War veterans told to avoid fixers in claiming pension


THE Philippine Veterans Affairs Office (PVAO) on Tuesday told pensioners in Ilocos Norte to avoid dealing with fixers when claiming their back pay from the Total Administrative Disability (TAD) pension.

PVAO officer Yvonne Paz Arizabal made the reminder following reports that most pensioners were being assisted and accompanied by other people with regards to TAD pension claims.

“I have been receiving reports from Veterans Bank employees, thus informing all veterans with TAD [Total Administrative Disability] arrearages claim that you don’t need to be assisted by fixers,” Arizabal said.

She said that the pensioners’ back pay will automatically be reflected in their bank accounts, citing a fixer’s modus operandi for a speedy release of their claims.

“A fixer talks out to a veteran into parting with his or her money with a promise that the former will speed up the release of the back pension,” Arizabal said.

She said there is no need for a veteran to seek help from other people “except their dependents” in withdrawing their TAD claims “because we have made it very easy for them.”

To withdraw their pension claims, Arizabal said the veterans can go directly to the bank tellers with their passbook or to the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) using their electronic cards.

President Benigno Aquino 3rd has recently approved P2.9 billion for the back pension of surviving World War II veterans covering 1994 to 2002.

A qualified veteran will received more than P100,000 in lump sum back pension.

Arizabal said that of 344 veterans qualified to receive the back pension in Region 1, nearly 100 are from Ilocos Norte.


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