• Was it a special audit hijacked to be a demolition job?


    I have my serious doubts; my reservations about this ongoing senate probe on Napoles’s scam stunt, sir Bobi –with sincere deference to a relatively unsullied reputation, un-Napoles-like.

    My thesis is that since all senators’ handling of their respective PDAFs is in question here, the unnamed, or not outrightly accused senators in the ongoing senate probe do not have the moral high ground to probe their accused peers. Many of our countrymen actually believe that all of these senators—as are all congressmen—are equally guilty of skimming off the bulk of their pdafs, and. hence, no solon can claim to be lily-white in the judicious and ethical dispensation of his/her own pork barrel.

    What to do? It behooves these holier-than-thou senators to back off from their ongoing probe, and let, instead, an internationally respected probe body do a thoroughgoing probe, so that the results will be fair, honest and unquestionable. In fact, even PNoy must be included in this probe, as he was a congressman and senator earlier, and in face of news reports that Napoles was one of his biggest campaign donors during the 2010 elections. Fair is fair.

    If the probing senators—like the hustler alan peter cayetano—would still insist on their self-appointed role as probers, it will only result in a grand moro-moro, an inquisition, a kangaroo court. The filipino people must not be a party to this grand political swindle that promises to equal napoles’s and other syndicate’s financial scams. must we, the people, always be a victim of countless rip-offs?
    Rei Calaunan, reicalaunan@yahoo.com


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