‘I had wanted revenge vs Marcos’


President Benigno Aquino 3rd delivers a speech during the presentation of the receipients of the Benigno and Corazon Aquino Scholarship held at Boston College’s Robsham Theater on Sunday (Monday in Manila). MALACAÑANG PHOTO

President Benigno Aquino 3rd on Monday admitted that he had wanted to exact revenge against then-strongman President Ferdinand Marcos and his “ilk” after the assassination of his father, former senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr., more than 31 years ago.

In his speech before the Filipino community at the Robsham Theater at Boston College in Massachusetts on Sunday afternoon (Monday morning in Manila), Aquino reminisced his family’s life while on exile in Boston, where they found a “haven from the persecution of the dictatorship,” apparently referring to Marcos’ one-man rule.

When asked in Manila by The Manila Times if the President was still thinking of seeking vengeance against Marcos, Presidential Communications Sectretary Herminio Coloma said, “No he does not. That was an initial reaction that, early on, he learned to overcome as he realized that his mother and his siblings had a responsibility to carry on what his father had begun—and that this will be done out of a sense of duty to country and people, and without anger or bitterness toward anyone.”

The Aquino family lived in Boston for three years after Marcos declared martial law on September 21, 1972.

“It was here where we were given a sense of normalcy in what can only be described as very abnormal times back home,” the President said.

“Every aspect of life was controlled by the dictator, and unless you belonged to the favored few, you had very limited rights. There was no such thing as free speech or freedom of assembly,” he recalled.

“A curfew limited the time you could be outside your home, travel abroad required official permission,” Aquino said.

“Accountable to no one but themselves, the dictator, his wife and their cronies turned the public treasury into their private purse. Checks and balances in government were replaced by the dictator being the sole judge, jury and executioner, giving his regime total impunity to abduct, torture, jail and kill its critics,” he added.

Marcos’ widow, Imelda Romualdez-Marcos, is now a congresswoman from her late husband’s native province of Ilocos Norte in Northern Luzon.

Senator Aquino was assassinated when he returned to the country on August 21, 1983.

His father’s death, according to the President, was the lowest point of their lives and it was then that he wanted to get back at Marcos.

“As the only son, I felt an overwhelming urge to exact an eye for an eye. Mr. Marcos and his ilk were like rabid dogs who had lost all reason. There was no longer any potential for dialogue, the only solution when confronted by a rabid dog is to put it down,” Aquino said.

“I knew that he was a formidable foe, and the fight would be impossible, but regardless of this, in those moments, all I wanted to do to Mr. Marcos and his camp, was to do unto him as he had done unto us,” he added.

But Aquino also recalled that then-Consul Takeo Iguchi, his father’s friend, who rushed to their Boston home as soon as he heard news of Ninoy’s death, told him: “Your people will be looking up to your mother and yourself.”

“And it was there that the idea began to take root — that you cannot make decisions just for yourself,” the President said.

Aquino’s visit to Boston coincided with the 42nd anniversary of the declaration of martial law in the Philippines.

The President also admitted that it was “fortune’s way of showing its sense of irony” that he met with the Filipino community in Boston exactly 42 years after Marcos imposed military rule in the Philippines.

He said achievements under his Administration are merely the beginning of a new era of national transformation.

“We are at the threshold of sustained, positive change in society, we have corrected the inefficiencies in government, stopped the wrong practices and engendered a shift in the Filipino mindset, from one of indifference and despair, to one where we can dream again, and are increasingly being given the wherewithal to fulfill our dreams,” Aquino added.

The nation, he noted, will be building on what it has already achieved toward a situation that could harness the full potential of Filipinos.

“And I know that if we hold fast, and keep on the straight path, then the transformation in Philippine society can become an enduring mainstream of justice, inclusiveness and empowerment,” the President said



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  1. So, what’s wrong with the son wishing to get revenge at the dictator whom he believed to be the one responsible for his father’s assassination? That is normal reaction. Those who believe not are fools and lying to their teeth. Even admirable for that son to later talk about it openly for people to know that he is after all human…able to control himself and let wheels of justice prevail…or not.

  2. teka, na-convict na ba si Marcos as the mastermind behind Aquin’s assassination? kung hindi pa, talagang assuming lang si pnoy. as what iv read before in an article, marcos had all the time to kill Aquino when Aquino was exiled in Boston or in other places where he was sent. I mean, there are other ways to executeaquino na malinis(that is if he didn’t want anyone to know he killed aquino) or he could be more demonstrative of the murder (that is if he wanted everyone to know he killed aquino).he could do both since he was powerful, intelligent, and very cautious with his actions. but neither of the two happened, then most probably, he didn’t do it.

  3. Herman P. Hondojare on,_Jr.

    The Facts:

    The convicts filed an appeal to have their sentences reduced after 22 years, claiming the assassination was ordered by a Marcos crony and business partner (and Corazón Aquino’s estranged cousin), Eduardo Cojuangco, Jr., who was eventually cleared by the Aquino family. Through the years, some have been pardoned, others have died in detention, while others have had their terms commuted and then served these out. In November 2007, Pablo Martinez was released from National Bilibid Prison after President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo ordered his release on humanitarian reasons.[13]

    As of March 2009, the last remaining convicts have been released from prison.

