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Why do we travel? It’s a question we often ask ourselves, especially in today’s hyper connected world.

As a semi-millenial, I recall the earlier times of traveling when it was viewed as a pleasure, one you did when you retired, but today millennials are living for travel. They move from one destination to another at an increasingly fast pace that most of us are left wondering, how could they afford such a lifestyle?

The truth is this generation of millennials are just as equally hardworking as their corporate counterparts. In order to realize their passion of traveling, they find creative ways to fulfill this lifestyle.

Take the story of the famous Wandering Walker, Tommy Walker. The 29-year-old originated from the United Kingdom and have been traveling since 2012.

“I’ve always had this urge to travel since I was six years old. When I first started traveling, it was initially about the freedom but it has transformed into experiences and now work,” he related.

Tommy, just like many of today’s millennial travelers, mixes work with pleasure, “I am a professional travel writer. This gives me the opportunity to see the world and work at the same time although I am also invested heavily in social media, connecting with other travelers, conservation, radio, vlogging, and marketing for travel companies.”

He goes on to say that the biggest misconception about “travelers” is that most people think that everyday is a holiday, “It really isn’t. I am paid to work and in order for me to be able to work more, I have to travel. It’s really a great balance of working hard and playing hard. My passion and work really feed off each other.”

Tommy Walker

In his travels, he did come across the gem that is Manila, an experience he wouldn’t forget, “I first visited Manila in 2013 and just loved the chaotic, unfiltered side of it. It felt like the ‘real’ Asia because it has a personality of its own with everyone busy with their daily lives. I enjoyed learning about Jose Rizal and Red Horse, of course!”
For Tommy, there is more of the world to conquer and he shares the secret of a smart traveler.

“A smart traveler likes anyplace and takes the positives from everything. A smart traveler knows that some places they will be in danger, but overcoming them is what travel is. It’s not all beaches and cocktails, traveling the world is intense. It’s key to understand that, and take precautions wherever you go. That being said, being a smart traveler can consist of managing things to enable you to travel longer, and that can come with budget, routes and times.”

For more on Tommy and his adventures visit or like his page on Facebook.

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