• Vulgarity eroding Pinoy values – CBCP


    PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte’s uncompromising stand on his bloody war on drugs and constant cursing is slowly drawing the country to international shame, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) lamented.

    CBCP president and Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Socrates Villegas said he is deeply “worried, confused and sad” because of the extrajudicial killings. The Philippine National Police had said that more than 3,000 people have been killed since Duterte took office on June 30.

    “I am ashamed of the things I read about the Philippines in the international media and more ashamed of what I hear from our leaders when I watch local news,” Villegas said in a pastoral statement.

    “I am sad that the cherished Filipino values maka- Diyos (pro-God), makatao (pro-people) and makabayan (pro-country) are slowly eroding to be replaced by an open license for cuss words, orchestrated lies and vulgarity never heard before,” the prelate added.

    “I am in this endless grief at the killings I have seen and heard. The well is running dry and I can no longer give a word of condolence to the bereaved families because I also need to be assured even a bit that things will get better and not become worse even more.”

    The pastoral message was released Sunday for the feast of our Lady of the Holy Rosary. Villegas stressed that something must be done to change the country’s downward course so that peace would be restored, harmony regained and civility and courtesy recovered.

    He called on the faithful to pray the Holy Rosary everyday and to attend Mass daily.

    “The rosary in our hands and on our lips are powerful weapons for our time. So simple we take for granted yet so powerful for world change,” Villegas said.

    The prelate earlier said the Church supports the government’s campaign against all forms of criminality but it must be done in accordance with the rules of engagement, reason and value for human life.

    Villegas also condemned the extrajudicial killing of drug suspects.

    “If drugs indeed kill, will killing the suspects remove the menace? Are we providing our children a safe haven by teaching them by our tolerance of murders, that killing suspected criminals without fair hearing is a morally acceptable way to eradicate crime? From a generation of drug addicts shall we become a generation of street murderers? Will the do-it-yourself justice system assure us of a safer and better future?” he said.

    The CBCP recommended to authorities a five-step guideline in dealing with criminals during operations, stressing that a “shoot to kill” order should only be resorted to for legitimate self-defense or in defense of civilians.

    The CBCP also stressed that it is never morally permissible to receive reward money to kill another.

    “When bounty-hunting takes the form of seeking out suspects of crime, killing them, then presenting proof of the death of the object of the hunt to the offeror of the reward, one is hardly any different from a mercenary, a gun-for-hire, no matter that the object of one’s manhunt should be a suspected offender,” it pointed out.

    Duterte has offered a reward of P5 million for every slain drug lord, and P3 million for those captured alive.

    The CBCP also reminded the faithful of their moral duty to report all forms of vigilantism of which they have personal knowledge.


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    1. I think his vision of being killed may come true soon. Maybe he will take his own life like Hitler.

      Is list of enemies will soon also be every Filipino around the world he brings shame on.

      Another uneducated delusional dictator with a very small male part.

      His crazy ways and talk is also ruining the Philippine economy. Who will want to have a business thre enow and maybe even people will stop employing Filipinos thinking they may agree with him.

      Time this guy quit or was arrested and lock up. He is a mass murderer. Send him to China or Russia… they already pay him and his family in bribes to sell out the Philippine people, land, seas, fish and resources.

    2. Catholic Bishop doesnt have the spiritual moral in nature… they are the so called mention in the bible “sheep in appearance yet ravening wolves in disguise.”

    3. What are eroding the moral values of the Filipinos are the negative news being published/broadcast by mass media. Next comes the moral scandal of the Roman Catholic clergy;the worst of all is Communion on the hand which is strongly advocated by modernist/liberal prelates of the Roman Catholic Church.

    4. The killings must Stop. There is no reason , not even drugs can rationalize extra judicial killings. We are becoming a nation of assassins. Motivating police to kill is a horrendous act.

    5. Praying the rosary and attending mass alone will not help. But why the menace? why did the poor get hook on drugs, the main reason is poverty. What did the Catholic Church do to help the poor, just by praying? must be on deeds also. Gone are the days when priests and nuns visit the slum area. The Catholic Church are only helping the rich to keep them rich and more richer by way of education.

      Ateneo, La Salle, UST, Letran, St. Paul College, Lourdes School, San Sebastian, San Beda and many others, are catholic schools mostly for the rich. In some hospitals, there are charity ward, why not in these school established CHARITY SECTIONS, AT LEAST ONE IN EVERY GRADE for poor students.

      Education is one way eradicating poverty and to keep away the young from the menace of drug.

      What did you do Catholic Church? Do help rather than criticize or do you just criticize to play politics because Bishop Villegas is a yellow.

    6. Villegas!! Why don’t you go fly a kite? Your not helping the country at all, you are useless as bulls teats. Tend to your flock and don’t meddle in Government matters, you were not elected so SHUT UP!!!

    7. You have to advice , anyone? For the president to tape his mouth. It’s the mouth of a sick mind. Never in the history of this kind of manners and moral values can confer to the president of this country. The Philippines. He has angered the four corners of the world. He openly boasted the killings of the unarmed and helpless people of brainwashing and controlling of the mind of the populations he quarreled all sectors of world org He dictates And threatened anybody that tries to say enough or stop him from talking garbages venumious languages. This guy got to be stopes or it will distroys his country and his people. Sad to say it losing time