• VW to spend $2 bilion on zero emissions efforts


    An organization set up as part of the Volkswagen diesel emissions settlement said last week it is accepting proposals for the $2 billion it must spend in the United States on zero emissions vehicle infrastructure and education.

    About $800 million of that total is to be targeted at California, “one of the world’s largest ZEV [zero-emission vehicle] markets,” but $1.2 billion will fund separate programs across the country, according to a statement from the group, Electrify America.

    Volkswagen was forced to allocate the money toward the development of electric vehicle infrastructure as part of a federal civil settlement and agreements with US and California regulators involving nearly 500,000 cars.

    The zero emissions projects will be overseen by Reston, Virginia-based Electrify America.

    The company is subsidiary of Volkswagen Group of America but will operate separate from the company’s automobile brands.

    “The investments, which will be made over a period of 10 years, will be directed towards the development, construction and maintenance of ZEV infrastructure, including charging stations that will service current and future models of electric vehicles,” the group said. “The organization also will build brand-neutral awareness of ZEVs through education and outreach to promote their increased adoption in the United States.”

    The plans include installing more than 300 vehicle chargers in 15 metro areas, developing a high-speed, cross-country network of more than 200 stations and increasing awareness of electric vehicles.

    The group also plans to launch a testing program in a California municipality “to pilot future concepts of sustainable mobility, such as a ZEV-based shuttle service, an EV-based car-sharing program, or a ZEV transit application.”

    Electrify America said Mark McNabb, will serve as the chief executive officer, Brendan Jones will serve as chief operating officer, and Jan Vycital will be the chief financial officer.

    McNabb formerly served as chief operating officer for Volkswagen of America, Jones is an expert in electric vehicle technology, and Vycital is chief financial officer of Volkswagen Group of America.

    For more information, or to submit a proposal, go to www.electrifyamerica.com.



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