    Martinez’ earth-shaking testimony, though, was first narrated in a February 2006 article in the U.S. Time magazine and in an on-camera interview in 2007 by ABS-CBN’s Julius Babao with him right after his release from prison:
    “I didn’t hear any direct order from him, but I asked them [the conspirators in the hotel] who was giving them the orders, and they replied, ‘Danding.’“
    He was referring to oligarch Eduardo Cojuangco who had controlled until the last few years the giant San Miguel Corp. Martinez’s claims were recorded in a formal deposition and submitted to the Supreme Court, which had been asked to reopen the case. The Court, though, ruled that it didn’t qualify as “newly found evidence.”

    Who is Martinez? He was convicted as one of the conspirators in Aquino’s assassination and had served nearly 30 years in jail for the crime. Since his release in 2007

    In the early morning of May 7 this year,discharged Master Sergeant Pablo Martinez was killed in what initially appeared to be an accident along Roxas Boulevard.
    An eyewitness claimed that an SUV Montero driven by one Henry Roque ran over him after he fell from his bicycle which the vehicle…

  4. I agree with you. Napapakinabangan natin hanggang ngayon ang napakaraming projects noong siya’y nanunungkulan bilang Presidente. Hindi tulad ngayon nangungurakot na nga sila lahat ay ibinubulsa pa. Kaya tuloy aside from napakahirap ng buhay ng mga Pilipino ngayon mas lalo pang pinapahirap ang buhay nila dahil sa incompetent ng leadership ngayon. Hindi normal na magkaroon ng more than 15 meters ang taas ng tubig sa ibang parte ng kamaynilaan. Kung hindi ako nagkakamali, ngayon lang nangyari ang mga iyan. Tapos sasabihing umuunlad ang Pilipinas. Ako ay nasasaktan sa kasinungalingang laging maririnig sa bibig ng ating mga politiko ngayon. Mas matindi pa sa showbiz ang immorality at wickedness, Kaya tuloy nadadamay ang mga mamamayan na sumasagap ng resulta ng kanilang mga kasalanan. Para pagpalain ang isang bansa……. kailangang magsimula sa mga namumuno ang pagbabago, pagtalikod sa kasamaan. Biblical iyan. Kung talagang nais ng gobyerno natin na mapaunlad ang buhay ng lahat ng mamamayan sa Pilipinas, baguhin nila ang kanilang pananaw tungkol sa KATUWIRAN. Katulad ng isang masamang ama sa kaniyang pamilya….. na kung nais niyang maging maayos ang loob ng kaniyang pamilya at kung mahal niya ang kaniyang pamilya, for the sake of his family, kailangang magsakripisyo siyang unti-unting baguhin ang kaniyang buhay. Ganun din sa leadership, for the sake of the nasasakupan niya, kung ano ang dapat gawin para sa benefits ng nasasakupan niya kahit labag sa kaniyang personal na hangarin dapat niyang isakripisyo ang kaniyang personal na hangarin at piliin ang makapagbibigay ng mabuting pamumuhay sa nakakarami. That is a leader. Forgeting himself for the benefits of others. Lord hanggang kailan kaya kami magiging ganito? Help us o, Lord.

  5. Jose A. Oliveros on

    In his speech, PeNoy confirmed two reports on his psychological profile which a columnist in another national daily published in full one before the 2010 presidential elections and the other a few years later, stating that when he underwent psychological evaluations years apart, he was full of hatred and obsessed with revenge. The reports used technical terms that only a psychologist or a psychiatrist could use and understand but neither of PeNoy’s spokesperson rebutted the contents or denied the existence of the reports, hence, in our law on evidence, is considered implied admission of the contents of the reports

  6. What transformation is this dude aquino talking about – social, economic, environmental, political? Does he understand the multi-dimensionality of transformation particularly in a time-warped administration that draws its strength from the deepest corners of hell?
    So incompetent, untrusworthy yet delusional.

  7. The vindictive abnormal aquino is full of hate and anger in his heart. He’s the most dumbest president of the Philippines republic.! Shame on you! !!!

  8. nod if you agree on


    The Aquino’s had 12 years, between mother and son, holding the highest position in the land. Yet they were unable to uncover and convict they real perpetrators.

    Did he get teary eyed again during this speech?

    Uwe ka na dito sa pinas Bakla, ipagtanggol mo mga bata mo. Binabato na ng barya at papel si Abad, may kaso na rin ng Plunder ang ex-bodyguard mo na si Purisma.

  9. This president has no tact nor finesse for talking about getting back at the Maroses. What a vindictive personality bared at last!

  10. It’s not personal vendatta against the Marcoses that PNoy has to pursue. the important thing that he should to is to recover the tens of billions of pesos that Marcos looted from the Philippines and make sure that all the victims of Martial Law are compensated.

