• Wacom eyes 90% share of pen tablet market this yr


    JAPANESE technology provider Wacom Co. Ltd. said it was targeting a 90-percent share of the global pen tablet market this year and will double its marketing efforts, particularly in the Philippines.

    According to Ong Khiaw Seng, senior director sales for Southeast Asia and South Asia, the company is heading toward a 90 percent market share this year, after recording an 85-percent market share globally starting April 2016 to March 2017, based on its estimated sales of creative pen tablet units.

    Wacom inks a partnership with Philippine Society of Information Technology Educators on July 13 in Makati City. PHOTO BY LISBET ESMAEL

    Ong said Wacom will “definitely double” what they are doing to further grow as an innovative company, especially in the Philippine market.

    “The Philippines is actually a promising market for us. We see a lot of opportunities here. If you think of Southeast Asia, the Philippines is actually in the top three,” he told The Manila Times on the sidelines of an event in Makati City.

    He also said Wacom is confident of dominating the pen tablet market in the country. “There are so many animation companies here. In terms of education, we can delve in animation, 2D, 3D. Most importantly, it’s an English [-speaking] community,” the company executive added.

    He said they focus on producing good-quality products and seek to identify what is in demand in the market.

    “We plan to do a launching like this in the Philippines every time we have a new product,” he said.

    During its first local media launch in the country on July 13, Wacom introduced its newest products: the MobileStudio Pro, Pro Pen 2, Cintiq Pro, and Intuos Pro Creative Tablet.

    Ong also presented the company’s target in the next 10 years including the expansion to full 3D and enterprise, to extend to emerging markets, and to grow through partnerships.

    In line with this, Wacom has inked a partnership with the Philippine Society of Information Technology Educators.


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