• Wanted contractor not afraid of probe?

    Erwin Tulfo

    Erwin Tulfo

    What’s this I heard from the grapevine at the Department of Public Works (DPWH) that a certain contractor wanted by the agency is not afraid to face any inquiry or investigation?

    Rumor has it that Edwin Gradiola, who is wanted by the DPWH for questioning on the whereabouts of almost P6 billion in infrastructure projects awarded to him, has a “padrino” instead of a lawyer on his side these days.

    A certain “Buddy Zamora,” who is said to be close to Interior Secretary Mar Roxas and to Malacañang, was allegedly tapped by Gradiola to take care of his woes.

    Some DPWH employees said that rumors have it that Gradiola may have invested the missing funds in mining and banking courtesy of this “Buddy Zamora” who is said to be in the mining and banking industry.

    I guess Secretary Rogelio Singson will never be able to get a clear answer now from Gradiola. Perhaps the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee will not be able to find out how much PDAF Gradiola was able to get and who among the lawmakers during the Arroyo administration released it to him.

    “Buddy Zamora” may only have to call his friends in Malacañang to prevent any inquiry body from probing his client, Edwin Gradiola.

    There goes another “tuwid na daan.”

    * * *

    The lying mayor
    Should there be a contest on who could lie the most, nobody would beat the mayor of Santa Ignacia town in Tarlac.

    This guy can unbelievably lie through his teeth without blinking an eye. He will surely ace a lie detector test.

    I mentioned in this column a few months ago that Mayor Saklulu Enrade refused to pay a small publishing company the money he owes since 2010.

    The problem started when Mayor Enrade ordered almost P10-million worth of elementary textbooks from the Golden Publishing Co. before the 2010 election.

    Enrade signed the purchase order and the purchase request one month before his re-election bid.

    Two weeks later, the books arrived and it was received by his staff, a certain Jenny Maniti, but were delivered to the house of Enrade’s brother also in the said town.

    To cut the story short, Enrade won but the textbooks that he promised during the campaign never reached the hands of schoolchildren.

    To the dismay of the owners of the said company, instead of paying them, the nincompoop mayor wanted the books returned claiming he has no use for them anymore.

    When TV5 went to his office a few months ago to ask him why he refuses to pay the company and wanted to return the books, Enrade’s stammering reply was that his signature was forged and he did not order the books.

    He even went as far as saying that no books were delivered.

    However, the TV5 news crew spotted the book shipment in his brother’s house shortly after the interview.

    Enrade is now trying to lie his way out of a much bigger graft case since he knew the purchase was a violation of the government procurement act.

    He ordered the books even if there was no fund allocation for it.

    This mayor, who is also a lawyer, is now threatening to sue the publishing company for harassment.

    Tsk, tsk, tsk. My heart bleeds for the Santa Ignacia folks for having one dishonest mayor.



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    1. Ernesto Dela Cruz on

      Maybe, what this mayor needs to meet are some people riding in tandem in a motorbike. To say hello to him, maybe?