Wanted: A crime czar


Another Quezon City resident was robbed and killed inside her house Friday night while heavy rains battered Metro Manila brought about by “habagat” (southwest monsoon) and storm Mario.

Seventy-five year old Zenaida Sison, mother of actress Cherry Pie Picache, became the nth victim of the soaring crime rate in the metropolis this year.

Initial police report says the suspects, who remain unidentified, broke into the victim’s two-story house along Scout Lazcano during the heavy downpour, beat the victim to death before carting away an undetermined amount of her jewelry.

A few weeks earlier, a netizen caught in his cellphone camera several armed men surrounding a sport utility vehicle at gunpoint along EDSA near Ortigas in San Juan, before finally commandeering the victim’s vehicle to La Loma, Quezon City.

The suspects turned out later to be members of the Quezon City Police and were after the P2 million the victims had, supposedly to buy heavy-equipment in Subic, Zambales that day.

And, few months ago, a famous car racer, Enzo Pastor, was shot and killed along Commonwealth Ave., in Quezon City by a lone gunman on his way to another race in Subic, Zambales.

Authorities nabbed the gunman few weeks later, which turned out to be an active duty cop, and admitted that a friend and the wife of the victim had hired him.

The three incidents, which landed on the front pages of the various newspapers and got aired as top stories of television networks, are just parts of the growing peace and order problem in the country today.

Robbery and hold-up of people on the streets is almost a daily occurrence, while summary executions by motorcycle riding men are fast becoming an ordinary news item these days.

Though authorities usually solve the cases brought before them, one wonders if our law enforcers will ever be able to prevent criminals or catch them in the act of doing a crime.

Ironically, we are used to cops arriving late at the scene or when the bad guys have long been gone. We never have the pleasure of seeing or at least learning about our law enforcers being able to stop a crime before it happens.

Observers believe the country needs an official who will manage the crime fighting ability of the police and go hard after criminals, other than the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG), which has been inefficient so far.

Some suggested that former PNP chief and Senator Panfilo Lacson would make a good crime czar. Lacson was credited with putting a stop to kidnappings in the country, and going after rogue cops when he was the PNP chief.

Others believe, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is the answer, that he can bring back peace and order to the land. Duterte, who has been accused of forming a local vigilante group to go after criminals in his turf, brags of almost a zero crime rate in his jurisdiction.

What country needs now is a crime fighter and not a “politico” who is just full of lip service, and an interest in Malacañang in 2016.


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  1. I would rather had Palparan to be the crime czar…this guy has had a lots of accomplishments..worked without fanfare and pragmatic…even the dreaded NPA’s are scared of him…that’s why he earned a monicker of ” The Butcher”…

  2. if the economic gains of the philippines were only distributed evenly accross the population of our country, then this high rate of crimes won’t be a problem. the problem is, the “big” people in this country running the government get the lion’s share and whatever leftover, assuming that there is, is what goes to feed the hungry stomachs. and since its not enough or that there is not enough to go around, kapit patalim na lang sila just so they can survive.

  3. VACC is full and complete lists of credible individual fitted for the job as crime czar…, they r no nonsense individual sustaining the fight against criminality in any form and specie…

  4. Jaime Dela Cruz on

    You got to be kidding me. A crime czar? What is PNP chief Purisima doing? He is paid to run an efficient PNP. If he cannot do it for whatever reason, replace him. Creating an office for crime czar will only complicate matters because then there will be two conflicting philosophy of solving crime. And I am sure that, if Pnoy does not clearly outline the mandate of this crime czar, Purisima and this czar will be constantly stepping on each other’s toes. enough bulshit already.

  5. you’re right Erwin. but the trouble our president don’t believe there is a problem in peace and order, he blame instead the media of publicized it.

  6. We also need people to stop being afraid & to stand up & be counted. I had lived in this country just 2 mnths & my wife had started a small restaurant. We didnt make a lot of money but one day at 3.30pm 3 guys came in our restaurnt & 2 of them had guns. I had a gun in my chest & the other guy had a gun in my wifes chest. In that scenario you cant do anything you have to comply, but when they drove off on their motorcycle i jumped into my car & was going to crash into them at high speed hopefully killing all 3 of them. But why didnt i, well as i jumped into my car my wifes son ( 27 years old then ) dived across my lap between me & the steering wheel & was saying no no no & stopping me from starting the car, at the same time my wifes sister ( 40 at that time ) was grabbing my left leg & pulling it out of the car. These people were scared to death of these robbers. They couldnt understand that me driving at high speed crashing into them would kill them & get the off committing any more crimes.

  7. leandel canilatea on

    Hindi po ba na mayroon na tayo Crime Czar sa katahuhan ni Paquito Ochoa ,Jr.? Ano po ba ang ginagawa niya , binadyetan naman po iyon ng milyon milyong piso…Huwag ninyo po sabihing sa bulsa lamang ng mga namamahala napunta ang budget?…

  8. A true crime czar is needed to remove the organized crime syndicate within the PNP. Based on their history, Lacson or Duterte would be good choices.

  9. I prefer Duterte than Lacson.
    Walang record na “Kuratong” at “Bobby Dacer”, eh. At saka walang Presidential Ambition, at least for now.

  10. PersiNoynoy has super-know-how when it comes to running gobyerno-Pilipinas. Which is why, 3 or 4 yeasrs ago already, PersiNoynoy appointed Lacierda as the crime czar. So when things go wrong, you can blame Lacierda. (Or maybe Valte was the one appointed as Crime Czar.)

  11. Korrek ka diyan, Sir. Kaya lang baka hindi makinig sa iyo si Noynoy. Masyado siyang bilib kasi kay Purisima, kahit na may kaso na siya sa Ombudsman at may alleged unexplained wealth pa. Trusted ni Aquino si Purisima to protect the interests of Noynoy and the Liberal Party and not to protect and serve the public just like what the President is doing now with the three A’s of Abad, Alcala and Abaya who continuously ruin our hopes for this country to progress.