VP’s case ‘too hot to handle’


A petition filed by the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) with the Court of Appeals to inspect the bank accounts of Vice President Jejomar Binay and his family has been found by CA justices as “too hot to handle.”

According to a well-placed source of The Manila Times in the appellate court, the case against Binay has already caused several inhibitions by the court’s justices.

In fact, the source said, two senior CA justices inhibited shortly after the court raffled off the case two weeks ago

“It is like a hot potato in the CA. This AMLC case against the Vice President is too hot to handle,” the source added.

With the two senior justices inhibiting, only the chairman of the division and the junior justice were left.

The CA is waiting for the third justice to complete the Special Division.

The Manila Times source said Binay, being the second-highest official of the land, could be the future President of the country and Malacanang could retaliate against the justices who would handle the case against him.

Some of the other justices, the source added, are of the thinking that the Vice President could be a victim of “politics,” Binay being the strongest contender for the presidency in the 2016 polls.

They cited the Office of the Ombudsman pushing the AMLC to inquire into the Binay family’s bank accounts.

Several high-ranking officials of the office are connected with former Defense Secretary Avelino “Nonong” Cruz, now the lawyer of Interior and Local Government Secretary Manuel Roxas 2nd.

Cruz was the canvassing lawyer of Roxas when the latter ran and lost to Binay in the race for Vice President in the May 2010 elections.

He is currently the partner of former Ombudsman Simeon Marcelo, having broken away from “The Firm,” the former Carpio Villaraza Cruz Marcelo law office.

All AMLC cases filed with the CA, whether petitions for examination of bank accounts or petitions for freeze order on the bank accounts, will have to be decided by the court within 48 hours after filing.

The USB containing documents on the petitions is placed inside a “black bag” with padlock to keep the strict confidentiality of the cases.

After raffle off of the petitions, names of justices who shall handle the cases will not be made public.

The Manila Times has decided not to disclose the name of the ponente in the CA who is handling the case of Binay and the names of the other justices to adhere to the confidentiality rule.

But the justice who is assigned to pen the case was a former Manila Regional Trial Court judge.

The CA, however, failed to resolve the case against the Vice President and his family within the required 48 hours because of the inhibitions.

In the long line of AMLC cases in the CA after Republic Act 9160 was passed into law in 2001, this is the first time that bank accounts of the Vice President of the Philippines are being sought for examination.

This makes Binay as the highest-ranking government official being investigated by the AMLC on suspicion of having acquired wealth unlawfully.

The Senate blue ribbon committee has ordered an inquiry into the assets of the Vice President on the basis of testimonies of former Makati City (Metro Manila) Vice Mayor Ernesto Mercado, lawyer Renato Bondal and Nicolas Enciso 6th.

Mercado, Bondal and Enciso have filed plunder charges against Binay and his son, Makati Mayor Erwin Jejomar Binay Jr., before the Office of the Ombudsman.

They filed the charges on the basis of their expose on the allegedly overpriced Makati City Hall Building 2, an 11-story structure that cost P2.3 billion and built during the now-Vice President’s term as Makati mayor.


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  1. Transparency in Govt on

    Kung walang tinatago, kung pamumulitika lang nga, eh di ang daling patunayan! Buksan ang bank accounts, diyan mo makikita kung may basehan ang alegasyon o paninira lang.

    At pagnabuksan ang bank account, kung inosente nga eh di pagsasampalin ng ebidensiya ang mga nagakusa para mapahiya. Diba? Bakit hindi magawa ito?

    Bakit umiiwas? bakit natatakot na may mabulgar?

    ISA LANG ANG IBIG SABIHIN NG PAG-IWAS: GUILTY!!! Kaya walang ebidensiyang maipakita na hindi totoo ang mga paratang dahil may basehan ang mga akusasyon!

    ANG UMIWAS AY SIGN NG GUILT! BINAY, TAMA NA PAMUMULITIKA. Tama na ang pagtago, sobra na ang pag-iwas!

  2. Rocky Coronel on

    It is a common knowledge that the CA is the most corrupt of all branches of judiciary. Binay has had many transactions with some of these justices and he expects his money to always do the trick. But his case is too difficult to absolve, too hard to swing to his favor without public condemnation hence, no one wants to handle it.

