VP’s satisfaction rating rebounds in Q2


After slipping four times in past surveys, public satisfaction with Vice President Jejomar Binay rebounded in the second quarter of 2015, according to the latest Social Weather Stations (SWS) poll.

The survey, conducted from June 5 to 8, showed that 64 percent of the 1,200 respondents were satisfied, 22 percent were dissatisfied and 13 percent were dissatisfied and 13 percent were undecided with Binay’s performance.

The numbers equate to a net satisfaction rating of +42, which is up 11 points from the Vice President’s +31 rating recorded in March.
The SWS classifies net satisfaction score of +42 as “good.”

Not impressed
Malacañang, however, appears not impressed with Binay’s improved satisfaction ratings.

“If you look at the dates that the SWS survey was taken, you would see that the significant event here for this week has not happened yet.
Certainly, [a lot of things have changed from the time the survey was conducted to the present that finds us talking to each other now],” its deputy spokesman Abigail Valte said in a news conference.

“So we don’t know. We will leave it to the political analysts to determine what effect it will have on his ratings for the third quarter either as a Vice President or as a presidential candidate for 2016. We’ll leave it to them,” she added.

Public satisfaction with Binay has been declining since June last year.

In the SWS March 2014 survey, his net satisfaction rating was an “excellent” +73. It went down to a “very good” +67 in June, +52 in September, a “good” +44 in December, and +31 in March 2015.

Binay had been falling in past months, after he was linked to various allegations of corruption. He is accused of receiving kickbacks from projects in Makati City (Metro Manila) when he was still mayor there, including the allegedly overpriced Makati City Hall Building 2 and Makati Science High School building.

The Vice President was also accused of having undeclared pieces of property that he supposedly hides under the names of dummies.

He has denied the allegations, describing them as politically motivated.


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  1. Teddy Sevilla on

    It should be no surprise that Binay continues to be a survey champion …. and will be till election day and beyond. He “owns” the lower class. He has their sympathy and favorable opinion, and this group, being the overwhelming majority in this country, will always dominate the statistics. The middle class can howl and cry fowl all they want when results do not show what the “intelligentsia” wants to see. They can question methodologies, questions asked, sampling sizes, sampling distribution, survey sponsors, etc. but to no avail; surveys are now part of the political landscape and will be forever.

    Binay’s perseverance all these years – the visits to funerals/baptisms, the giveaways during times of calamites (not his personal money, of course), the self-aggrandizing infomercials, his promises to squatters that they can remain in place forever, etc. – is paying off.

    And you blame the “bobotantes?” What have the politicians done for them? We call them “bobo”, but more than anyone else they are the ones who know that whoever gets elected matters little to their lives. Poe, Binay, Roxas all make the same promises. All of them sounds good – but they need cash. Why should anyone be surprised then that Binay has an edge?

    Barring any major disruptors, Binay will be our next president. That will be a problem. With that our country will plunge into turmoil pitting social classes against each other. Yes, the poor will get Binay elected…but the middle class will not allow him to stay. Binay is poised to be another Erap or Thaksin….or a Marcos. People Power, military coup or martial law? Be scared…be very scared.

  2. P.Akialamiro on

    There are frequent surveys being put in the news, but no mention of the methodology, the group being polled, who’s doing the survey and who pays for it. Otherweise, these survey releasers are doing a great disservice to the people because they may be releasing ‘lies’ just to serve their own ends or the people they do it for..