Wanted: Economic leader and crime-buster


I agree with the various surveys showing that PNoy has continued to enjoy a high trust rating since he assumed office in 2010, replacing the allegedly corrupt leader at the time.

What I don’t agree with, however, is when Malacañang says the high trust rating of the President is due to his good leadership, thus bringing prosperity to the country little by little.

He may be enjoying the confidence of the public because of his record as Mister Clean, one who does not receive bribes and orders investigation of corruption in the government.

His high trust rating, however, should not be deemed as the public’s satisfaction with the country’s economic growth and peace and order.

Mr. Aquino failed, for the past four years, to address the economic woes and the high crime rate in the country, which seems to be a normal development now.

The President’s braggadocio and that of Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima seemed to be on full show during the World Economic Forum on East Asia last week when they crowed about the Philippines now being a “rising economic tiger” and no longer the “sick man of Asia.”

This is very far from what “Mang Juan” and “Aling Maria” feel as millions and millions of Filipinos are still jobless, three square meals a day seldom come by and the number of the homeless is growing each day.

Criminality is on the rise and law enforcers are inutile in even denting crimes against persons or their property.

Pnoy promised to get rid of corruption, work for the jobless, provide decent shelter for the homeless and foster a peaceful environment when he assumed office in 2010.

So far, the ridding of corruption is underway, yet many doubt his seriousness to solve the cancer-like problem since some of his men are also involved in the pork barrel scam and yet continue to enjoy his trust and confidence.

And the high unemployment rate, the growing number of the homeless and the almost daily killings remain unaddressed.

Well, this reminds me of a street joke in Filipino, “Pinangakuan ka na, gusto mo pang tuparin? [You were already promised something, yet you still want it fulfilled)?”

I’m sorry to say, but this administration is really good in lip service. So far, it has not proven anything yet to better our lives and our country.

I do hope that this country will never see a leader like Mr. Aquino again.



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  1. jose b. taganahan on

    Mr. Tulfo, dont look farther, there is your nemesis, Panfilo “Ping” Lacson who could be the Philippines’ economic leader and crime buster.

    • I do hope we will never have Presidents like Carlos Garcia, Dadong, Marcos, FVR, Erap, Gloria. Oks na sana si Pnoy if not for Mar Roxas, Abad and Purisima.

    • There is no one in this country who can get rid of criminality except Mayor Rodrigo Duterte of Davao. There will never be economic growth in this country if crimes of all sorts are not stamped out. When Lee Kuan Yeo suggested to FVR to do the Singapore style of governance if he wants the Philippines to progress as fast as Japan’s post-war economic recovery, FVR ignored him. There seems no way the Philippines will ever again recover from the quagmire of corruption in all levels of the bureaucracy. 99% of all Filipinos are corrupt, dishonest, inept and and lazy. Truth really hurts, but that is the reality. It sounds unFilipino for a Filipino to say this visceral comments. No body can make this country great again except Mayor Duterte. He is the guy who displays a different brand of leadership – apolitical leadership that does not favor the weak or strong, the rich or poor, the influential or not – a strong leadership that his primary concern is total peace and order so that economic growth will just follow thereby attracting more investors and generating more job opportunities.