  3. ernesto albay on

    Its sad to have JUSTICE system that will not render their serviices.Its only in the Philippines that justice is for the the rich and influential people. If you are a poor person when a court order is requested automatically granted but if you are rich or influential person youget notified before their service is rendered…HOW IS THAT KIND OF JUSTICE IN THE PHILIPPINES…

    Now comes the ANTI MONEY LAUNDERING COUNCIL who suspected the Vice President is violating the law, is it not proper for these JUSTICES to render their service in the name of LAW. Its the OMBUDSMAN office that requested the service of the JUDICIARY to continue on their investigations. Now that they are inhibiting themselves what happened these will be put on UNDER THE RUG…

    ANTI MONEY LAUNDERING COUNCIL can determine if the VP had did some illegal activities. They will know if he is doing LAYERING ending up on his account… If there nothing, then NOTHING TO FEAR ON…KASO LANG BAKA MAGAYA SA IBA NA ISASALVAGE….

    Sana nga mayroon tumupad sa kanilang tungkulin para malaman kung ang susunod na tutungton sa MALACANANG ay hindi magnanakaw at maglilingkod para sa ikakaunlad ng BAYANG PILIPINAS……

    Huwag sana magagalit ang sinuman dahil sa ikakabuti ng ating BAYAN at susunod pang ipapanganak na mamayan.

    • Or maybe these justices were in Binay’s payroll directly on indirectly (just maybe) and afraid to be implicated with the case. The difference between Soldiers and Justices is Soldiers are willing to sacrifice their lives in the line of duty and they will be punished if they run away from their duties while the Justices can turn their back and say ” ayaw ko nga baka balikan niya ako”. Only in the Philippines.


  5. Filipinos should be happy if a politician is accused of cheating because no one is above the law in a democratic country. Surely, Binay will be given the chance to air his side and clear his name.

    Past Presidents have not done this. It only shows that Pnoy, even though he has signified his intention not to run in 2016 elections, has not slowed down in doing good housekeeping in the government, getting rid of rotten eggs regardless of the position.

    if there is smoke, there is fire. Let the evidences roll down to convict the guilty one. Then justice is served by merit of evidences and a reason for Filipinos to celebrate.

  6. let the rule of law prevails…..kung wala itinatago si Binay, he should voluntarily open his account……as it is…a lot of skeleton is in his closet……….

  7. Rosauro Feliciano on

    In our country those who have billions of pesos are well above the laws and even being portrait by our own lawmakers as exempted to pay tax. But those, like the teachers, bank employees, and other government employees whose monthly pay are subjected to be taxed and some of them cannot even afford to buy washing machine, refrigerator, AC, and most of the time half way before the end of the month, they are forced to borrow money from sharks because of many deductions from their monthly salary. How stupid our lawmakers are. They are pro rich and this is why the rich becomes richer and the poor poorer and cannot send their children to college so the cycle of poverty will eventually stop. We have such program as to uplift the miseries of the poor but half of the fund ends in the bank account of those behind the management. What they are saying are all good but what they are doing are all contrary to what they do. The Head of the nation is doing his best to lead everybody to act in one direction but SOME of those who are entrusted to do what is right, are steering the ship in other direction, and when disasters come they blame the nation’s head. How stupid people they are. All these years behind us from 1946 onward to these days not one came forward and did the best to extract the roots that caused the culture of corruptions but this incumbent administration do. For how can anyone do eliminate evils in our society when the very evils are entrenched, protected, and with unlimited resources in their disposal? We hear from many sources that America is being hate by many countries but America is the very least evil of all evils on earth and this is why even those who hate America are migrating to America. Strange, isn’t it?

  8. Here we go again, the paid media of Binay wants us to believed that the CA justices are afraid because they are brain washing us that their VP is a sure successor of Pnoy. I think they are scared to death that AMLC will give away the money deposits of the Binays. Lets wait and see who is telling the truth.

