to fulfill their duties and obligations being a salaried person from the government . He must include the members of Baranggay council.

    6. VPBinay makes more sense in increasing the salaries of Barangay unit leaders ,
      I would also like to see an increase of Minimum wages in the provinces so that people will not have to flock to Manila for work . This is best way to decongest Manila .
      Encourage people in the provinces to have higher min pay by working with PP Business developers to expand in provinces instead .
      This will also keep our OFW from leaving the country .

      VPBinay understands this economy of finding and creating jobs in the rural areas. He has proven himself being a Mayor for 21 years of a prospered Makati and that validates his work .

      People who criticize VPBinay are mostly counter productive . If we want solutions , listen to positive achievements and plans . Our Future and country is at stake in this coming election.