‘Walk-able’ shoes that make you feel good and look good

The woman behind the Ecco looks, stylist Alyana Martinez

The woman behind the Ecco looks, stylist Alyana Martinez

As stylist to the stars, Alyana Martinez admits that most of the shoes she chooses for her clients’ are as gorgeous as they are uncomfortable.

With 2014 Fall/Winter collections pouring in from around the world, however, the popular daughter of showbiz couple Albert and Liezel Martinez, has happily found a global comfort footwear label that has honestly merged style with in crafting its latest line.

Aptly dubbed “Dress Comfort Collection,” the line leads Danish footwear company ECCO’s Fall/Winter 2014 offerings. Guided ever more by its simple 51-year-old philosophy that “the shoe must follow the foot,” Ecco has indeed perfected its craft over the years, while successfully incorporating the all-important fashion factor from one collection to the next.

In these stylish shores, Martinez helped ECCO in its latest collection on August 27 at the Nest Bar in Bo-nifacio Global City, Taguig City. Not only did the stylish lady serve event host, but she also took charge of putting together complete looks with the Dress Comfort Collection as her inspiration.

Martin Hein, ECCO business development manager for Asia, also graced the trendy event, promising the audience, “We all know the limitations of shoes that are not comfortable. With ECCO Dress Comfort shoes, you don’t have to compromise anymore. Not only do these wonderfully ‘walkable’ shoes make you feel good, they also make you look good.

“Every step feels light and soft,” he continued, “and the Dress Comfort collection also makes fashion fun. It stays on trend and always true to the world renowned, effortless Scandinavian style.”

With this, a mini fashion show took to the runway with Martinez explaining each of the Ecco looks she put together, echoed today on this stylishly detailed spread.

sporty20140904The sporty lady
For a more laidback look for girls, Mar-tinez mixes sporty and girly in a green romper topped with a hoodie, and magenta leggings. For footwaear, the Women’s CS14 Sneakers is the way to go. Besides their stylish appeal, she points to the sneakers’ breathable features so that “there’s no need to wear socks!”

traveled-man20140904The well-traveled man
When tra-veling, style-conscious men always try to blend with the foreign crowd. ECCO knows this well, and thus gives the market its CS14 Men’s Sneakers. For Martinez, these shoes are perfect for globetrot-ters because “men won’t look too touristy them.” So her advice to men on the move is this, “Invest in one good shoe rather than buying a cheap alternative. It will take you a long way.” To complete the “well-traveled man” look, pair blue jeans with a statement jacket, and of course, these stylish sneakers.

office-bombshell20140904The office bombshell
Fancy coming to office in a leather dress? Well you can as long as you put a formal beige blazer on top. To complement the look, Martinez chooses red Owando Bal-lerina flats, which she calls the “modern formal shoes.” For the stylist, ballet flats are perfect for busy women who move around from home to office to errands. Using them with a corporate look, “All attention goes to these fabu- lous shoes!”

Laid-back20140904Laid back and stylish guy
Yes, men can be lazy and stylish at the same time. Martinez achieves this by throwing a parka over a simple white dress shirt, jeans and ECCO’s Findlay boots in walnut. “This is the look for the modern guy, either day or night,” she guarantees.


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