• ‘Walking Dead’ fans missed Rick and Daryl

    Carl Grimes is now a teenager and more fierce in ‘The Walking Dead S4’

    Carl Grimes is now a teenager and more fierce in ‘The Walking Dead S4’

    Hardcore Filipino fans of hit American zombie series The Walking Dead will be disappointed to know that they could have seen two of the show’s main characters in January.

    Fox International Channels’ senior vice president for Asia and general manager for the Philippines, Jude Turcuato, spilled the beans when The Manila Times asked if they were planning to bring the cast over to these parts one day.

    “Actually, we almost got Rick [Grimes] and Daryl [Dixon] to come here when they recently toured to Singapore and Tokyo [to promote the show],” he admitted following a TWD media viewing party on February 10 at the Fox offices in Bonifacio Global City.

    Rick and Daryl, by the way, are currently the most important and popular characters of The Walking Dead.

    Ex-cop Rick, portrayed by Andrew Lincoln, is the main protagonist who leads a pack of zombie apocalypse survivors. His decisions and mistakes dictate what happens next in the story.

    Daryl, on the other hand, is the crossbow zombie slayer who has captivated thousands of female fans worldwide. Playing the role is Norman Reedus who was even named one of People magazine’s “Sexiest Men Alive” in 2013 because of the series.

    So why didn’t they come despite the fact that Philippines is only three hours away by plane from the two cities?

    “By the time we asked them, their schedules were already full,” Turcuato replied with regret.

    He quickly added that fans should not lose hope for a “zombie invasion” in Manila sometime soon, what with the show’s immense popularity across the country.

    In the meantime, there is still reason to rejoice with the series’ resumption after the mid-season break. Here in the Philippines and neighboring Asian countries, The Walking Dead Season 4 will air just a few hours after its US airing, thanks to Fox’s new “Parallel Play.” On February 10, the cable company officially premiered Episode 9 at 11:35 a.m.

    “This is something new for us. By the time we air it, the show would have just finished airing in the US, so that we’re practically showing TWD the same time,” enthused Turcuato.

    He added that the only reason they are unable to air it at the same time is due to downloading requirements.

    Besides the new Parallel Play, Fox will also replay TWD at 8:55 p.m. the same day for those who work in the day time, as well as retain show’s original Saturday night schedule from past seasons.

    Up next
    The Walking Dead Season 4 begins with the hope that Rick and his group can finally start a “normal” life having found a home and safety in prison. However, they are faced with a different kind of death when a flu virus spreads and starts taking many lives.

    Everything crumbles down when the evil “Governor” returns to destroy the prison, sending Rick and many of his companions on a diaspora.

    With this, the question is how the once strong group of zombies will survive without each other, and if they can ever reorganize again.

    Who dies?
    Besides having an entertaining and gripping plot, TWD is also infamous for killing major characters that become fan favorites throughout the series.

    Asked if fans can expect another “deadly” turn of events, Turcuato replied, “You can really go through each of the past seasons and realize that the characters you think wouldn’t die do so. I don’t know what to expect anymore!”

    This unpredictability only keeps fans clamouring glued to the edge of their seats so much so that a Fox executive concluded, “There is no indication of people getting bored of zombies.”

    True enough, followers of The Walking Dead just keeps on growing. “In the US and even here in the Philippines, the ratings are just amazing. They’ve gone up every single year, from Season 1 up to Season 4. The Walking Dead is the highest-rating series in Philippine cable and satellite TV,” Turcuato declared.


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