• Warm noon of autumn



    When we are done talking
    Of restless fickle flights of pigeons
    Circling in the park
    And of old men with half-closed eyes
    Sitting sphinx-like in the sun

    It is a delicate game for old men
    To play with bubble fragile thoughts
    Of another autumn’s warmer noon

    And of seedy men
    Playing millionaires
    With their smiles
    And of little children laughing

    I shall touch your hand
    But if no words come
    Or if I merely stammer

    About the leaves
    Being in shades of flowers
    A leaf’s ambition is to be a flower
    You will understand

    Here is the meaning of our only winter
    Only spring
    Only summer
    In the last warm noon of autumn
    When we are done talking
    Of restless fickle pigeons
    Circling in the park
    Of old men
    And of little children
    Laughing in the park

    (Ernesto V. Epistola is a Filipino cellist and conductor long residing in Sarasota, Florida. Now in his mid 80s, Epistola is a University of the Philippines alumnus. His haiku poems have been published abroad and here in this country.)


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