Walk like a ‘Parisian’


Bensimon brand director Ammiel de Leon and Terry S.A. president Anne Gonzalez are all set to bring the French footwear to Manila

For many Filipinos, going to France and visiting the city of Paris will always be a dream destination. Whether it’s to try the out its fine cuisine, enjoy the city’s picturesque landmarks or just simply bask in its romantic and rich culture.

And for those who’ve walked the streets of Paris, they’ve probably been introduced to one of the city’s longtime inhabitants—Bensimon.

Simply stylish yet perfectly imperfect
It was 30 years ago when brothers Serge and Yves Bensimon first set out to create a symbolic icon of a classic sneaker design that would embody their passion and the true Parisian love of life—simple, effortless and natural. This philosophy is what the brothers wanted to communicate through their footwear, which is shown in their perfectly imperfect look and feel.

Parisians are known for their fast-paced lifestyle, their fondness for luxury and their impeccable fashion sense. They also choose brands with a long heritage, or with artisan and handmade elements over more generic factory-produced garments. This affects the way they shop and has created the landscape of true Parisian fashion.

Bensimon has built its roots in the European market, and is inspired by travel, military and true Parisian fashion. Their sneakers cover an array of styles, colors, and prints for men, women and children. This idea of lifestyle where color, elegance and the job of living are always intertwined, has been the central vision of Serge Bensimon himself and these clearly translates into the brands most sought after classic shoe collection: La tennis Bensimon. These sneakers embody the brand’s target to create “perfect imperfections” and falls in line with combining comfort and simplicity with luxury and Parisian elegance.
Juan meets Bensimon
Now, the iconic and revered footwear brand of the French finally steps into the streets of Manila to give Filipinos a feel of the true Parisian lifestyle.

Responsible for bringing Bensimon to Manila is Terry S. A. (TSA), the same company who introduced Havaianas and ignited the entire flipflop trend.

“Ten years ago, we brought in Havaianas and not only did it change many Filipinos approach to dressing, it also prompted an entire category of casual foot-wear in the market.” noted TSA president Anne Gonzalez.

Gonzalez said TSA has always been constantly on the lookout for brands that have a unique point of view, optimistic, fun and would work well with the Filipino lifestyle. “Although Bensimon sneakers are of a different style altogether, we know this category well and believe that Bensimon sneakers will find a place in many shoe closets in the country,” she added.

For Bensimon Philippines’ Brand Director Ammiel de Leon, the challenge is to change the perception of Filipinos about sneakers—from a footwear category that is identified with grunge and roughness to one that is sophisticated and stylish.


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