• Want to know how government is? Check the NAIA


    (By Tony Lopez, Opinion, October 31, 2013)
    After working overseas continuously for six years , I intend to be with my family this Christmas. I can’t explain my enthusiasm to be with them—with only 45 more days to go.

    But with these hounding reports of the real horrific situation in our country’s main terminal, can you blame me if I feel sick setting my feet in my own land?

    I’ve had my share of unfortunate experience the last time I disembarked in NAIA; but that was seven years ago. Ganito pa rin ba ang dadatnan ko? Or should I expect worse?

    Akala ko, dahil iba na ang pamahalaan, bumuti na ang . . . never mind.
    Esper, esper1986@yaho.com

    Only when arriving in to Manila NAIA you will see, as the captain announces the landing descent, the Filipino passengers start taking away their jewelries, watches, etc. and hiding their wallets…

    Before arriving somewhere else on the planet, Filipino passengers freshen up and don their jewelry, watches etc…

    Ramon, ngramonc8@yahoo.com


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    1. Manuel C. Diaz on

      I have been in Dumuran Leyte since October 01, to organize a fishing cooperative that I and my brother help to finance for 5million pesos. I was there during the barangay election and experienced first hand the grass root corruption VOTE BUYING.Forget daan matuwid. This country is corrupt to the core.

    2. this is simply due to corruption. It runs in the blood of the filipino politics. Sad to say, but this is how we are going to end. Too bad, im moving out soon from my own country. I can no longer afford to enrich those thieves from paying my taxes!

    3. It is easy to explain Ramon. When you came to know that PDAF and DAP funds were the subject of thievery or Hocus Pocus -magical manipulation by you know who, despite the supposed due diligence by Budget office, COA, Police, NBI, etc. would you think your jewelries, wallets will not also be “plundered” by you know who?