• ‘War’ ongoing between INC and ‘family’ network?


    THE Iglesia ni Cristo seems to be crying “uncle” over what it perceives to be a demolition job against it by the favorite television station of President BS Aquino The Last.

    With such a sentiment, it should surprise no one if INC members have started a move to boycott this “family” TV station. (I wonder if the boycott included the very popular teleserye “Pangako sa Iyo” that had just been concluded.) This reminds me of the boycott of a broadsheet by followers of then President Erap Estrada for its alleged biased reporting against him. The ads of that broadsheet noticeably thinned during that boycott, to the delight of its competitors.

    A battle royale could ensue if the INC goes against the powerful TV network. But, is there an officially sanctioned boycott of the “family” broadcast network by the INC? Church officials have already clarified that there’s none “but it couldn’t prevent individual members from expressing their displeasure about the ‘one-sided’ reporting.”

    Columnists like me could be guilty of bias as we express opinions but news reporting is a different matter. The news reports of The Manila Times, for instance, have covered extensively the activities and pronouncements of the Malacañang tenant without editorializing. This is so unlike the many opinions of Times columnists who often accentuate the many ills of the Aquino administration.

    I like CNN Philippines for airing issues against the INC and then it gave prime time to an extensive interview of INC spokesman Edwil Zabala by its star reporter Pia Hontiveros. Oh yes, I’ve said it time and again – Pia is one of television’s two best female political reporters, the other being Lynda Jumilla of ANC.

    This brings us to the more important question – has the “family” network been fair in its reporting on INC affairs?

    It’s coverage of activities of expelled minister Lowell Menorca and of siblings Angel Manalo and Lottie Manalo Hernandez deserves closer scrutiny. With their expulsion, they shouldn’t expect any red carpet welcome of the INC property reserved for its officials. Their attempts to break into their former residence were always covered by the “family” network although they’ve lost the right to be allowed inside.

    The same held true when Menorca was issued a warrant for libel charges. However, it didn’t consider “newsworthy” the dismissal of Menorca and company’s criminal charges against INC officials by the Department of Justice for being baseless.

    Nobody should expect the “family” broadcast station to publicly admit it’s aiding a demolition job against the INC. A denial of engaging in a demolition job need not be issued by the station. A semblance of fairness by allowing the INC to air its side would suffice.

    The Senate’s lost glory
    Lawyer Aluino Tolentino, a virtual fixture of the Senate Secretariat, gave his suggestions on how the Senate could regain its former glory and restore the trust, confidence and respect of the people.

    Tolentino, who was once given the accolade by Senate President Franklin Drilon as his “walking encyclopedia on legislation,” and described by former Senate Deputy Secretary Demaree Raval as “parliamentarian non pareil,” gave 17 suggestions, all of which merit consideration. For this column, I’ll discuss only his proposal to strengthen the committees.

    “There should be a strong committee system because in a legislative body, the real important work is done in the committee and not in plenary session,” Tolentino stressed.

    I fully agree.

    I don’t know why but many senators seem to be averse to committee hearings — unless it involves a controversial issue and is getting full media coverage. A committee hearing at present may proceed even if just one senator joins the chairman. The absent senators, therefore, could no longer hear the opinions and explanations of expert resource persons at the public hearing. It’s no wonder that in plenary debates on bills, many senators ask questions that have already been clarified in committee hearings.

    Former Sen. Kit Tatad, one of the best majority leaders of the Senate, had questioned time and again the validity of committee reports resulting from hearings attended by only two senators. Tolentino shared Kit’s views on the need for the presence of a majority of all committee members for a committee to transact business.

    Aside from its patent disregard for quorum, the current practice unmasks the laziness of many senators. Why, a number of senators don’t even attend committee hearings of their own bills! Some senators may be looking down at some congressmen but many committee chairmen at the House refuse to hear bills unless their authors are present. What’s more, most House bills are ironed out at the committee level, such that plenary debates on these measures aren’t as extended as those in the Senate.



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    1. Also, ABS-CBN have been poisoning the minds of its viewers by demonizing the political enemies of the Yellows, for three decades.

      And yet, only a few have noticed.

    2. ABS-CBN is, and will always be “biased”.

      It is also an “open-secret” that ABS-CBN is a “Yellow Media” and its owner, Mr. Lopez have a debt of gratitude to Aquinos.

      And ABS-CBN is not only an anti-INC, but also the primary “weapon” used by the Yellows to persecute its political enemies. It just turns out that PNoy failed to secure INC block vote for Roxas, and so ABS-CBN’s “mission” is to destroy them by “Trial by Publicity”, just like they did to CJ Corona.

      So ABS-CBN grab whatever opportunity that they can find, like further “fueling” the INC’s issue and using it’s expelled members.

    3. Kit Tatad is not one of the best majority leader in the senate. First of all he should not have a senator after all. He was because it was during the martial law regime when every thing is rigged.

      • Efren L. Danao on

        There was no Senate during martial law and Kit Tatad was never a majority leader at the Batasan which I also covered. The majority leader then was Jose Rono

    4. ABS-CBN is notorious for being a partisan TV/Radio/News network. It however is not partisan to just anybody but only to the yellows, all yellows and who they represent. ABS-CBN must have received instructions from anyone from a family they cannot say NO because they owe their existence to the family, especially the mother who gave them back their network without any fee. Just to bad that many ignorant Filipinos are gullible to what ABS-CBN wants them to believe.

      • Who is worst, ABS or INC ? At least ABS does not kidnap people from leaving their homes. Some people said that INC is a CULT. I do not know if this is true but by the way they handled the INC uprising a few months ago, that leave an impression that something bad and secretive is going on. ABS is a commercial for profit company. They will air any news that interest the Filipino people. That time INC news is very popular, imagine the mother and brother of the head of INC cannot leave their homes. INC is that influential that companies like ABS is so scared to put in all the news.

      • isa na namang judgemental na tao na naniniwala sa sabi sabi..tsk tsk..to the max na talaga ang pagiging gullible ninyo sa napapanood nyo sa Abias CBN. “imagine the mother and brother of the head of INC cannot leave their homes.” ha?? nagsimula silang lumaban sa Pamamahala ng INC, wala na sa Pilipinas yung nanay nya. at yung kapatid naman ng Pamamahala, labas pasok doon sa tinitirhan nila sa tandang sora.. tsk tsk tsk.