  9. “to hot to handle” hindi ba obvious sa dami ng pinatawag na tao at sa tagal ng hearing nila hindi pa din ito matapos tapos, kulang pa yung sinasabi nilang matibay na ebidensya nila mercado kaya dinadagdagan pa nila (gano ba katibay yan). Halata naman na ayaw madamay ng AMLC sa usaping ito nag salita na nga sila tungkol sa mga lumalabas na issue na wala silang ginawang pag hahalungkat sa accnt ni VP. wala talagang magawa ang mga naninira kay VP, sobrang dsperado na sila na mawala si VP.

  10. habang papalapit ang 2016 lalong natatakot ang mga nag papabagsak kay VP kay kakalkalin ang dapat kalkalin mabawasan lang ang kaba nila. wahahahahahaha!!

  11. sethmagbanua on

    ano to panibagong bintang ng binayarang si MERCADO hahahahaha nakakatawa naman kung ano ano na lang maibintang nila wag lang mahinto ang pag uusap kay VP laki siguro ng bayad sa taong ito at ang galing gumawa ng kwento

  12. walang kasawaan naman itong mga balita kay VP may idadagdag na issue tapos iiwan na lang pag hindi napatunayan sasabihin lang na may mga solid proof may presentation pang nalalaman tapos pa ulit ulit lang din naman ang laman. Nakaka inis ng makita ang mga sinungaling na pag mumuka nitong sila CAWATANO, TRILILINGNES, MERCADOT AT BONDAT. kung yung mamasapano inaasikaso nyo madami pang matutuwa

  13. Iyang mga CA na nag inhibit it’s either Binayaran na kaagad or natatakot na manganib ang buhay o mawalan ng trabaho…

  14. Marami pa rin kayong bayarang pakawala ni Susmaryosep, ano. Hindi siya nanalo sa boksing ng billion tulad ni Pacquiao, hindi rin siya nanalo ng dollar sa powerball lottery sa America, saan niya nakuha ang perang pinagpagawa ng mga bahay at binili ng maraming lupain? Ang kinita lang naman niya suweldo sa gobyerno bilang mayor.

    Kung ayaw magbigay ang mga CA justices ng pahintulot para masita ang kaniyang bank records, dalawa lang ang dahilan: takot sila o kaya nalagyan na sila. Kaya ang Pilipinas doomed na ang kinabukasan. Saan ka man bumaling, walang pag-asa.

    Sige na, iboto na natin si Susmaryosep. Baka sakaling busog na si Elenita kaya hahayaan na niyang maglingkod ng malinis sa bayan si Jojo. Nakahanda na rin ang dynasty ng magiging royal family ng Pilipinas tulad ng nagawa nila sa Makati. Napaganda pa ng reyna, Subukan natin ang maging sakop ng hari baka umunlad pa ang commom tao!

  15. nakakatawa kayo kasi alam naman natin lahat na ginagamit lang naman tong hearing na to laban kay Binay para sa mga rason na makasarili at hindi talaga para sa bayan. para siguro sumikat at pumugo sila? para siguro maiiwas ang mata ng tao sa mas mabibigat na isyu tulad ng BBL? ginagamit lang nila si Binay pero tignan mo, sa huli, wala silang mapapatunayan kasi wala naman po talagang ginawang mali o masama si VP Binay. isa na nga lang siya sa mga pulitikong tunay na nagbibigay serbisyo tapos gaganyanin niyo pa? baka ingit lang sila, ‘no po?

    • madami talagang tanga at mahinang umintindi, wala raw kaduda duda, wala raw napatunayan kundi ba naman tanga kaya nga too hot to handle dahil siguradong manganganib ang buhay ng taong maghahawak ng kaso laban sa mga Binay dahil duon makikita ang katotohan ng mga nakurakot ng buong angkan, mga engot….

    • Nkakatawa ka naman. porke maka Binay ka sarado na ang mata mo sa mga nangyayari sa paligid natin na may kinalaman sa politika. Paano mo nasiguro wala siya kasalanan? Bakit kilala kilala mo ba siya? Sa loob ka ba ng bahay nila nakatira. Sarili katawan nga ni Binay di nya alam kung may kasalanan siya o wala. Hayaan mo batas ang humatol sa kanya. May pera siya at kaya niya magbayad ng magagaling na abogado, di ba?

