Wanted: Peace and quiet


Malevolent forces whose avowed mission is to make your life and that of the rest of ordinary Filipinos miserable, horrific and, in many cases, terminal not by disease but by knife or bullet, whichever is handily available, can be found in unexpected places.

You wake up to find your trash uncollected even if you had placed it inside the regulation black plastic bag so that, or so you thought, throwing it onto the truck would be easier for the garbage collector (but then you realized that Christmas is still nine months away, which means that you have to cut the guy some slack).

Of course, you can’t fight City Hall but, on second thought, you can but don’t expect to win because it is presumably busy with far more stinking issues, such as “15-30” employees and other creatures that only ghost busters can wipe out from the face of the earth.

Turn on the TV set and you try not to choke on your fried tuyo and champurado at the sight of yet another witness or scoundrel (take your pick) telling his all or tale on still yet another alleged extrajudicial killing resulting from the government’s war on drugs.

Time for a little chit chat with whoever woke up after you had your breakfast and the late riser complains why there is no pandesal (hello, it has become expensive, according to your friendly neighborhood baker, who cites the price of Turkish flour for the jump that he says is fuelled by inflation or smuggling or whatever).

The office awaits you and so you walk to the nearest Light Rail Transit 2 station for the quick hop to where you work, only to discover for the 10,000th time (no exaggeration here) that the station where you exit has still kept the escalators and elevators not running for the last six years or so (you complain and are told that “Sorry, sir, making them operational is the responsibility of the Light Rail Transit Authority, and so you had better shut the [expletive, anyone] up)!”

Obviously, nobody is in charge or no one wants to be the go-to guy for gripes and other insinuations that only Benito Mussolini can make the trains run on time and the station facilities serve elderly Italians in particular).

Anyway, you just have to alight from the train and make your way to an avenue where at past midday young and old female “prostitutes” offer you and other passersby “good time.”

Meanwhile, very young kids of these “hookers” suck their thumbs or drink their milk and look at you wide-eyed as you pass by, seemingly telling you to mind your own business in the same way that their moms are concentrating on theirs.

Surveys about Filipinos getting “less hungry” or “more optimistic” about 2017 are partly objective or partly subjective and so pay attention and read the fine print to save yourself from disappointment or–if you want to get even–make the pollsters eat their numbers.

Your day is not done yet and so don’t think too far ahead and look forward to a good night’s sleep.

The reasons are that you’ll never know if another beheading by the Abu Sayyaf Group will finally prompt these terrorists to call it a day, another rape-slay of a five-year-old girl will make you scream for the death penalty against the perpetrator, another policeman will strangle yet another foreigner for ransom, another attack on government troops will have made the week for communist rebels, another Chinese naval ship will be spotted on Benham Rise in the South China Sea, another “member” of the “Davao Death Squad” will surface.

My dear Watson, it’s not elementary anymore if the Philippine Islands is what you are casing.

It is a chaotic, violent, unpredictable country where drug lords and gambling lords are supposed to proliferate, along with plunderers and other grafters including money launderers, “pork” scammers, arsonists, murderers, serial abusers and killers of women and children and other scums of the earth.

Don’t you worry, my dear Watson, these lowlifes are precisely the reason why the Philippine Constitution created the Office of the Ombudsman and the Sandiganbayan.

They also explain why the Philippines has so many lawyers.

Without these scumbags, who will the solicitors defend so that justice is eventually served their clients?


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  1. I do feel sorry for the average to poor filipino as it seems to me it gets worse not better. There is just so much that needs changing in the philippines one wonders where to start. I think it has to be corruption of senators. When they stop stealing the taxes they collected & that all goes into benefitting the country things will start to change. They will want to make the oligarchs pay their dues, they will want to stop local mayors having ghost employees & ending their what seems to be legalised corruption. Look at de lima, is she a money taker off of drugs lords. I didnt think so & i would need proof, & proof to me isnt the word of a top drug dealer.Illegally silencing your critics isnt the way forward. They need to greatly speed up cases going to court & either convicting or freeing defendants.There is so much to say & so much that needs doing & i say good luck philippines you will need it.

    • Just suppose that the drug lords were really handing out fundings to Lieila de Lima, who would be a better witness than the one giving the bribe? Will you honestly believe that Leila de Lima was dumb and stupid enough, unable to rid of the drug laboratories inside Bilibid Prisons during her 6 year term as secretary of justice, when she can aggressively arrest and imprison GMA over and above an order of the Supreme Court, given also the bullying demeanor she had in the Senate Floor? Dont you think someone is pulling your leg?

  2. and while the ordinary people suffer with no hope of relief, the businessmen and oligarchs continue to make not millions but billions, by bleeding the country dry.