War vs NPA back on


THE military has resumed operations against the New People’s Army (NPA) following President Rodrigo Duterte’s lifting of the unilateral ceasefire with the communist group Saturday.

The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) on Sunday said soldiers have been redeployed for combat operations against communist rebels.

Armed Forces chief Ricardo Visaya said the NPA missed a golden opportunity to manifest its commitment to the attainment of peace.

“This could have been what the Filipino nation had been waiting for – the silencing of the guns that could have hastened development especially in the countryside. As things now stand, the AFP will abide by the ensuing orders of the Commander-in-Chief President Rodrigo Duterte following this development. I am ordering all our forces to resume their normal mandated tasks and work to neutralize all threats to national security, protect the citizenry, enforce the laws and maintain peace in the land,” Visaya said.

Lt. Gen. Eduardo Ano, the Philippine Army commander, said government forces are back on their former stance against armed groups, particularly the NPA.

“We will continue what we were doing before to include military operations targeting the armed groups so whatever our stance before the [unilateral ceasefire]declaration, we are back on the same status,” Ano said.

Brig. Gen. Restituto Padilla Jr., AFP spokesman, said several military units have been deployed for combat operations since Saturday night, hours after the President revoked his ceasefire order.

The Eastern Mindanao Command also on Sunday directed all units to be on high alert and resume operations against the NPA.

“The Eastern Mindanao Command assures our countrymen that it will remain committed to protecting our communities against armed threats and in pursuing peace and development,” said Major Ezra Balagtey, an army spokesman.

The President on Friday warned he would lift the ceasefire if the Communist Party of the Philippines and NPA did not declare their own ceasefire by 5 p.m. on Saturday. The ultimatum was issued after communist rebels attacked government militias on Wednesday in Davao del Norte. One militia was killed and several others were injured in the clash.

But even if soldiers have resumed combat operations against the communist rebels, Ano said the military will continue to seek peace.

“If there’s a sector that really wants peace, the military is that sector because our mandate is to protect the country against all threats. We wanted to do our part and also to contribute and participate in the permanent resolution on this conflict. Unfortunately the CPP-NPA did not reciprocate,” he pointed out.

Should there be another chance for the declaration of a ceasefire, Ano said the military is ready to implement it.

Padilla agreed with Ano.

“It is the desire of the AFP to bring peace throughout the land. This desire to bring peace is parallel and aligned with all our missions, we are doing military missions, we’re doing military operations to secure our people, to protect our communities and to bring peace throughout the land,” Padilla said.

“We are just disappointed that the other side behaved that way. While we were on our way back to our camps they would plan to ambush and harass our troops,” he added.

Padilla denounced the attack on the Civilian Armed Forces Geographical Unit (CAFGU) that claimed the life of a militiaman.

“They were on the way back to camp when they were ambushed. Do you know the real story? They planted a landmine, they waited for the militias to pass and then they detonated the landmine. Then they attacked the group. We also have Scout Rangers in Agusan del Norte, they were already pulling out of their operational area and were about to be picked up by a military vehicle when waylaid. There was a 20-minute firefight,” Padilla narrated.

They blew it
The chief of the psychological warfare unit of the AFP said the communist leadership “blew a golden opportunity” when it did not reciprocate the government’s ceasefire declaration in a timely manner.

Brig. Gen. Rhoderick Parayno, commander of the Civil Relations Service, noted that the President’s declaration of a unilateral ceasefire in his first State of the Nation Address (SONA) on July 25 was not merely a confidence building measure but a springboard for peace.

One of the main tasks of the CRS is to conduct psychological operations against threat groups.

“Many of the NPA combatants we know are longing to rejoin society to be reunited with their families. As a peaceful member of the community of nations, it is our hope that our people will benefit from the rewards of peace. Let us all Filipinos – soldiers, rebels, Muslims, Christians, agnostics, everybody – give our individual equity for the achievement of peace in measurable and quantifiable deeds,” Parayno said.

He said the peace being offered by the government is a prime commodity that was well within reach but the communist leadership wasted the golden opportunity.

Parayno said communist rhetorics do not contribute to the quest for peace “unless what is being said is given flesh through genuine and sincere actions.”


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  1. I keep asking the same question since during my young days; What the CPP/NDP/NPA really wants recognition as a political party, equal distribution of wealth, overthrow the government and create a communist country. There were some few pictures displaying high powered armament and marching with different uniforms. In comparison with AFP and PNP you will only see sidearms and low calber arms. Where does the renegades gets their armaments, finances to sustain their so called struggle. I am only talking about the field commands what about their so called Chairman who self exiled in Netherland. Is he working there or he must have form of financial backing to liive comfortably in that country. Philippines are plagued with illegal drugs, poverty, graft and corruptions, traffic congestion, environmental impacts, sea row with China and ASG. I don’t see how President Duterte can chew all these problems more than he can swallow. The war on drugs is on going but the rest is like dragging if not dead on tracks. Unless a drastic move is taken to confront the other problems its going to be too late and to much to stop it.

  2. Duterte has to be firmed with his words and not to appear weak and vulnerable to suggestions. The Communists are problems that he needs to dealt with accordingly and they cannot be trusted especially their leader Ma. Sison. Why would he give this guy a pass when he’s responsible for the death of thousand of Filipino soldiers and civilians? Lasting peace will only be achieved by eradicating the country of this scourge.

    • Pustahan tayo babawiin ni President Duterte yung sinabi Nya Na wala ng Ceasfire Sa CPP-NPA. Narinig natin Sa TV Patrol Kung paano sumagot si Joma Sison Laban Kay Duterte di ba at alam Nya ang weakness ni Duterte. Dapat bago nag announce ng unilateral ceasefire e nagawa Na muna yung Ceasefires mechanism para walang enkwentro Sa AFP at NPA. Kung baga walang basis at da bunganga lamang lumabas yung Unilateral Ceasefire.

  3. The prime commodity that was well within reach went up in thin air. Why? Because of the arrogance of their self-exiled leader who thinks of themselves to be glorified and did not give an in-depth thought of the opportunity for peace offered them by the gallant President Rodrigo Roa Duterte. What a miss! So – What now?…back to hide and seek as cats and rats. Many are going to hell and never to come back. Sayang!!!

  4. Ignacio Balbutin on

    Thailand deciminated the communist fully so the Philippine government should learn lesson from that. The first thing that the Thai government did was to close down all offices of the communists and arrest all people believe to be communists. Then they went for all out and relentless attack. It was two pronged strategy, relentless heavy attack but at the same time offering peace and land for those who would surrender. They attack was so relentless that when the communists heard of the offer of the government, they just surrender and the government offered them land as promised. The government can try doing this and let’s see what will happen

    • This is long process but probobly will work, because we Filipino has certain crap mentality… some of the member of this groups has bad records from the society & they are no where to go, some are lazy people who fantasise guns… so by that approach make them surrender & gave them a promise (good living).