  11. victor m. hernandez on

    We need to be informed and see the components and details of this transformation, and monitor its improvement or failure as time goes by within the current administration, We need the baselines so that everyone can mnonitor, ottherwise, these are empty words, sweet words, yes, but empty. We don’t want any more waste of time, money, talents, and resources of the nation.

  12. muriel magtanggol on

    His biggest revenge on Marcos is turning like him! Ooops, looks like he surpassed him in creativity in stealing people’s funds! Alam mo Noynoy, si Marcos, kahit nagnanakaw, may pinoproduce na maganda at kapakipakinabang. You and your ilks…nagnanakaw lang! Look at the Philippines now…forget about your 6.3% growth ek ek…look around! Look at the Tacloban victims now….ano ang nagawa mo? Nasaan ang savings mo sa flood control project? Savings mo equals baha…nasaan ang perang na save mo? Nasa bulsa ni Senatong, Tongresman at ni DAPang!

  13. Masakit mang sabihin na ang pangulo natin ay isang malaki hanggal!!naghihiganti sa taong hindi naman niya mapatunayan na gumawa ng masama,!!
    Sila na humahawak ng dalawang beses sa pinaka maykapangyarihan sa bansa ngunit wala silang ginawa upang tuluyan malaman ang tunay na gumawa!!hanggal!!
    Patuloy ng mga Aquino at yellow cronies na gamitin ang pangalan ng Marcos sa sarili nilang interest!!
    Hanggang ngayon napakarami pa rin ang na uuto ng mga ito!!gising!
    Ang kulay yellow ang naghati sa bansa!!
    Kung walang kulay sana ngayon ay nagkakaisa ang lahat!..sana isang bansa… Isang kulay.,.isang puso..nagkakaisa!!
    Dapat ng alisin at putulin ang mga ugat na lintang yellow cronies at higit sa lahat burahin ang mga holy Aquino sa kaisipan ng bansang pilipino!!
    Magiging maayos lahat kapag naalis natin ang mga salot ng lipunan!!
    Isa bansa…isang kulay.. Isang kaisipan..walang hati-hati..isang pag-asa!!
    Alisin ng tuluyan ang mga aquino at lintang yellow cronies maging ang media na nagpapasira!!may panahon pa para magbago!!

  14. The Filipino people ought to know that the president’s father was instrumental in the formation of the NPA, the terrorist arm of the communist party in the Philippines. How ironic that the Aquino family is often referred to as the icon of democracy in the Philippines. As president, Noy noy Aquino has shown his contempt of the Supreme Court and the Constitution when a supreme court decision declared his actions were in violation of the constitution.

    • I live abroad I am stunned with this kind of comments…is there really no more goodness in our nation’s leaders …even how hard they try….I don’t see any reason for the present president to run the country otherwise. He seems to be doing the best he can or am I also BLIND.

    • victor m. hernandez on

      As one of the columnists in this paper says, SARSA. Sweet words. Sauce. Bola-bola con sarsa. It’s just like what Mary Antoniotte of France says, give them (the suffering people) cake, let them eat cake. Bola bola con sarsa.

  15. The Bible says in Romans 12:19 and Hebrews 10:30; …“Vengeance is Mine, I will repay,” says the Lord. ….

  16. The last 4 paragraphs of this article detailing the Abnoy’s speech at Boston was nice to read, if only we can believe them. The trouble is, we do not believe in what the Abnoy says anymore. He is just full of lies and delusions. He talks about positive reforms in his administration but everything we see now is worse than before. He talks about good governance but do we have it? We have escalating poverty and unemployment, energy and transportation crises, smuggling of staple crops and port congestions that bring up prices and food shortages. There is economic dislocation everywhere. And now our youth are resulting to violence to release their anger. Do we look like a country happy with our government?

  17. Whatever he’s saying now about Marcos is rubbish. Why doesn’t he ask his uncle Danding what happened instead of putting the blame of another man? Until now he is the Blame King. He and his mother became presidents and they didn’t even bother to have the assassination investigated and get the real mastermind. Go figure why.

  18. Can’t blame you President Aquino. Never got involved with RP politics but am still mad as hell at the perpetrators of the Marcos dictatorship. So mad I had to abandon the country for good.

  19. The question Ninoy Aquino never answered satisfactorily was “Why wasn’t he at Plaza Miranda?” This is the same title of a piece written by columnist F. Tatad. Indeed, why wasn’t Ninoy at Plaza Miranda when it was bombed? Even his own party mates suspected he had a hand in the massacre at the Plaza on August 21, 1971. Ferdinand Marcos answered truthfully when he told Tatad in an interview in Hawaii that Ninoy was not a political enemy but rather an enemy of the state. August 21, 1983, exactly the same day of the Plaza Miranda bombing 12 years later and the day Ninoy was assassinated, was not Marcos’ revenge. It was just Ninoy Aquino’s karma.