Wakeskaters and more wakes?

Rene Saguisag

Rene Saguisag

No leader of 100M can do it by himself. He needs help. PNoy needs Congresswoman Imelda in Tacloban. Where is she cum her billions? She should be seen in Tacloban with Sen. Bongbong and Guv Imee.

Not enough for BB to waive his pork.

We need good leaders. We also need good followers. But, we are scofflaws, beginning with cross streets and driving vehicles. Mr. Andersoon Cooper, more fun here.

If men and women in the Cabinet, unelected, were angels, why not give all the toxic pork to them?

If all those elected to Congress were devils, why give them pork at all?

A number of lawmakers, implying they could not trust themselves with millions, have given up their pork, for disposition by their angelic executive counterparts.

I might tend to side here with Sen. Sonny Trillanes who instead simply identified his projects (as we did in 1987-92 and closely monitored the implementation). He may be a majority of one.

The Supreme Court should not get in the way of relief.

Were I a Senator, I’d simply say, all my pork I give to Yolanda victims and I want a report by year-end, so I can report to our bosses, the citizens, as particles of sovereignty. I will have a team monitor vigilantly.

Why should we trust one who cannot trust himself but, may see or refer a PR spin or angle? One may even be the type who one cannot shake hands with, without counting his fingers afterwards.

Pork otherwise is never toxic per se, as in our time. Yolanda has sharply clarified the situation.

Deaths mark the Tacloban, etc. tragedy. There was looting for food, medicine and the like but no one should be shot for following the first law of mankind: survival.

Foreign aid and news coverage have been awesome

In time, we should know who our generous friends are. I was a spokesman for Prez-elect Cory in February 1986 and was I pleased to get a congratulatory message from, among many others, environment and human rights activist Petra Kelly of the Germans’ Green Party. (That was between Feb 7 and Feb. 25 and I was careful then to identify my principal as Prez-elect Cory). I had not read about Germany helping us but my attention has been called by a hipag in Seattle to possible German abuse, as follows: “attached is a letter from people in Seattle protesting the Youtube video of Germans wakeskating in our venerable Ifugao rice terraces. Can you please help wake up the Filipinos regarding this? How disrespectful. Now that it is in You tube, does that mean that we will see more wakeskaters on the rice terraces? There goes our Unesco heritage site!!!! Why did the government allow this to happen? Where was the Dept. of Tourism when all this was being planned? Who gave them permission?”


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  1. Rene you said Pnoy needs help. The question is, Did he ask anybody to help him? If you are referring for other to just help voluntarily, I think they are already helping in their own way but what our kababayan need in Samar/Leyte is a MASTER PLAN to address their needs. The president slow decision & action in this tragedy is very clear. The truth is, He is not really helpless. As president & commander in chief of this nation, he can mobilize our military and govt. agencies in full force. He can even use private transportation & companies for logistical support. If the problem of transferring aid to remote areas are block roads them his 1st priority is to clear them thru DPWH.

  2. Raymond Stenhouse on

    Pigs will fly before you see Congress Woman Imelda come down from her ivory and gold tower visit the people she represents. The amount of money she has ripped off the poor flipino people is staggering. You could build a dozen evacuation centres ten hospitals and a four lane highway around Leyte and Somar island with the money she has stolen. Many countries look on the Philippines and want to help the poor uneducated citizens. But they are aware of the rotten cancer that afflicted the Philippines and that is corrupt Government and Officials. Why would OFW and concerned foriegners donate to see it go in a greedy corrupt official pocket.

  3. Former senator is right. The Marcos’s should have been there DURING not after, then we can get back the money they’re still hiding.

  4. No man can do it by himself. So he needs to organize. He needs to know what he is doing. He needs to mobilize agencies under him to do what each can do best. He should not hide under the bed when tough times come.

  5. here we go again Mr. senator please stop trying to defend you incompetent President everybody but you tend to believe that the buck does not stop with noynoy. he is a curse to the Philippines. stop sanitizing his stinking government. Anyways I always admire you when you stand for the truth but when you try defend noynoy and his ilk I forget for a moment that I admire you. he has been incompetent ever since he was a congressman and senator. I know that you know to that for the entire time he spent in the legislature he has authored principally any law of national significance. So man up to admit it that he is one president who is incompetent and to be more blunt useless.

  6. Sino ang angel si Abad ? Tama ka, ang mga Marcos at Romualdez ay voluntaryo sanang lumapit kay PNoy at magalok ng kung ano ang maitutulong nila na labas sa pamumulitika, mga Marcos at Romualdez ano na ang nagawa niyo sa Samar at Leyte mula ng sila ay nasalanta ng bagyo,mabuti pa sila Anderson Cooper at Stevens nakikita namin sa Tacloban kayo hindi.

  7. Question is, does Pnoy want to be with a Romualdez? Did he not ignore the mayor and congressman of Tacloban because they were from the opposing party, and that they were Romualdezes? Who cannot put aside politics at this time? Can you please direct your sermon to the one who should be initiating unity in our country. Thank you.