    • Maraming ebedenciang lumabas sa Senate hearing na maaring gamitin sa kaso ni Binay. Una yong Makati building overpriced, Makati Science High School Overpriced. Yong mga ariarian nya sa Batangas at yong instagram ng young Binay na nagsasabing my pagaari sila sa Batangas.

  16. They should stop this because they are right about this being just be a highly politicised issue that certain people are using for their own personal gains. Binay is just being used to boost up their image because of the upcoming 2016 elections. Good thing that VP Binay is not someone who stoops down on that level of politicking. Nice one VP Binay!

    • madami talagang tanga wala raw kaduda duda, wala raw napatunayan kundi ba naman tanga kaya nga too hot to handle dahil siguradong manganganib ang buhay ng taong maghahawak ng kaso laban sa mga Binay dahil duon makikita ang katotohan ng mga nakurakot ng buong angkan, mga engot….

  17. It is really too hot to handle lalo na para kay Vice president kasi pinagtutulungan siya ng mga taong nais manalo sa darating na 2016 election. Nakakainis yung mga taong napakasakim!! gagawin lahat kahit manira ng tao para makuha lang ung gusto.

  18. Sige imbestigahan niyo ng imbestigahan niyo lang si Vice Binay, sayangin niyo ung perang galing sa bayan.. Ayaw kasi tumigil sa mga paratang na walang nmang basehan!!! Anyway, the truth will still come out and Mercado and the accessories for this slander will be sued..

    • hindi yan sila titigil di naman nila iniisip na pinag hihirapan yung ibinabayad sakani ang kanila lang sumasahod sila sumisikat pa kahit puros kasinungalingan ang ginagawa nila kay VP Binay

  19. Maybe it’s too “hot too handle” because it’s clearly just a bad case of politics, they said so themselves. However, they shouldn’t say that they won’t do it just because they are scared of retaliation if Binay would be president. I don’t think he would that, it’s not in his character. Go, investigate! What would be proven here would just be Binay’s innocence.

  20. why are belive with the trio mbe(mercadot, bondalt and encicot mga tutaa yan nung 3 itlog mga tuta nmna ni panoy at abd bondging at mar ay ang sarap kasi nakapwesto ikaw ang panginoon dahil sa kinang ng salapi ano man ang mangyari kahit tawagin silang tuta buwaya t linta basta nasa pwesto kaya pati almc ombusdman kumikilos kasi milyon ang kapalit nsas pwesto ka pa di mga igan. hintayin natin magdelubyo at sila ang mauuna sabi nga ang diyos ay di natutulog lahat nakikita nya kaya para sa inyo magbago na kayo

    • Fred Salazar on

      HAHAHA! totoo yan, sobrang too ng mga sinabi mo pare! sa tuwing nakikita ko si Mercado napapaisip talaga ako eh, kaya di ko kayang pagdudahan si Binay kasi mas kadudaduda naman yung Mercado. Halatang bayaran eh, parang may backer talaga. Huli ka boy!

  21. pakana nanaman ito ng dalawang senador na sakim na sila Cawatano at Trililingnes hindi pa ba sila nag sasawa nagsimula sa hacienda na may proweba daw hanggang PAg-ibig , BSP at Alphaland tapos ito naman ilang beses nyo ba gustong mapahiya sa kakabintang kay VP. Bakit hindi nyo pag tuonan ng pansin ang mamasapano na may mga totoong matibay na proof

    • jackthepirate on

      tama ka jan brad pansinin mo halos araw araw may inilalabas silang gawang kwento para masiraan lang si VP ganyan na naghahabol ang mga kalaban ni VP sa ranking nya. Kaya kita mo kahit bumaba ang rating nya mataas pa din sya di tulad ng mga makakalaban kuno nya panay pababa wlang pataas.

  22. What happened to the symbol of justice, the lady with blindfolded eyes holding a scale? Timbangin na si Binay para malaman kung kulang o sobra siya para maging presidente.

  23. Amnata Pundit on

    To those who love to obsess over the rule of law, do you need more proof that the rule of law is not applied equally?

  24. In spite that there are truth to these allegations against binay, these justices understand more on what’s really happening inside this government since cory’s time.
    Once everything is “settled” with the accusers, comes the PCOS highest bidder machine in 2016. Sayang high-paying career nila.

  25. rene catalasan on

    Those justices of the Court of Appeals who inhibit themselves to handle the case of Binay
    should be ashamed of themselves and should resign immediately. Were they been paid and blackmail by the camp of Binay? Just asking!

  26. CA Justices if you cannot take the heat get out of the kitchen,magbenta na lang kayo ng hot pandesal useless people man.

  27. Rogelio Feir on

    Nagyayabang pa tayo, maraming bayani yun pala Bayani Agbayani. Daming duwag kasi iba ang interest. Sayang lahat ng pinagaralan at sinabi.

  28. “Let justice be done though the heavens fall.”
    Justice is justice is justice. No sc justice should be thinking of themselves when presiding over this. If binay is corrupt we all need to know, if he is not corrupt we all need to know that also. What does he fear. If he is innocent he has nothing to fear as they cant find things in your account that arnt there.
    cj corona when charged was reluctant to disclose his dollar account. Why. Well that is blindingly obvious. He was hiding P180,000,000 of ill gotten undeclared wealth. He had something to hide & he knew that & so didnt want anyone looking into his dollar accounts. Is binay the same, well it seems so as he doesnt want to be checked out by the amlc.
    Check him out, if innocent he will have a great chance of becoming the next president of the philippines, if guilty hopefully he will be in jail till he dies.

  29. jose b. taganahan on

    This Justices of the Court of Appeals are either cowards or are already paid by the Binays for refusing their official duty as provided by Law.

  30. CA Justices should NOT be intimidated by politics. They are expected to apply the law to everyone – including the Vice President of the Philippines, whoever he is, whether he’s running for highest office of the land or not, whether he is rich or not. It appears that the justices who inhibited themselves are only looking after themselves. They seem to forget their duties as jurists. Tsk.

  31. “To hot to handle” kasi ayaw nila matulad kila mercado, bondal at iba pang nag aakusa kay VP at sa pamilya nito. mahirap na mapahiya lalo pat ngayon ni isa sa mga sinsabi nilang solid proof eh hindi pa nila mapakulong si VP at pamilya nito patunay na kasinungalingan lamang ang mga ibinibintang nga mga ito.

  32. Too hot to handle?? Thats their job! If they can’t “handle it”, then perhaps some of THAT committee has something to hide, too!!

  33. Members o the CA who do not want to prosecute cases should be ffired now. They
    do not deend or take care the intereswt of the Filipinos. They are only taking care
    of themseles.

  34. P, Akialamiro on

    Is it legal to grant the petition if that would be the finding? Has the Court of Appeals the jurisdiction to grant it?. I am not necessarily for the enemies of Binay, but if this case is too hot to handle, then, abolish the Court of Appeals or ask every justice to resign. If one has the brains and integrity, why are you afraid of the future president. In the first place, it is not sure if he can win with all the corruption cases lodged against him.Will you then let a corrupt one to be the head of the country? Every is afraid to do the ‘right’ thing if ever? Mag-resign na lang silang lahat; puro walang “bayag”. Nakakahiya!

  35. mikhail hieronymus on

    It will be another circus if and when Binay is elected to the highest office. There will be repercussions, revenge and retribution to those who maligned Binay.

    Another Moro-Moro coming soon to our government. This is but a natural human reaction. If you do it to me, I’ll do it to you, given a chance. As the T.V. Patrol Kuya Kim always say at the end of his segment: “Ang Buhay Ay Weather-Weather Lang.”

    It is a vicious cycle. It has a life of its own. Just too bad !

  36. If these Justices are following the rule of law, why will they be scared to render true and correct justice? By the explanation that they are scared if Binay gets elected and will run after them if and when he runs and win the Presidency is a poor excuse and with this kind of reasoning, the more the public should demand a change of the government system.

  37. Rene L. Canlas on

    if it is true that the case is too hot to handle, it only means that those justices who are afraid to handle it are “walang mga bayag” because they worry that if vp binay will become the next president, they wont have any chance to be promoted to the supreme court. what a shame or shame on you!